Friday, August 28, 2009

There Is a Health Care Bill Ted Kennedy Worked on With Chris Dodd

I just learned that there is a health care bill that Senator Kennedy worked on with Chris Dodd and others. It's called the Kennedy HELP Bill or something like that. Here's a link to it:

It's a "mere" 600 pages long (half the length of the behemoth I read last month) and if Senator Kennedy was behind it, it's the one I will support. I know he was out to help all Americans -- not just some.

The Republicans who said they "would have been with Kennedy" had he been in the mix are misrepresenting themselves and their intentions: they voted AGAINST this bill. So don't for a moment think they intend to back anything that will actually benefit anyone if it impacts the powers that be in health care (insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. -- their lobbyists are paying more than $1.5 million a day to defeat any health care reform bill) in any way.

Let's get behind this bill and get it done for Senator Kennedy and for our own health care future. I don't think he'll rest peacefully until we do!

One thing I know for sure: the Kennedy brothers transformed our nation in so many positive ways that I totally believe that anything they put their names or their political energies to was intended for our benefit. They had it all -- they coulda sat back on their haunches and sailed their lives away -- but they were raised to give back and contribute to the country.

Whether you believed in their policies or not, their hearts were in the right place: with those less fortunate whose fortunes were hobbled and/or denied by the powers that existed (still exist) in this country, all those are mighty comfortable with the status quo.

And this is my 1000th post. It's on a very, very important matter. How fitting!

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