Monday, May 31, 2010


I spent two hours last night watching a Memorial Day celebration service in Washington DC as people gathered to celebrate and remember our fallen troops from our 20th and 21st century wars. Chief among the spectators/participants were surviving spouses and family.  It was unutterably wonderful and inutterably sad at the same time...

This is a day for barbecues and family interactions, as well. I just hope each event that happens today offers at least a moment of silence for the real reason for this holiday.  For it is a holy day: millions of people have given their lives for the lives and freedom we enjoy in America and around the world today. And each of those lost lives touched countless other lives. Indeed, not one of us is excempt. We all are beneficiaries of the sacrifices that have been made.

Let us never forget. Freedom isn't free. It has cost a lot of soldiers everything, and their families and loved ones nearly everything.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gingrich Comparing Obama to Nazis... Beck Mocking Malia...

The good news is that, with "opposition" like this, the DEMS ought to pick up seats in November.

Hitting below the belt offends people across the board, not just Obama supporters and DEMS.

See my Facebook page (typos and all, since I'm so livid this morning) to read more about what I think of this utter nonsense... I'm Kristine M Smith there.

Friday, May 28, 2010

If You Voted For Obama, He Needs Your Help Again This Year...

If you're volunteering to make phone calls with Organizing For America (I am!), please read this. I've learned a few things these past few weeks about reaching out to confirmed Obama voters from the 2008 election and wanted to share it.

If you talk to folks who are enthusiastic about the President (and 99.999% are since we're only reaching out to confirmed Obama voters at this time) but find they can't get involved calling or canvassing right now because of prior commitments or the "June crunch" (graduations, marriages, coaching, what have you), you should always let them know that they can still do a lot of good simply by talking to other Obama supporters and making sure they understand how important it is to vote this year again, for DEMS, so that the President has the support he needs in Congress to keep tackling the big agenda that remains before him. That way they know they can still make a difference. .. and that's huge!

Especially have them "talk this up" to first time voters from 2008 and let them know how important THEIR votes and leadership are among their peers. Showing enthusiasm for remaining an activist keeps their spirits hopeful and their fires lit. Let them know they can also write Letters to the Editor that throw a spotlight on what they've seen the President accomplishing that makes them feel their vote and their trust were not misplaced.

And if people (the obviously gung-ho ones) are real busy in June, I always ask if they're willing to call or canvass later in the year. Some say yes so I ask when they might be able to jump in, then I take down their numbers, names and email addresses and make a note to reconnect later wih them at the time they state. That helps me develop a list for later of the gung-ho folks who are swamped right now. Seeking their help like this impresses upon them how vital they are to the result this coming November. That carries a lot of weight.

Chris Matthews Nails The Gulf Oil History

This sordid report tells the tale. Dick Cheney is very quiet right now, too.  It's no wonder why.

Listen and weep.

I do wonder exactly WHAT the federal government could do IF they "took over" the Gulf Oil spill situation (more than they already have with all the personnel and protocols they've used). I mean, the federal government doesn't have the tools or the expertise to assume control of the situation, does it?

I think it's a red herring for the GOP players OR Chris Matthews to expect the federal government to "take over" the situation. I would like to know what that would entail. What could it actually DO beyond what is being done?  That's the scary part.

And it's especially interesting because the GOP wants LESS government, not MORE... but in THIS situation, they want the feds to assume responsibility. Why? So they can be blamed for NOT fixing the situation?  I haven't heard the GOP propose "the plan" that would work to fix the problem. If they had one, I'm sure Obama would jump all over it.  Their position on this is just more political sewage-stirring.

Fix it with what?!  How do you "fix" a situation that is this immense and out of control?

And we can thank Dick Cheney's $34M "signing fee" for becoming VP. $34M from the oil industry.  THAT'S where the problem began. It didn't begin a month ago.

I'm very sick of watching the Bush-Cheney policies continue to rape our planet. I don't/can't blame the present Administration for not "taking over" the disaster.

How do you "fix" something this unutterably disastrous?  Ya need the right tools... but do the right tools even EXIST? 

Apparently not, or BP would have used them. I mean, they MUST be interested in stopping the oil for financial reasons - the bottom of the ocean is leaking billions of dollars!

It's scary. That's what it is. And there are literally THOUSANDS of those platforms and offshore wells out there in the Gulf.  It's unlikely that this is the only one constructed so...

If someone can shed some light on exactly "what" the federal government can do beyond what it's doing, I would truly love to know!

I think if they COULD have jumped in and done more, they would have.  I don't see Obama's people sitting on their thumbs at all...

It's just not his style. You've seen his agenda, haven't you? If not, visit and whistle.  He's got it going on -- and we're the beneficiaries.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The date is approaching fast. Saturday June 5th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine, everywhere in the USA , Organizing For America volunteers are going to be out in force knocking on doors to encourage President Obama's voters to turn out this year, too, for midterm elections to vote Democratic so the President has the continuing support he needs in Congress to fulfill the agenda that all of us have for him (those of us who supported him in 2008).

I'm a Team Leader here in Tacoma (on the verge of becoming a Community Organizer, the next step in my OFA evolution). I'm urging all of you Obama supporters to help us on June 5th by logging on to and finding a canvassing event near you to help support... or a phone bank, if canvassing isn't your thing.

In 2010 every vote will be as important as it was in 2008, when the President and V.P. won 52% of the votes.  The administratioon has already made great strides. In order to make sure he'll be able to finish the job we hired him to do, we have to do our part this year once again.

On June 5th you'll only be visiting the homes of identified Obama voters from the 2008 election, so you don't have to worry about running into any Close Encounters of the Weird Kind: you know, Tea Partiers, Birthers, etc. unless the Obama supporter lives in a VERY diverse household. (I'm guessing "highly unlikely!")

If you find other Obama supporters while canvassing who want to get involved as a volunteer this year, invite them to join the cause at by putting their zip code into the appropriate field so they can connect with a local effort. If there is no local effort (doubtful), they can start one.  "Build it and they WILL come."

Truly -- I'm having the time of my life reaching out to other Obama supporters. It's a lot of fun and a true spirit-lifter. 

Reach out, make some new friends, build a network. If you own a business, you'll get some work from some of the people you meet. (I already have. Wasn't expecting THAT! Nice perk!!!)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The "Drill, Baby, Drill" Folks Sure Have Been Quiet Lately!!!

(...except in other equally "brilliant and thoughful" ways...)

Not that I've noticed, mind you!

The thought of voting these same GOP folks back into positions of power scares the bejeeezus out of me.

That's why I'm working so hard to make sure they get the comeuppance they've so richly earned.

Lose, baby, lose -- the folks along the Gulf coast are now losing far more than you ever will by being sent home to live out your lives re-thinking just what it was you were thinking "back then" and listening ONLY to who you were listening to back then -- lobbyists with big bucks from the oil industry, Halliburton... you're all too familiar with the cast of characters.

Your stewardship of the planet sucked -- and continues to suck -- our natural resources into an environmental disaster.


A side note: I think we ought to feel similarly circumspect about nuclear power, too.  It may be "clean" (except for its detritus, which gets buried underground)... until it isn't: until a terrorist flies a plane into  a plant or plants a bomb inside.. or an earthquake cracks one open like an egg... or any of a dozen other perfectly-feasible scenarios happens.

If we're going to pursue clean energy, why not use what's readily available -- the stuff God gave us:  wind, water, solar, biofuels that come from living organisms, electricity.

I think it's wrong-headed to pursue sources that can destroy life for miles around for decades (or, in the case of nuclear drilling, for hundreds of years). This is one area (nuclear) where I disagree with the present Administration.  And I think that if they truly think about it, and what a single "accident" would mean, in the way they're seeing what this single oil spill means now... they'll re-consider. 

Because they're thoughtful, honorable men. I like that... a lot!

Just got these (links below). FABULOUS!  Share them!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obama Supporters are Still Gung Ho ...

I've been reading and hearing recently about the GOP's prognostications for November. They're laughable, the imaginings of fevered, delusional minds. Perhaps it's just wishful thinking, the hope that "saying it and seeing it in your mind will make it so" (you know, Rhonda Byrne's The Secret with all its trappings!) but, based on what I know, it just ain't gonna happen.

I've been calling Obama voters for three weeks now as a volunteer for Organizing for America and, with rare exception (less than once in 100 calls), the folks who voted for Obama are in awe of all he has managed to accomplish (93 definable "wins") in just 16 months against tremendous odds, and all plan to support him by supporting his Democratic stalwarts this year during midterm elections.

True, some feel the President hasn't yet addressed "their" issue adequately, or that he hasn't been as progressive as they would like him to have been on some of the issues he has tackled (health care reform chief among them), but none of the voters I've spoken with plan to "throw out the baby with the bathwater" because of it. Most realize the necessity of baby steps, of getting a bill passed into law that can be massaged into something better down the line.

The bottom line for most Obama supporters is this: whatever he does deal with, he seems to get done with remarkable regularity. He's a do-er, not a dreamer or a faux promise-maker. Those of us who like what he's doing are very, very pleased.  Those who don't... well... they're vocal and vitriolic , but there are nowhere near as many of them as there are of us. And I don't see them creating many converts because they so often sound like crazies. (They've even voted against bills they sponsored because Obama mentioned that he would support them. Yeah, like I said: crazies!)  

The GOP right now reminds me of the vitriolic band of animal activists who carry signs reading "Experiment on Criminals, Not on Animals." Totally bizarre. The humane movement, as a voice seeking relief for animals,  needs to remain humane even with its messages if it hopes to gain the vitality of additional supporters.  The moment it suggests that inhumaneness or uncivility for anyone (including criminals) is OK, they've lost their moral standing; they've sabotaged their own message. 

The GOP seems to be doing something similar these days, so I'm really not all that concerned that they're going to rally enough additional troops to regain control any time soon. They're just pissing off a  whole lot of people who might otherwise be inclined to listen if they weren't being shrill and unprincipled. Do I care? I should (more than I do) but as long as they keep insisting on shooting themselves in the feet, I can't help but laugh... 

By far, the vast majority of people I've talked to are delighted with what Obama has done, with his proposed next steps, and with how things are moving along.  To think any of them would vote in ways that would thwart him is ludicrous. For what reason?  So the "Party of No" can un-do what he has managed to do?

It's just not happening!

I could tell the GOP how to turn it around, but since I'm an Obama supporter, I'll keep it to myself, thank you very much. They wouldn't listen anyway. They're so busy living in the echo chamber of their outrageously inaccurate talking points they can't hear anyone else.

Which is a shame... but it does make my job easier: encouraging people to turn out again in large numbers to support a President who is intent on actually fulfilling the agenda we voted him in to accomplish.

As long as he keeps doing what he's doing, as well as he's doing it, it's easy to keep his supporters fired up and ready to vote for the representatives who support his agenda -- and ours.

Monday, May 17, 2010

You Have Met This Giant of a Man Before in This Blog... but Not Like This!

Nick Vujicic in "The Butterfly Circus." 

Watch people leave their cocoons and fly!!! (20 minutes)

Thank you Mary Doman, for sending this on to me...

Get out your hanky. It's gonna be GREAT!!!!

Here's a link to his website:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Report on Tuesday's OFA House Meeting

I had sixteen people confirmed or tentatively confirmed yesterday (out of 38 people, many of whom had conflicts and couldn't come but wanted to) to attend the OFA House meeting; eight actually showed up. Jeremy said that was a common percentage of turnout for "confirmed" folks.  (Hmmm.)

The people who showed up all volunteered to make phone calls and nearly all volunteered for the canvassing on June 5th (two are already committed to other things on the 5th).  The callers will be recruiting more canvassers and callers this week and next, so our size should double before the next meeting on May 25th.  When we meet again we're going to role-play knocking on doors (canvassing) so those who have never done it before (that includes me) can get familiar with the idea.  We'll only be knocking on the doors of new voters from the 2008 election who reported that they voted for Obama when asked. Other campaigners are going to tackle other demographics.

I was surprised that it was mostly men who showed up last night. In my experience, most volunteers are women, but I guess not in politics.  Two women did come (besides me), so it was six men and two women (not counting Jeremy and me and another Team Leader, Peter, who was sitting in on our house meeting to see how they go before hosting his own.)

We all told our stories about how we came to be so dedicated to the Obama team during the race to the White House, and most of us specified the causes closest to our hearts that kept us active in the cause.  We had Vietnam and Korean vets, an African-American woman who was a little girl during the civil rights era down south, a Latino who has been active in politics as a mentor and activist for over 30 years... all in all, a cross section of America that still believes in its promise.  It was a terrific time. I look forward to working with this group all year long in some capacity until Election Day, and then I reckon I'll be at Democratic Headquarters for election night (another first for me) -- that is, unless the powers that be in DC snatch me away from here and take me to DC to write for them. (That possibility is still alive, as far as I know. I haven't heard anything different yet.)

I wrote the script for the next round of calling we'll be doing. Jeremy read and liked it and plugged it in, so away we go!!!

I have a lot of Elance work (and possibly non-Elance work as well) coming in here now. That's a good thing because last month was really slow.  You should take a look at my Profile page at Elance again if you haven't in a while ( because they've re-designed their website and it's easier to navigate and see and read feedback and ratings.  That seems to have boosted my "invite" numbers significantly...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Today's News

I had an hour-long meeting with Jeremy Walker from OFA/DNC this morning at 11 to discuss the upcoming meeting on Tuesday with the OFA volunteers I've been calling. It's coming together quite nicely. I'm looking forward to it.

After that I drove about five miles to have lunch with Mary Jane Cooper. She was up in arms about the oil spill and the oil companies who assure everybody that everything is just fine and that they can contain an oil spill and then... KAPOW... the Gulf Coast becomes uninhabitable by land and sea.  She said, "We deserve what happened because no one is paying any attention to the risks; most Ameicans believe the hype about how unlikely it is that oil companies' fail safe systems will fail... and then they do."

As a birder, she's got her finger on the pulse of the wild world and is just livid at what has happened there and what is happening everywhere.  I concur.  That's why I don't think we can just blindly trust any company that tells us, "Don't worry... if there's a problem, we can handle it."  That's why nuclear power scares me, why offshore drilling scares me, why coal mining scares me (and miners, for good cause)... We need to get going on alternative sources of energy that don't pollute the seas and skies. NOW.  With all deliberate speed.  Because what we're doing right now to the globe and to each other in our quest for oil is insane.

I think I'll be busy all weekend with Elance projects, thank God! Last month was really slow, but things are looking up again now.  I've still had plenty of time to make OFA calls, though.  At least I'm staying busy when I'm not writing or bidding on work.

Yesterday I rewrote the website of an insurance agent who got taken royally by a foreign copywriter whose knowledge of English was so slight that he should have been sued for malpractice. It was painful to read. I felt so sorry for the agent!  

Buyer beware!  You may think you can get a real deal by going offshore to get a writer, but in so many instances, the copy just has to be rewritten by an American to redeem it (and your company's reputation), so you may as well pay decent wages up front and save some money.  It's heartbreaking to see what is being foisted off as copywriting.  It's copy mangling, is what it is: sentences that amble off in clunky, ungrammatical ways, sentences that a good copywriter can't even make sense of in order to rewrite it at times!

Look at the copywriter's portfolio before you make your choice. It just takes a few minutes to separate the wheat from the chaff. A little research goes a long, long way.


It's exciting to get out there and start contacting Obama supporters again. I've made over 40o calls, connected with 213 of them, and think our OFA House meeting next Tuesday should be a great time.

The good news is that everyone I've actually connected with understands the importance of keeping the troops fired up and ready to go even though President Obama isn't on the ticket this time. They understand that, without Patty Murray and Adam Smith on his side, President Obama's battle will be more uphill than it already is. 

It's amazing what he has been able to accomplish in such a short time.  There are at least eight huge accomplishments already. And to watch him accomplish them despite the anti-Obama and anti-DEM rhetoric that's out there has been surprising -- and heartwarming -- to me.

It's also heartbreaking in a way. So many of the people who are buying the talking points from the GOP don't understand what the new changes in policy will do for them.

The Democrat Party has been the party of the working man and woman for more than a century.  It has given us the help we need when times are tough, the resources and resiliency we need to survive.  It has stood up for the midddle-class, the poor and the disadvantaged and given us real hope that we won't always end up with the short end of the stick in spite of holding down multiple minimum-wage jobs.

I was talking with a supporter yesterday who was eloquent when describing how her Republican friends "just don't get it."  Well, you know, it's hard for them to get it when all they're looking at and reading is GOP propaganda from morning to night. 

MOST of her GOP friends aren't wealthy, so they're the kind of people who should be on the bandwagon with Obama, but because their parents were Republican (it was a very different Republican Party back then, a party that crossed the aisle and dined and drank with their DEM friends in Congress), they feel obliged to stay with the party. What claptrap.  When did they give up their own search, their own free will, and study the matter?  They subscribe to the magazines that slant toward their politics.

I do, too, but I also listen to the other side.  Usually what I hear is laughable because the GOP has ceased to make sense. They're so busy berating what the DEMS are accomplishing that they have said nothing of substance in more than a year.

They seem to want to hold onto a past that no longer exists. If we don't recognize that, we're ostriches. If it scares us, well... maybe it's out of a sense of guilt.  Because we have not created a level playing field, even as far advanced as we are today from the segregated 50's and 60's. And we know it.  We just look the other way and hope the advances that have been wrought (look, a black President!) will be deemed "enough" to those who are not "of our tribe."  Many blacks have risen above the stereotypes that have held them down; too many of us (black and white) are just real slow to recognize it and embrace the new reality. It is no longer bald-faced racism at our core in most instances; it's our hesitancy to embrace the changing face of America. By 2050 white Americans of European descent will be in the minority.  At that time whites will be singing a new tune to reflect their new staus: WE'RE ALL OF ONE TRIBE: THE AMERICAN TRIBE.

Until then, too many of us will pit ourselves against each other because of race, creed, gender, class, sexual orientation, or politics. And every time we do it, we will diminish our potential. We will cripple our own futures.

So I don't feel I'm "pitting" myself against my Republican friends when I'm out there getting out the vote. I know I'm actually helping a lot of them.  They just don't know it yet.

Did you know that whenever  Republicans take family leave to care for their sick loved ones, whenever they apply for a college grant, whenever they get a checkup or surgery while on Medicaid or Medicare... in fact, almost every time they turn around, it has been a Democratic policy that has helped them.

True, Republicans also supported many policies, but they didn't originate many of them. When it comes to serving and protecting the vast majority of Americans, it has been Democrats who have spearheaded the reforms -- at least since the 1930's.

I have no beef with Republicans who truly believe that less government is the best government. But that only works when everyone in power also behaves like a good citizen and treats others the way they want to be treated. Sadly, that has rarely been the case in America, and it has been just awful the past few decades. The Party of No has also been the Party of Me; as long as they're happy, why isn't everybody happy?

Take a look around and answer that one for yourself.  We've got a lot more work to do to dig ourselves out the the mess that has been made since the turn of the 21st century and since the 1980's when the "trickle-down" theory was first espoused and applied by President Reagan.

Something has been trickling down, all right. It smells like urine.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh, My...

I've signed up with Organizing For America to call local folks who want to get involved in the 2010 campaigns for the re-elections of Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Adam Smith. Both have been helping to advance President Obama's campaign promises (the Democratic platform), so of course it's imperative that those of us who support the President's agenda help re-elect his stalwarts in Congress.

So I'm going to be calling hundreds of identified go-getters to see if they'll turn out this year to campaign as diligently for Murray and Smith as they did for Obama. Because, as he said in Grant Park the night he was elected, he can't do it alone.

It's never easy. He needs help in Congress and at the grassroots level. If we sit this one out -- those of us who feel happy and satisfied that he's our Commander in Chief -- we will fail him and it'll be even harder for him to fight the good fight for all of us. 

So -- as much as I might like to sit this one out, I simply can't in good conscience. Those of us who truly care have to make sure we "have his back" because a lot of people who don't agree with us are gunning for him. They don't like the fact that he has been so effective despite their heated opposition. He's already done what they repeatedly said he couldn't do. And he has a lot left that he still wants to do... and that I support him in doing. 

Our first "house meeting" for the South Tacoma area is scheduled for May 11th at the IBEW Local Hall at 3049 S 36th Street in Tacoma, near the Tacoma Mall from 6-8 p.m. If you're local and want to get involved in making sure President Obama has the team he needs in Washington to fulfill his promises, please join us! We'll outline the game plan and start delegating tasks to make sure our candidates succeed in November.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Tree Blew Over on Our Front Yard -- No Damage Thank God!

It's very windy here today. A 20' tree blew over in the front yard. It just missed the electric wires and did no real damage, so that was wonderfully strategic. (Thank You, Jesus!)

Tomorrow I'm meeting with an OFA (Organizing for America) fellow at 11 a.m. No, it isn't about the D.C. job; it's an organizing get-together to see what I can do locally during the present election season.  

I did ask him if I should be flattered that I was invited to apply back east, or if what I received was simply the broad-casting of a very wide net to ask every writer who supports Obama and the Democratic platform to apply.  He said if he were me, he'd consider it an honor. He says didn't see the email, so it was sent to a select group, he believes. So I'm more hopeful than ever that I'm on a short list somewhere in DC.  That feels good.

April was a very slow month at Elance. I wonder if God planned that, too, so I'd be more open to moving across the country. (He knows what it takes to get me to even consider leaving my comfort zone. He's an expert on every one of his kids, you know!)

Hmmm...  I'm doing my best to discern His will for my life at this juncture. I feel calm and protected. That's a good indication.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Such Friends as These... My Stellar Support Group is Amazing!

It's been amazing, these past few days. The outpouring of love and great advice for me -- from Democrats, Republicans, Independents and completely unaligned -- has been 100% positive, 100% supportive, and 100% "you go, girl!" Even those who don't share my enthusiasm for the Obama Administration have been supportive, to a person.  How amazing is that?!

I don't know if any of them would like to be identified, but I do want to list a lot of their suggestions and congratulations, so I'll do it without naming names.

Friend #1

"You've done the right thing so far: applied as asked. Doesn't mean they'll hire you, doesn't mean you have to accept if asked.

"If they do, negotiate. Think through what would keep you afloat financially and spiritually -- 1/2 time in Tacoma, 1/2 time in DC? Help finding a simple living arrangement (sharing digs part-time)?

"Consider how much the gig pays and whether they're offering benefits. If you commute, will your travel be arranged for, and paid by, them?

"Knowing the week's check is going to be there is a lovely thing. How much stress will that relieve? Will the joy of the work overtake the time spent doing it?

"Sounds like you already know what to do!"

Friend #2

"I know this is a tough decision. You may not have to leave your pets. Travel is tough. One thing is for sure: Negotiate! DC is ONE HELL of an expensive place to live. Would the salary be enough to do all you need to do and have a decent apartment? Many first-time Senators and Reps find they don't make enough to live on and triple up in crappy apartments. If you need more info on living in DC, I have friends there. And if you need help on hotels with decent locales and rooms, I can help there, too..."

Friend #3

Leaving the politics out of it (hehehe) I'm sure you're honored and should be! You do good work, they'd be lucky to have you! I'm sure you're trying to weigh both sides of the equation realistically... Hopefully they'll let you work from home. I'll be praying for you. God be with you wherever you end up! Love ya!"

Friend #4

"What a GREAT HONOR! It truly is an honor to be asked to serve on the President's team !!! -- on any President's team, for that matter.

"I really hope (and pray) that they will see the wisdom of allowing you to work from home and fly to DC on occasion. They could never find a more talented copywriter!!! And if you and I can do interviews 3K miles apart and I can deal with an editor in the UK, they certainly ought to be able to work with you long distance... and I'm sure they probably have some kind of organizing committee right where you live.

"I'll pray for you, of course, and I know the Lord will show you the path He wants you to take. It's not selfish for you to wish not to uproot your life (home/church/writing ministry/family/friends/pets) as the kind of position they've asked you to apply for can surely be done via cyberspace for the most part (and is time-limited, whether for six years or two).

"As a lifelong registered Independent (I'm in  the aisle!), I've worked with/for local and state pols from both major parties for over three decades now and can count on the fingers of one hand the number I would fully trust. But I think we all agree that helping the President -- any President -- is something every American would be honored to do. It's our "job" to help our Presidents in any way we can. And it's wonderful that you were asked to apply.

"So CONGRATULATIONS! And God Bless whatever you decide to do, because I know you'll do it beautifully. You're in my prayers always. Love."

Friend #4

Kris, I know change is scary, but isn't it what drew us to Obama in the first place? For the majority of your life, you've been working so hard to make it as a writer. It seems to me that this type of position would open doors for you. In the end, you'll know what is best for you regardless of what your friends say, but know that we will support you either way. That said, I wouldn't make ANY decisions or requests about working virtually until after you interview for the position. You may find that 2-6 years of interesting work is worth leaving home for if the pay is right! Also, once they meet you, they might be more receptive to the idea of working from your Washington.

"I absolutely understand your dilemma, though. I had a similar opportunity once but had to decline because of my spouse's job location and needs.

"I'll be in DC right after the 4th of July, so you better hurry up and get the job so I can crash at your place! LOL! ;  Seriously, though, I'm very happy and excited for you. Please let me know how it goes."

Friend #5

"You want to write about history or be a part of it? I envy you in that you have the opportunity to do this or not -- should you get the nod. The question is simple: Stay on the sidelines or become a playmaker in history."  (Kris Note: EEgads!)

Friend #6

"Kris, you are dearly loved and I will pray that the Lord's will be done. Of course this is a big deal! You have the skills God has given you for a reason. Give yourself a couple of days to weigh the pros and cons and let it all sink in. Ask God to help everything fall into place and go from there. Praying for you!"

Friend #7

"Oh my goodness. That is fantastic and I don't see how you could possibly turn it down. This only comes around once in a lifetime."

Friend #8

"Miss Kristine, this is quite an honor. I would go for it! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. God orders your steps. Keep listening to His voice. Much love."

Friend #9

"Oh my Gosh - yes, go for it. Don't mention that you don't want to move to DC just yet. When they DO say we want you and we want you now, then see what you can negotiate. You know you want this. Go for the interview and the whole process, then see what you can stipulate. Just think of the networking opportunities!"

Friend #10

"First of all, congratulations!  You have to ask yourself, what would De and Carolyn and your mom and dad want you to do? I think this is a once in a lifetime thing and you should go for it. Remember, we usually regret the things we DIDN'T do rather than the things we did as we get older. I am thrilled they asked you to apply! And I love President Obama, too, so no worries there, either!  Love."

Friend #11

"My roommate just went through the same thing (major relocation at age 57 to accept an amazing job).  Kris, your house, friends, church, cats, dog and family and your freelance career will be waiting for you when you get back. And there's Faceboook, email and webcams these days to keep everyone close. Yup, I'm telling you to go for it! Follow your heart and channel your enthusiasm for our dear Mr. Obama into your awesome writing skills for the good of us all. I guess it goes without saying that you'll be a part of history!

"Just like Abraham, God will guide you to a residence, transportation and opportunities you haven't even thought of yet. And on a personal note, I think your folks and De and Carolyn would be SO PROUD of you and saying, "See?  We told you so!

"Let me knw if there's any way I can support you in this endeavor."

Friend #12

"OK Kris, this is V. speaking. God allows opportunity in our life so He can be glorified. Sometimes WE have to step out of our comfort zone and do the will of the Father. Regardless of what our opinions are. You need to be on your face fasting and praying and seeking God and asking HIM, 'OK, Lord, You know my heart, you know my situation. What would You have me do?' Then you WAIT. The word says 'Enter His gates with thanksgiving and praise.' So after you pray, then you Praise and say thank you and WAIT. He says 'Be still and know that I am God.'

"We can talk ourselves in and out of things so quickly. Wait and be still and know that He is God. You do your part and God will certainly do His, and whatever happens, give Him the glory and the honor. Don't look to the situation, look to God. Also, God is not in the midst of guilt, fear and anxiety. He is in the midst of peace, joy and love. When we walk in unbelief, fear and guilt, we aren't trusting God. So walk in your faith that God will work things out for His glory.

"I am praying that you will hear clearly from God and that you will conform your mind to Christ's and loose any hindrances that keep you from hearing the word of the Lord. Col 1:9-12."  (Kris Note: Needless to say, this is a mighty woman of God -- a prayer warror!)

Friend #13

"I firmly believe that serving your country and serving yourself can be the same thing. If it will be too big a stretch for you, turn it down if you're required to move, since you can do the same work right where you are for them. But if you think that the sheer joy of doing the job will carry you through and put you in a position of strength for yourself and your country, then you should seriously consider it.

"Make this decision away from other people. This is something you must decide for yourself. So many people are going to be thrilled; others may not. You have your own thoughts and feelings and conscousness for a reason. The same soul that brought you to De has carried you this far. And though I know it's been a tough road, that doesn't mean you shouldn't walk in it. Imagine how you would feel being in DC making history with and for a President you worked so hard to help elect. How does that feel to you? Does it feel like enough? Only you can answer that for yourself.

"If you have the faith you say you do, you're already in service -- the only service that truly matters. Listen to that voice and assess the reality of how it will affect you financially and in the long term. Then ask yourself which decision will make you feel most at peace.

"Having re-routed myself a few times I know how head-spinning such big opportunities can be. But you know what to do already, somewhere in there. It will come to you."

Friend #14

"I'll pray for you. There's no reason in the world THESE days that you can't do what you do remotely and hopefully they would pay travel expenses when they absolutely need you on-site for any reason.

"But if it comes to 'you have to live in DC" for a period of time, remember, it isn't forever. Rent your side to someone you both trust while you're gone, someone who loves animals and will take care of your critters. Give her a discount for that. Love you."

Friend #15

"Yes, it IS an honor and I can understand ALL those emotions you are feeling. Politically, I can't see that you're really 'siding' with a particular issue or side... except of course, you're working for the Obama team. So what? That's your persuasion. You know the One who ultimately is in charge and are gonna serve and love Him no matter where you're at, right? It's a copywriting position. I think the most important thing is seeking God, asking Him to show you, help you decide, close and open doors, etc. If you truly keep your heart open to His will, I think you'll know if it's "Yes" or "No" or "It doesn't matter -- I'll be with you either way."  My opinion, nothing more. Love you!"

Friend #16

"Life is short. Do what makes your heart sing. If you don't go, you will still be paying your part of the mortgage. If you do go, you'll still be paying it while following your dreams. Love."

Friend #17

"Great news!  Jim's son, Bob and his wife live in the DC area. I'm sure they would be more than pleased to help you in any way they can if you decide to go there. Is it steady pay? Can you rent your half of the house? What's the worst thing that could happen if you went? Will your friends and relatives disappear if you leave?  Will they still love you when you return?

"You have nothing to lose and  much to gain -- as do we if you'll accept this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve your country in the way you're being considered to serve it. Praying for you. God bless you."

Friend #18

I wish I could give you a clear cut answer. I get the vibe that your heart is at home. However, this is a very big opportunity for you. My biggest concern would be the morgage and finances. DC is expensive as hell. People who are rich down here in GA - well, many senators sleep in their offices.

"Will you be able to pay your mortgage if you go out there? That would be my biggest concern. Though, of course, I would LOVE for you to come to DC because that way, it would be easier to hang out with you! =)  BUT, at the same time, the reality of the situation is, what's best for you?

The tone I get from you is that you're not wanting to go because you are looking at pretty much leaving everything behind...if only for a season. Are you willing to do this?

Really, the more I've thought about this, I think it's an amazing opportunity. The only question you have to ask yourself is: Do you really feel God wants you to do this? And if God does want you to do this, he'll provide the means necessary!

"So, my best piece of advice is: Be decisive, figure out where your "duty" or place is, and be proactive in that choice.

Friend #19

What a fabulous opportunity! What's the downside? What do you WANT to do? Will you be able to live with yourself if you don't try? Besides, nothing is forever; you'll always have your friends/home/church/mortgage to come back to....

Friend #20

"Hi. Just wanna say how proud I am and how you must be, too. What an honor. I am an Obama fan, have supported his campaign, voted for him, cried when he won, and have some stuff like magnets and a mouse pad around my home.

"Like you, I was disillusioned during the Watergate incident and I remember when kids dreamed of being an astronaut, a brain surgeon and the President of the United States. Then, all of a sudden, times changed and it wasn't such an honorable career choice. Obama has brought it back; the love of this country, the spirit of working together, and HOPE !!
"I'm glad you applied.
"I also read an article in "MORE" magazine recently about women senators rooming together in the Georgetown area. Imagine! Women who are serving the country, leaving their families frequently to attend Senate hearings, and votes, etc. They have to temporarily live in the D.C. area, so 3 different state senators rented out a place together for the comfort of a roommate situation. Maybe you could find out through our congresswomen's websites if there is some temporary housing situation; or maybe there's a blog of other Organizating for America people who have a housing set-up.

"Anyway those are my thoughts. I'm hoping it all works out for you."


"Consider where a person's glory most begins and ends and say my glory was I had such friends."

Thank you, all!!!!  I am so blessed to have you in my life, on my side, and standing by to pray for me.