Sunday, August 2, 2009


I wrote two press releases and an additional blog for two clients over the weekend. These were totally unexpected projects. So that's an extra $180 for the weekend. Things are lookin' up!

The absolute best thing about all three tasks was that the clients LOVED what I wrote immediately. That usually happens but I was a little hesitant about the newest client (a Michigan fisherman with a new website) because I didn't know him well enough to discern his personality type and write to it. No matter. I just did the best I could with the material I had, submitted it as a first draft, and let him know that if it was off in any way, or missing the mark entirely, I would go back to the drawing with a little more direction from him and make it right. But that t'warn't necessary at all. He loved it. (I did, too, or wouldn't have sent it, of course. I got to use a bunch of fishing terms in the PR, which really helped it come alive.) And now, because I did such a good job on his first project, he may have me copy enhance other things he writes. He may even have me write a monthly humor column!

I only bid on projects that I know I'm going to enjoy doing, that I know I'll do a good job on, and that I wouldn't mind working on longer term, because very often a new client stays right with me for their other writing needs. So I turn down some work that I know could end up boring me to tears if I ended up doing it longer term. (Real estate, insurance, forex, IT, etc.) I'm a person-to-person, conversational writer and some subjects are too dry, technical or just plain uninteresting to me.

I attended church at Life Center again this morning. I've been there three times in four weeks. If you'll wait about 24 hours and then logon to its website ( , you'll be able to see and hear this morning's sermon, which will convince you COMPLETELY about why I'm going there so frequently. The pastor has it going on! He's fabulous. He's relational, humble, Biblical, and extremely knowledgeable. Most of all, he gets to my heart and spirit in a way that hasn't truly happened since I left Southern California six years ago and had to part from Pastor Alan Meenan (; The two are as different as can be, but they both love God every bit as much as He loves them -- which is saying a lot and may actually be hyperbole since I'm not sure any human being can love as passionately and resolutely as God can and does.

Anyway, check out the sermons. And if you live far away, that doesn't mean you have to miss either of these amazing pastors: You can catch them on-line every week!

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