Friday, October 31, 2008

Morally Bankrupt -- Want Eight More Years of This?

Election Results Will Devastate Half the Country -- Whoever Wins!

Starting Wednesday, it will be time for the winners to begin binding up the wounds of the losers. We CANNOT stay mad at each other... or we'll keep getting what we've already got: Division, distrust, lies and such.

Let's change that, whoever wins, and we'll start on the road to recovery!

We're all Americans. Let's act like it. Our ideals must outshine and outlast our squeals.

Should Obama Share The Names of His Small Donors?

McCain is now saying that Obama should reveal the names of his small donors -- and perhaps he should, in closed session after the elections.

Why wait to reveal them? I can think of one perfectly logical and compelling reason right off the top of my head:

I'm sure there are Obama-Biden donors who don't WANT other people to know who they're supporting: this is, after all, a political decision (and voting is by secret ballot) -- and a lot of people will not divulge their opinion to ANYONE (even relatives), to keep from offending or otherwise alienating their business partners, customers, loved ones, and the like.

I don't think Obama has anything to hide. I just think he should honor the confidentiality of the small donors who have contributed.

Here's a hint: I'm one of them! Interview ME if you want to know why I think Obama has every right to protect his donor list. I have nothing to lose. Many others may.

Barack is not a crook or a liar. I know the Republicans would like to believe he is, but he's a straight arrow.

So go soak your head. None of these last-minute scare tactics are going to work. Every time I did send in a contribution, I had to sign a form saying that I was donating of my own accord, that I sent in my own money, and who I work for, and my profession. The campaign has been careful to be sure they're doing everything correctly.

And study the ACORN controversy. The only people getting screwed by false voter registration are ACORN folks. They paid good money to get real people registered to vote. Fake registrants (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Dunkin Donuts...) -- do you think they will be showing up to vote on Election Day? So I counter that fallacy (voter fraud) with the GOP's very real attempts to kick legitimate voters off the voting rolls, and making it so difficult for some people to vote (mostly minorities) that many people may give up rather than go through the hassle of standing in line for many hours and jumping through hoops to vote.

STICK IT OUT, VOTERS! STAY IN LINE! VOTE AND GET YOUR COUNTRY BACK! And call CNN if you have any trouble and need some reporter back-up and documentation!

Let's get 'er done!

TUESDAY'S COMIN' -- LET'S MAKE WEDNESDAY A CELEBRATION! (Just don't turn over any cars when we win, SPORTS FANS!!!! You seem to have a propensity for doing that, win or lose! RESTRAIN YOURSELVES THIS TIME. THANK YOU!)

Funny! Hockey Moms for Obama!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sally Ride Endorses Barack Obama for President!


Inspired Kids Will Reach for Stars Under Obama

By Sally Ride
October 29, 2008 Orlando Sentinel

Somewhere in America today, there's a 10-year-old girl who could be the first person to walk on Mars. She's probably playing with a toy chemistry set or a kid's telescope right now, gazing up at the heavens and dreaming big dreams.

I know a lot about that girl because in 1961, during the inspirational early days of our space program, that was me. The world that girl will enter, and in particular the state of our space and science industries, is different for her than it was for me. In some ways, she has greater opportunities. While still unacceptably behind men, women have more avenues to becoming scientists today than they did when I answered a call in a newspaper ad to become an astronaut.

In other ways, our space program has lost the national stature it had when I was growing up. In both regards, though, we can and must do better.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Barack Obama -- Hope for the Future...

In sharp contrast to the last blog entry, here's a stirring analysis of the other candidate for President which speaks volumes for Obama's obvious readiness -- and over-riding willingness -- to bring us together.

The choice seems so clear to me. In my opinion, there should be a landslide this year... but I'll take whatever we can get, as long as it's a WIN for Obama-Biden!

More on So-Called Palin "Maverick" Politics

Yeah, wouldn't she be a great VP? Just like Cheney, getting all her friends the money-making jobs!!


Keep the faith! The above is only a far-fetched (at this moment) doomsday scenario. Obama-Biden are significantly ahead in the polls just nine days out from the election.

I agree with the concluding remarks. Not only the U.S., but the entire world, would be tossed into a deep depression of spirit if McCain-Palin win. Even the GOP would feel they'd lost by winning (in the cowardly, down-and-dirty, no-holds-barred, scurrilous ways they did).

If this doomsday scenario happens, I will require grief and anger management therapy! For sure, for sure! As may the rest of the planet. Too many Americans of all stripes have worked too hard, and prayed too mightily, to accept such a terrible defeat with equanimity.

Please, please, please don't carry us this close to real HOPE for our political system, just to have it all taken away by LIV (low-information voters), God! You know what we need at this time in our history: You know how it all ends and who needs to be at the helm in America in 2009!

Your will be done! Amen!

(The great thing about all this present angst is that I know, to a certainty, that God's plan will prevail. He knows what we need to get where we're going, and he'll use the best, or the worst, to get us there, as He always has from time immemorial. Amen and amen!)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why I "LOVE" (NOT!) Focus on the Family ...

An excerpt:

'Smells like desperation'

"It looks like, walks like, talks like and smells like desperation to me," said the Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell of Houston, an Obama supporter who backed President Bush in the past two elections. The Methodist pastor called the 2012 letter "false and ridiculous." He said it showed that some Christian conservative leaders fear that Obama's faith-based appeals to voters are working.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The Christian right is behaving EXACTLY like the Pharisees of old. Why? For the same reason: They know they're about to lose the clout they've had all of these years, and are doing everything they can to vilify and scare us about Obama.

I am a Christian, so this kind of attack of Obama makes me want to throw up. So much for "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." What part of "hypocrite" don't you understand, Christian Right? You disgust me!

It's pathetic, uncalled for, and utterly, utterly FALSE.

I think I'll go re-read GOD'S POLITICS by Jim Wallis and try to remember why I love so many Christians so much! (Because they're nothing like these Focus on the Family clowns.)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Why Do Some Very Smart Women Like and Support Palin ANYWAY?

The question is answered... in case you're baffled, too!

The Lucifer Effect --McCain's Strategy Against Obama Revealed


And McCain should be ashamed of himself, or else he shouldn't become President... He has no scruples... only "enemies."

My New Yard Signs...

Let's Get It Done, Voters!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Amazing Cat Antics Video... Turn Up Your Speakers!

Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and Andy Griffith All Say...

Barack's Best... in absolutely the most entertaining way I've seen it proclaimed yet! ENJOY!

Pray for Obama's Grandmother and Their Visit Together Today and Tomorrow

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late: Bachman Tries to Backpedal

The cat is out of the bag, Representatve Bachman. You're twisting in a wind of your own making.

McCain Urged Reagan Admin to Meet with Terror Groups...

The hypocrisy inherent in McCain's present stance against meeting with enemies is apparent.


If the Obama-Biden campaign is flooded with donations as a result of our outrage regarding this scurrilous brochure, we will have done our jobs as Americans!

The McCain campaign is reprehensible! When the RNC authorizes stuff like this, you KNOW we have a problem with the GOP!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Here's what had to say about McCain's assertions about Obama "palling around" with Bill Ayers:

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

From Tim Ayers, for the Huffington Post:

There are many degrees of inappropriate behavior in politicking, but the root cause of said behavior is holding the opposing party in contempt. We as a nation cannot truly progress so long as there exists a critical mass of partisan peoples who feel the need to demonize one another. This is not to say partisan politics are inherently bad, but blind partisanship that is driven by malice and contempt is a sad state of affairs and potentially dangerous.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Looking Forward to "Answering to God"

I just got a terse comment to the end of the last blog (unpublished) saying I will "answer to God" for voting for Obama-Biden, and for trying to get other folks to vote for them, too... that I have no right or standing to call myself a Christian.

Really? Hmmm...

And of course the sender signed him- or herself "anonymous." Anonymous comments nearly always get deleted because unless a person is willing to put their name out there and proclaim publicly what they claim anonymously, I will rarely publish the comment. I publish brave souls only, people willing to stand up, identify themselves, and be counted.

All of us will answer to God for our choices. As long as my name is in the Lamb's book of life, I'm exonerated. Jesus paid the price for any missteps I make. I don't consider my support of the Democratic ticket a misstep, though. So I'm looking forward to meeting my Maker/Husband/
Kinsman Redeemer. He loves me.

P.S. He loves the people who vote for McCain-Palin, too. He's an equal opportunity Savior!

Didn't Convince Him...

Sad to say, I didn't convince the Christian fellow I wrote to the other day (reported and reprinted in this blog under "Here We Go Again..." just an entry or so ago). He considers things narrowly -- Obama-Biden are for gay rights  and they are pro-choice. These are the only two issues that seem to matter to the dear man.

Forget the fact that Sarah Palin can't even define what a Vice President does and thinks the position is a heavy stick-wielder in the Senate and an "influencer" of opinion there. (Even a fifth grader knows that the sole job description of a VP is to step in if the President can't serve and to cast the deciding vote in a tie-breaker in the Senate.)

Forget that McCain has been so erratic that some days even he doesn't know where he stands on issues.

Forget that if Obama's "socialist" so is McCain, since socialism is being painted with such a narrow brush these days.

Forget that McCain has voted over 90% of the time with Bush... doesn't want the Iraq war to end (even though the Iraqi government and people have told us they want us to leave and let their destiny fall into their own hands).

Forget that McCain doesn't have a blue clue about how to handle the economy, the growing disaffection of the population with politics and politicians, or much of anything else.

Forget that his voice sounds so depressed (unless he's shouting or ungentlemanly arguing a point) that he brings anyone else down who listens to him for any length of time.

Forget that Sarah Palin is no reformer, but a good ol' boy out to get whatever she can within the limits of the law as a candidate, with $150K worth of clothes since she was chosen... and that she was found to have violated her position in the Troopergate affair.

Forget that the Supreme Court will probably need two new judges before the end of the next President's term in office and the GOP platform is the most conservative in history, meaning that Roe v Wade might be overturned if McCain-Palin get in. (No one LIKES abortion, but outlawing it will cause untold misery among desperate woman... see earlier blog Why Abortion?)

Forget that McCain is a hammer at a time when we desperately need a peacemaker/kinsman redeemer in the Oval Office.

Forget that so-called Christians (I'm a Christian myself, so this one comes hardest of all to document) started a war in Iraq that didn't have to be started, knowing that the intelligence re weapons of mass destruction was bogus... and that they want to keep us there for the foreseeable future, even though we got in under false pretenses. If there's justice in heaven (and I believe with all my heart there is), this administration and the next one will have to stand before God and make an account of why they acted the way they did and will.

Forget all that. By God, the Obama-Biden stances on abortion and gay rights trumps all of the above, because it's in the Bible that God speaks of homosexuality as an abomination. (He also sees everything else we do that's outside the box of "holy behavior" as abominations -- like adultery, stealing, lying and gossiping. A sin is a sin. There is no degree of "saintliness" in any of them.) Not to get too far into theology and "what God thinks," because I truly don't know what He's thinking right now about all of this, but in the Bible, the kind of homosexuality portrayed was of the variety where there were no emotional attachments. The kind of homosexuality portrayed in the Bible is not love -- it's lust, it's taking out one's own "needs" on another human being for the sake of physical release rather than a mutual sharing of affection and lasting bonding. In the Bible it also says, "Against love there is no law." The supreme Law of God is love. So what should we do with homosexuals? Allow them to love or line them all up against a wall and shoot them?

Ya know, these Christians just don't seem to realize that we are living in days of grace and that God loves every last one of us and wants us to love him back and come home to Him as soon as possible -- either while on this side of the veil, or the other.

I see uncustomary hatred and enmity in anti-abortion/gay rights hardliners. I don't see that in Obama-Biden supporters. If we were going by behavior and actions instead of platforms, which of these two parties' candidates would win the Christian vote? McCain-Palin, who disagree, mislead, gossip and cast unverified aspersions about their opposing candidates, or the Obama-Biden team, which remains calm and for the most part does not fight fire with fire. (Obama: "I never throw the first punch -- but I'll throw the last one!" The only time he has gotten in McCain's face is after McCain has sullied his stand on issues or his character.) Obama-Biden are on task and on-target, plugging away on the issues that matter most to the American people and the world while McCain and Palin flail, bullyrag and criticize them.

If we were voting based on civilized behavior and spiritual comportment, I'm thinking Obama-Biden would win by even larger margins than they probably will on November 4th.

People aren't stupid. If McCain thinks of and treats our other "enemies" internationally the way he thinks of and treats an honorable, worthy opponent, we are going to be in a much-greater "world of hurt" than we already are.

Christians disagree on many things. I disagree with the dear Christian who votes so narrowly that not even putting Sarah Palin one heartbeat away from the Presidency can dissuade him. She wants an imperial Vice Presidency. What would she do as an imperial President, with her strictly limited, untutored and most un-curious bent toward anything outside Alaska?

It was three months ago that she asked what a VP does. It has been three months and she still doesn't know! Excuse me?! Would a job recruiter bring Palin even into a second interview, knowing that she hadn't even read the job description before applying, and knowing nothing at all about the duties of the position? What part of "don't give a rip -- I want what I want, and I will get it!" don't you understand?


Monday, October 20, 2008

Bachman's Rant -- See What Obama's Up Against?

It's just insane! And she keeps smiling while smearing someone's name and reputation! Unbelievable! Check it Out!

I hope her constitutents realize how dangerous she is and vote her OUT!

Here We Go Again.. Smear Tactics Have Sent Another Good Friend Off the Deep End

It has happened again. A good friend sent me one of those "forwarded" emails that supposedly excerpted stuff from Obama's two books to "prove" he's a no-good scoundrel. If you haven't received the same forwarded email as this fellow, count your blessings. If you have, you know the one I'm referring to.

So, once again in this blog, I'll do my best to turn the email on its ear. If any of you are still sitting on the fence re: whether or not to support Obama out of fear, I hope that what I sent to my friend will help you, too. Here it is, verbatim:

Fer gosh sakes, man:

Go to and get the facts on these "quotes" from Obama's Audacity of Hope and Dreams from my Father. Better yet, read the books for yourself. You owe it to yourself BEFORE you vote, and to the country, because you aren't being fair right now. You're listening to and forwarding junk as though it were gospel truth. (That's dangerous for your reputation, you know?)

You're forwarding stuff that is either quoted out of context or 100% pure malarkey! (The last quote -- the one that disturbs you most -- is a total fabrication, as you'll discover.)

You're smearing Obama's reputation and integrity the same way that some people smear Jesus and the Bible -- without bothering to read it and finding out the real words and deeds first. Educate yourself, please.

I'm awfully tired of answering these same emails from folks who haven't done their homework.(Be assured, you aren't the only one emailing me these forwards in an attempt either to get clarity or to dissuade me from voting for Obama.) Y'all come to me with the same old "quotes" and concerns. How worried are you, really, if you haven't even read the books from which these "pearls" supposedly were pulled?

And General Powell just endorsed Obama. Doesn't that help you out, at least a little? If Obama were a socialist, I'd know. (I'm not a Socialist and would never support one.) If he were a "terror sympathizer," we'd all know by now, the way the GOP has been digging for anything, large or small, to nail him with -- and he would be in custody rather than two weeks away from becoming our next President, fer gosh sakes.

Don't you suppose that with a name like Barack Hussein Obama, the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security has been all over his background and leanings with a fine-toothed comb? (If you're really concerned, why not ask Elder _____? He works with Homeland Security!)

Do you suppose Obama would be where he is in the polls, and in his standing with so many of the American people, if ANY of this "robocall" type crap were true?

It astonishes me how intelligent people can still be wondering where Obama stands on things. His life is an open book (two of them by him, four more about him. Have you read ANY of them? I've read four of them, making sure of my choice).

Did you watch the Democratic convention, or just the GOP? I watched both. I didn't see any terrorist tendencies in the platform, in the speeches, in the eyes or hearts or souls of any of the Obamas. I saw lots of love, and joy, and even copious tears in the crowd as Obama accepted the nomination and as people began to truly visualize an America in which black kids and female kids and every other American kid came to understand that they CAN become President in this country (even with a name like Barack Obama, for heaven's sake!).

The walls that for far too long kept the American ideals and dreams from happening are falling down... and it should be heralded and celebrated, not feared and reviled.

So STOP, already (at least with me)! And please please please don't forward stuff like this around until you've read his books, because you're being warned right now (by me) that the intention of the people who created those emails is evil: to frighten people and make them inquire no further, but to vote from fear rather than knowledge. Pardon the French, but it pisses me off. And I haven't been pissed off even once since being born again in 1999! So needless to belabor the point, but: it's really offensive to me!

Once you've read his books, we can talk, but right now I'm talking to someone who hasn't done his homework. While you're at it, read Biden's book, too (Promises to Keep). If you're afraid of these two men right now, something is very, very wrong... (Rove and Schmidt love the fact that you're scared. That's their entire goal and intention!)

Why not bite the bullet and read the Obama-Biden books AND TRUST IN GOD THAT WHAT YOU'LL DISCOVER BY WAY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT CAN SET YOU FREE -- at least to a degree that you aren't so rabidly anti-Obama-Biden once they make it to the White House...

You're allowing yourself to be bent out of shape over absolutely NOTHING worth being bent about. What a tragic waste of angst and energy!

I drove to the stadium to see Biden two hours early, but it was so packed already that the closest parking was more than a mile away, so I drove back home and watched it from start to finish on C-SPAN. Thank God for C-SPAN. It was just terrific.

Biden's Tacoma visit was the largest turnout for a VP candidate YET. So I was glad not to be able to get in -- not enough room to fit all of us!!! (Are we all supporting terrorists, leftists, socialists? C'mon... You know better than that!)

And again I say: Relax, dear brother! It'll be all right. Your Obama-Biden nightmare is just a bad dream, brought on by a real mickey, causing a real Rove/Schmidt bender -- not reality at all!

It's going to be okay. God is in control -- remember that!

Kris P.S.

Feel free to send this to the list of people you forwarded the anti-Obama email to, and let them know there is "another take" on this campaign that perhaps not a lot of people have cared to consider until now. Your vote is vital. Make it in good conscience, not as a result of reading political propaganda and not bothering to look into the matter to see what's true and what's black, ugly, smudgy, awful fairy dust. Thanks!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good News and Bad News....

The bad news is that I couldn't get within three miles of Cheney Stadium (because of such unprecedented fervor to get into the event) to see Joe Biden this afternoon, so I ended up coming back home and watching it on C-SPAN

The good news it that I couldn't get within three miles of Cheney Stadium (because of such unprecedented fervor to get into the event) to see Joe Biden this afternoon, so I ended up coming back home to watch it on C-SPAN!

This is very good news for the DEMS.
TOO MANY people tried to get
into the stadium to see Biden!

More bad news... my vehicle is hosed. I'll have to go out this week and find a new one... either used or new.

The good news is I'll be getting a new(er) car soon. Until then, I can use one of my sister's vehicles, so I'm not hobbled.

If you're local or regional to me, please let me know if you know of any good deals on a reliable vehicle that gets decent gas mileage (at least 28 mpg). Thanks much!

Powell endorses Obama for president

Calls Obama transformational figure! Here's his statement (video):


Thank you, General Powell, (!!!) for your eloquent and thorough dissertation on why you believe Barack Obama should be our next President.
I've never heard it said any better.
<<<< >>>>>
Hey, while you're listening to Powell, close your eyes and just listen. Doesn't he sound just like a young Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock)? No wonder I've felt, all these years, that Powell is 1) logical, 2) intelligent, and 3) trustworthy. His voice pattern is almost identical to Mr. Spock's! I've transferred my affection for Spock to his "voice-alike"!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Early Letter to the Next Administration....

Dear President and Vice President,

Congratulations on your election to the highest offices in our land! For the next four or more years, you're the face of America to the world, and our leaders. Here are just a few of my hopes and dreams for the next several years:

I want us all to work hard together to dig ourselves out of the spot we're in now: fiscally, spiritually, emotionally, militarily, and in every other way. And where we don't agree on a way forward, I want us to be willing to disagree without becoming disagreeable. I'm sick unto death of the "us versus them" mentality that has plagued us for far too long in this country and around the world. The very term "civilization" begins with the word civil. Unless we commit to behaving with civility, we'll always be on each other's nerves and - eventually at each other's throats.

I want to see affordable health care coverage made available as a right for everyone in our nation who wants it, and for all children. Too many bankruptcies occur because someone in a family gets sick and not even the health care they pay for covers the astronomical costs of recovery. I would like to see drug companies selling their products and physicians providing their services at reasonable and humanitarian prices. No one should have to suffer or go without medicines because of an inability to pay.

I want women to be paid the same as men for the same job. If there has to be a discrepancy, it should be reversed so that women are paid more than men, because they live years longer and have to have a lot more stashed away for retirement to carry them through. Before, when men were sole breadwinners, the need for them to make enough to support a family made perfect sense. But in today's world as many women as men work outside the home and are breadwinners themselves. They need what men need to get by -- and usually for years longer. So it's time to bring the pay disparity into balance.

I want every child born in this country to feel loved, supported and cherished. To that end, I support birth control and family planning here in America, so that every child that's born is truly wanted and desperately loved.

I want our school systems and teachers to be the best we can provide, as though every school and every teacher in our country will be providing our own children with what they need to make it in the world.

I want schools to find out what each child's gifting/passion is, and ways provided that will nourish and support the gifting, so that no child will feel they're a square peg being forced into a round hole. God gives each child a particular temperament and leaning, a specific "mission," and they're most likely to know what that is at a relatively early age. I would like to see parents and teachers watching for the unique perspective and gifting of each young one in their charge, and then find ways to direct and encourage each of the children appropriately so that their long careers will truly reflect what each of them is here to do in the world. Talk about happy employees! If we can provide just this basis, there will be no need for incentive programs: employers will have to shoo employees out the door at the end of the working day and mandate appreciable time off!

I want to see our environment protected so that we'll have a place for our progeny that nourishes and refreshes their souls. Our planet protects and produces for us. We need to return the favor and to make sure that we never do anything to it that will result in further degradation. We need to heal our lands where we've scarred them. We're supposed to be stewards, not rapists.

I want our military, political and police organizations to be notable and honorable peacemakers first -- and peacekeepers only as absolutely necessary. Might is necessary and required, but it should only be dispatched if every other feasible avenue has been exhausted. It should never be used as a first resort (except during direct, immediate confrontation from an assailant) because it will likely result in horrendous injury or death, which are atrocities (even when "appropriate"). "Thou shalt not murder" is a commandment from God. This command reminds us that we need to be careful not to let our emotions or tribalism overload our common fundamental drives: for relationship, mutual peace, prosperity, and abundant life.

I want the laws of our land to protect all of our citizens, no matter what their nationalities, disabilities, opinions, orientation, or disposition. Only when one citizen tries to take away the rights of another should we employ methods of containment and imprisonment. Civilized people can disagree on many levels. As long as the disagreement remains civil and does not escalate to violence or censure, we're going to be okay here in America. The rule of law was created to address the actions and threats of people who are not civil, fair, safe, or sane. Laws and rules keep us free and safe. Boundaries are necessary.

I want us all to remember that God is in control, and to thank Him for his providence and guidance. Whenever our conscience advises us to "back off," "settle down," "take a walk," de-escalate," "reconnect with your peace," or "count to ten before you react or respond," that's God revealing His will to us. Whatever good there is in us comes from Him. Pay attention!!! Obey! You'll be soooooooo glad you did!

I want, I want, I want... Just listen to me. What I have is far more daunting than the usual household "honey do" list!

Our many and varied lists of "things to do" for the two of you and your Cabinet could go on forever! But I have just a couple more wants:

I want you to be safe. I want your families to be safe. I want the next four years to "tractor beam" in a renewed sense of possibility and equanimity, so that we'll look back on the first decade of the twenty first century as a mere hiccup... an aberration... a misstep that we recognized and resolved before it became entrenched as a really bad habit.

I have renewed hope, with the two of you leading the way.

Isn't hope a marvelous emotion?

I have it again -- in abundance!

Congratulations and God bless!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Are the Rumors True About Colin Powell? We'll Find Out Sunday on MEET THE PRESS!

Rumor has it that General Colin Powell is about to endorse Barack Obama for President. I hope so. That should pretty much put the kibosh on any lingering doubts that people may have on whether we can "trust" Obama with the Presidency despite his much ballyhooed (over-hyped and under-earned) "radical ties" and "inexperience."

I sense a landslide this year. It's so funny because just two months ago I had a t-shirt specially-made at Vista Print that reads "Obama-Biden Landslide '08." When I had it made, the very notion seemed almost whimsical. Now it seems very much within the realm of possibility, based on how quickly Republicans and Independents have fled the GOP ticket since McCain took Palin on as his running mate. She's fun and flirty for the base, but the rest of the country -- the people sensing the deep trouble we're in and heading through -- seems to understand that it's going to take more than winks and smiles, and hammering and yammering to get anything fixed as we move forward. From day one of the Palin candidacy, I sensed disaster for McCain. (I guess my blog from the night of the GOP convention verifies that.) I have a sixth sense about people. The moment I saw and heard Palin, I thought, "Oh, my God! He MUST be joking!" As the weeks have passed, my original "take" on her just grows and grows.

I'm going to go see Joe Biden live this Sunday at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma. I saw Barack last February at Key Arena. This year is the first time in my life I've been in any kind of proximity to American President and Vice President candidates. I want to be able to say, "I knew them when" and helped them get where they got!

We need to "own" the process of choosing our representatives. It's really thrilling to be on what seems to be the winning side for the first time in over 30 years. (I didn't vote at all during the Bush/Clinton years.) I'm looking forward to seeing what a Democratic Congress and Democatic administration can do when it's backed by a mandate from the American people.

Landslide, landslide, landslide! I want to be able to say I called it months before it was ever even imagined by anyone else! Maybe Obama-Biden will tap me as their soothsayer!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Abortion?

For those who don't get it on the far right... Cut and paste this into your web broswer and read it.

Abortion isn't something undertaken lightly. It's a gut-wrenching decision. It needs to remain a private matter between the woman, her physician and her spiritual head.

Intriguing Viewpoint!

"If you love Jesus, Vote for Obama"

Here's an excerpt:

After more than 20 years during which the Religious Right has been the dominant ethical and moral voice in the public square, the reputation of American Christians is at an all time low, especially among young people. As the political ambitions of the most right wing Christians have soared, the influence of Christian teachings on popular culture has plummeted.

As long as men who get power and money from making American Christianity seem extremist, bigoted, rigid and mean-spirited can stoke the culture wars and increase their sway by distorting Christianity, they'll keep doing it.

A victory for Obama will kick them out of the spotlight.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Read the book GOD'S POLITICS by Jim Wallis, too. Christians, let's get together and help America SHINE again!

Wit' a Little Bit O' Luck... and Continuing Prayers!

God is moving in my life -- in three ways. At some point I'm going to become very, very busy as a result, it looks like!

I'm thisclose (spacing of these two words intended) to getting three more Elance projects, each of which pays between $1000 and $2400 each -- and am putting the final touches on three smaller jobs today (worth a total of $500). If this weren't "happy days are here again" news enough, a well-known international relief agency that has interviewed me four times for a copywriter position is considering me again, in another department requiring a top-flight copywriter. My terrific recruiter at Volt Technical Services, Sherman Brown, keeps bringing me back into the mix, certain that I just need to find the right niche to be given the nod at the agency! (When a gung-ho professional recruiter has your back, you're in good hands!) If I get that position, I'll still be able to fit lots of Elance work into evenings and weekends -- so by this time next year, I may actually be making what I prayed about making just a little over a year ago. A very, very big number (Keep reading!)

Now mind you, in prayer I only ask for blessings (when, on rare occasions, I do ask for anything for myself) that I absolutely KNOW I cannot accomplish on my own. I pray for the "impossible for me" stuff because God knows that I know I can't possibly attain them in my own strength, and He knows He'll be getting all the glory every time! I look at it this way: He gives me every breath I take and every beat my heart puts out; I have very little to do with keeping my innards working to His rhythms! Ergo, since He can keep me perking along in this huge way so reliably, a great-paying job must certainly be mere "child's play" to Him -- and I'm his child, completely in love with juggling with and stringing together all the words He gives me every time I sit down at a keyboard or place a pen in my hand (or even in the middle of the night during the hours I'm asleep)!

So here I am, on the threshold of opportunities that could earn me $75K as a writer over the course of the next year. And that was EXACTLY my "impossible" prayer! $75K!

Coincidence? Only to the skeptic, the agnostic and the atheist!

Our God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond anything we can ask or seek.

And consider it from this strange vantage point: At the moment, I'm unemployed... er, semi-employed (through, earning 100% approval ratings/reviews all along the way). I've had 15 projects awarded to me to date and have earned almost $2,000 all year long. Not a lot, but I'm just starting out, so not that many company owners who are seeking good writers even know about me yet! "Do not despise the day of small beginnings."

The third leg of this blessing is this one: The brand-new Christian writing ministry At Church For All Nations (, Writer's Edge -- which Yvonne Olson has envisioned for more than a year and now leads -- has God-given supernatural potential to impact the globe for Christ. I'm Yvonne's sidekick and chief copy editor/critique maven in the ministry and can't imagine anything I'd rather be volunteering for than encouraging and empowering the writers (published and unpublished) in our church to step out in faith and "go for it."

God blesses us to be a blessing. My offering to Him (above the tithe and other financial offerings) is the time I'll be investing with His other "writer kids."

There's a Christian song out right now that goes something like this in its chorus:

"If you're living, if you're breathing
You got something to say!"

Indeed you do!

I'm here to tell you, step out in faith and watch what happens! Until you EXERCISE your faith in a bold way, it's fat and flabby. Take it out every day and exercise it in some way, large or small (why not BOTH?), and watch it take on such robust buff-ness that you'll want to show it off as though it were six-pack abs!!!

"Let your light so shine before men" that others will recognize and praise the Giver of all the warmth and illumination you cannot help reflecting!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How Much Will YOU Save Under Obama's New Plan?

Check it out here on the calculator. Just takes 15 seconds...

Chris Buckley, WF Buckley's Son, Endorses Obama!!!

There's a great interview between Chris Matthews and Chris Buckley, too, but I can't locate it again. I'll keep looking...

This is terrific news. Too bad the National Review accepted his resignation when he offered it after endorsing Obama. His dad founded it and just because Chris disagrees this time around with the conservative take on this election (after much study and reading both of Obama's books) seems a petty reason to disown him...

Fighting the Smears....

Go to for more information to dispel any rumors, gossip or innuendo you have heard about Barack Obama

Monday, October 13, 2008

Update on Whatsa Happening...

Landed another ebook to write today -- about the basics of animal care, which is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. I'll have it finished in no time (it's 99.9% finished already, in under eight hours). That'll be another $250 in the bank. Ka ching ka ching.

If I could get one of those every day, I would be a happy camper! I didn't have to spend much time researching this one, since I worked for a veterinarian for two years and have successfully raised MOST species of domesticated and pet animals during 52 of the 57 years of life. If I could get more ebooks that didn't require research (due to knowledge I already have crammed into my cranium), I'd be kicking up my heels in high clover in no time!

I applied too late to get the spot on the Obama team, but will be getting a list of people to call to encourage them to mail in their ballots. That's something I can do whenever I'm not busy writing e-books.

I took a homeopathic "calming" pill last night when I couldn't get to sleep by midnight, and had nothing but horrible dreams all night long: of begging my mom and dad to forgive me for something or other (I don't remember what, now); of having a bunch of boxes of my property "delivered" halfway up a flight of eight or ten staircases (with them tumbling downward and the contents spilling out onto lower steps) and then trying to call the delivery guy back and tell him I didn't order them to be delivered there, and to come get them and deliver them to the address I gave him... I wasn't able to find the phone number of the delivery guy, and had to sneak into a Warner Bros. exec's office to use the phone (surreptitiously) to find out the phone number... and on and on it went, until I finally awoke with a racing heart at about 7:30, wondering if I was just about to have a panic attack over a freakin' DREAM!

Musta been something I ate, in addition to the pill, 'cause that has never happened before!


The Big Lie: Poor People are Responsible for the Economic Meltdown...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enough Gloom and Doom - Enjoy a Funny!

My Colorado friend, Margot Worthington, just called me, exploding in gales of laughter. She told me she fell asleep early this afternoon, trying to catch some much-needed zzzz's because she has a cold and the work week begins again tomorrow.

She reported that all was well and good -- until she came wide awake to the sight of five firemen, fully-dressed in helmets and regulation yellow, looking down at her from the middle of her bedroom!

I asked her, "Were you dreaming?!"

She laughed and said, "No! They were standing right here, at the foot of my bed! Really!"

I said, "Holy bazoley! So...was your condo on fire?"

She cracked up again. (Okay, I confess: that was a dumb question. I very much doubt she would have been laughing like a madwoman had her condo recently been on fire!)

She explained, "I had put some clothes in the dryer before falling asleep, and because it's so cold outside, my next door neighbor thought the steam from the dryer vent was smoke from a fire, and she called the Fire Department and gave them my address and the code to get into my condo!"

Much relieved, I started laughing, too! "Oh, my God! That's too funny!"

She said, "They were all gorgeous guys, every last one of them. Really buff!"

I cracked up at that and said, "So! Next time you get lonely, you know what to do: Just put clothes into the dryer on a really cold day and dial 9-1-1!"

She laughed even harder and then confessed, "I was so embarrassed. I was sound asleep in my ratty old nightgown..wasn't expecting company, you know! So as soon as I saw them, I pretty much jumped out of bed and started putting on everything I could find, wrapping stuff around me... I must have looked a fright, and pretty frightened, too!"

I was half sick from laughing by this time, and caught my breath and retorted, "That's no way to get a party started!"

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I tell ya -- two middle-aged woman, all alone on the phone, can have an uproarious time when left to our own devices when something like this happens!

The two of us live just too, too far apart. We have more fun when we're together (even on the phone!) than a troop of monkeys.

It doesn't happen often enough!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I may be working for Obama (YES!) 14 hours a day, seven days a week between now and election day... for a wage, even! I applied to be a district "get-out-the-vote" dispatcher today on-line. If I get it, the position starts on Wednesday here in Tacoma.

Now, THAT I would love... (Not the hours... not the low pay.. but the opportunity to help elect our next President in a really substantial way: I would LOVE that!)

Barack's Small Business Rescue Plan... get America and Americans back on track again as quickly as possible:

Friday, October 10, 2008

John McCain Keeps Asking .... "Who is Barack Obama?"

Who is Barack Obama?! Doesn't Senator McCain KNOW, after all this time? Hasn't he been doing his homework? Shame on him!

And if he has some real dirt on Barack, why isn't HE bringing it out when he has the chance
-- to Barack's face, so Barack can respond?

He's leaving it up to his VP and other henchmen to say what he can't bring himself to say about his opponent to his face. SHAME ON HIM.

Who is Barack Obama? Don't YOU know, after all this time? Have you been doing your homework? Or have you been letting the pundits and spin-meisters of your party do it for you?

Let's get with it in these last weeks, voters. You're on the hook as much as the candidates are. Your economy and your government is heading down the drain. Let's get with it!

Read Barack's books (The Audacity of Hope and Dreams from my Father) if McCain's campaign has you questioning anything at all about Barack Obama.

Don't vote out of fear, the way the GOP wants you to do (and has wanted you to do for eight years)... vote from knowledge.

Reflect. Ponder.

This is the most important election in more than two generations.

Get it right -- for you, for your children, and for your grandchildren.

STUDY THE CANDIDATES. You can start right here at my blog. I'm pro-Obama. Find another citizen who's pro-McCain and fair to Obama (as I believe I have been to McCain), and read his or her blog. Visit the candidates' websites.


Which of them would YOU hire to run the country for the next four years, if the decision was yours alone? Why? Is fear driving your decision? If so, who put it there -- anything you have seen or heard the candidate say or do, or some pundit spinmeister?

Let's get it right this time.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama Gets It...

Our next President will likely be Barack Obama, so for those who don't like/trust him, please start reading his books (The Audacity of Hope and Dreams from My Father), and Biden's (Promises to Keep), and in very little time I think you'll begin to both like and trust these two fellows, which is important, especially as we face potentially dire economic times.

Obama and Biden are visionary leaders who will stand up (and have stood up) for those of us who have been relegated as "second-class citizens" by the uber rich -- those in the ivory towers who think we didn't get rich because we didn't work hard enough, try hard enough, or just weren't up to snuff enough to trample anyone standing in our way. (I know, not all rich people are like this. I know a lot of rich people and many of them are TERRIFIC -- they give money to causes, help others out, and treat everyone with kindness, compassion and respect, from corporate CEOs to the hard-working janitors and trash collectors who clean up after us and haul our trash.) But far too many rich people got there on the backs of the middle and lower classes. In fact, we all got where we are on the sweat, blood and tears of others, many of whom have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet. In a society that exists because of division of labor and specialization, we can't afford to look the other way when people who support us struggle. Even if we were still hunters and gatherers, we would depend on others for our survival. This is all too easy to forget, living in fenced and gated communities where we hardly know our neighbors, let alone the folks living across the tracks or across the waters.

I want to begin, in this blog, to bring people together who feel their candidate didn't win the top spot. Because whoever our next President is, we'll need to get behind him and listen carefully, see what he suggests we can do to help get out from under the accumulated crises facing our nation and the world, and do what we can, within each of our means, to be a part of the solution.

Neither of the candidates are "bad" people. That's my first point. We just disagree on policy, and on who we want as our next leader. When the candidates smear each other (which happens a lot more on the GOP side than it does on the DEM side, because Rove/Schulz tactics are being employed with fervor...), it serves no positive purpose at all. The world needs to start regarding America, again, as a place worthy of the respect that it has earned across two hundred years and thirty two years of its existence. We have a real chance to recapture the good feelings of allies, and the true respect of the others now, but as long as pundits point out zits, callouses and creases ad nauseum, they just give more ammunition to the America-averse (including our allies) everywhere. It's time to grow up and behave like adults again.

To that end, I think Obama was the better "adult" in the debate last night. McCain called Obama "that one" at one point and did not seem to know how to treat his opponent as anything other than an enemy. Obama is not an enemy. He's another job applicant, explaining his philosophy and showing his temperament. If you were in the position to hire one of these two fellows (and you are!) for your own purposes, which would you choose, based on the way he treats others with whom he disagrees? Forcefulness is one thing; disrespect and mud-slinging without real facts to back yourself up is quite another.

Their philosophies of government differ greatly -- so as their employers, each of us needs to decide whether Obama or McCain are going to serve our purposes. That's why we have Presidential contests! Issues ARE important, and a contender's ability to project confidence without bravado, bluster and ballyhoo is also important.

I look at the two, side by side, and it seems so OBVIOUS who the better visionary and leader is. Your perspective may well be entirely different. If you vote for the other guy, I'm okay with that -- as long as you're as absolutely certain, as I am about my team, that your team is the best, based on all the actual, time-consuming research you have done on them. Don't leave it up to the pundits, news folks, and others: It's YOUR decision. This race will likely be close, as much as I wish Obama-Biden would run away with it, and as much as I wish we'd all get on board the same train for the first time in many decades.

Go to the candidates websites and click on ISSUES and see where they stand on the matters that will affect you and your families for the next decade. Vote for the better team, knowing that both of these candidates have a target on their backs -- McCain with age and cancer, Obama because a whole lot of unhinged racists believe, and have stated, that "no way, no how, not on my watch!" will a black man ever serve out his full term as President of these United States."

The threats to these two candidates and their families are real. They exist. No one wants to talk about it in the open, but I will because we need to pray for both teams. I pray for both of them every morning and every evening, because I know the risks they are taking to stand before us and ask us to support them...

It comes down to this: This is perhaps the most important choice we will ever have to make as voters. It isn't like tossing a coin and accepting whichever side turns up. Not this time. (It never was.)

Process the candidates like you've never processed them before. The whole world is holding its collective breath to see who we will place before ourselves and them as the next leaders of the free world.

It's a responsibility, and should not be an afterthought.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McCain Will Raise Your Taxes....

...Obama Will Raise Your Income:

Here's an article I could actually understand re the economy!

His Name is Bill, and He Works for Fox...

Read it, then vote Obama to show the opposition that we don't cower in the face of lies, distortions and out-and-out falsifications. We're smarter than that after eight years of Bush...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dobson's FOCUS ON THE FAMILY Disses Obama... Kris Reacts

Hi, Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

I listened to Dobson express his displeasure with Obama months ago in very terse, un-Christian terms... so I have stopped listening to FOCUS ON THE FAMILY entirely as a result, as I don't support cheap shots and un-Christian comments from Christians about Christians, leading or otherwise. (Agreeing to disagree is one thing -- out and out screwing someone with words is not.) So we continue to disagree, you and I... and that's okay.

Based on current trends (with Obama already carrying 250 of the 270 electoral votes he needs to become President, according to the most recent polls), I believe Obama will be our next President. When he is (or even before he is), I hope you'll read his two books (The Audacity of Hope and Dreams from my Father), and Joe Biden's book (Promises to Keep) so that your instilled distrust or fear of them will cease and that you'll see they're both fervent in their faith in God and that they have our best interests at heart.

I can see disagreeing on their stand on issues (although I don't disagree on many of them myself). But please don't just listen to one side and think that's all there is to it.

I listen to FOX, CNN, MSNBC and several other stations several times a night because I know they all have their perspective and ideologies, and what I have seen from the conservative, right-leaning talking heads is a vilification and obfuscation of Obama's true stand on the issues, on the content of his character, and on other things. So I have abandoned any idea of hoping that right-leaning conservatives will be fair in characterizing the ticket. And the so-called "liberal" things that Obama has supported during his career ("doing unto others".. and... "to the least of our brethren"), I too have supported. So why would I vote against him this time?

I believe in the Obama-Biden ticket with all my heart. They're as much true-blue patriots and Christians as we are, even though we may disagree on specific issues. Although I would never have an abortion myself, I support a woman's right to choose whether she wants to carry a child to term, based on the way in which the pregnancy occurred -- rape, incest, or mutual agreement -- or on the health of the fetus and whether carrying to term a child with birth defects will prosper the mother/couple or utterly cripple her/them and her/their ability to make a living and provide for other children, providing she decides very early in the pregnancy. And while I would hope that a teenager or older woman would elect to adopt out an unwanted child upon its birth, I cannot see mandating that she carry the child to term if the child is unwanted. It takes months, dealing with a plethora of internal emotional and physical changes, and lots of money to carry a child to term successfully. And make no mistake: if abortions were outlawed, they would not stop. Desperate women of all ages would resort to back alley, hanger-induced procedures and would die in massive numbers right along with the fetuses they carry.

No one LIKES abortion, or endures the procedure without serious emotional repercussions. It isn't a day at the park. It's a hard, hard decision that calls attention to the seriousness of what each woman is thinking of doing.

I don't support the notion that life begins at conception or that all abortion is murder. I have seen battered children and children who have learned, the hard way, that they are "excess baggage" to their parents. Better not to be born at all than to be born into a family that doesn't want you and yet won't adopt you out...

I do not want to see Roe vs. Wade overturned, for these reasons, and more -- and both McCain and Palin support overturning it. And the likelihood of the next President placing new people on the Supreme Court makes our votes even more important, yours and mine. (Biden's book covers his dedication to being sure Judge Bork was fully understood regarding his ideology about what a Chief Justice should do with various issues. Fascinating reading, if you'd like to hear "the other side of the story" before casting your vote...)

And even though Palin is a professing Christian (as is/was Bush, most of whose policies and actions I have despised for years), I cannot even imagine Palin as VP or as President (she's Bushier and cockier than Bush by far, with far less knowledge of the issues upon which she speaks) -- and with McCain as old and as cancer-prone as he is, Palin's being VP scares me as I haven't been scared in a very long time... She scares others as well.

I have seen what right-wing politics and religion have done to the fabric of our country for thirty years now -- causing us to divide along ideological lines that make us feel estranged from other Christian brothers and sisters -- and I think it's a work of Satan. Just as he has tried to estrange us from God, he is working hard to estrange us from those with similar hopes, dreams and aspirations... and that stinks! Read GOD'S POLITICS by Jim Wallis for another "take" on what politics would look like if liberal Christians were able to establish policies that encouraged and supported all of God's children and not just the well-established, rich ones.

I love and support the peacemaker of the two this time. The peacekeeper (warrior McCain) has had his chance to change things for decades and the only changes I've seen have been bad ones. It's time, I believe, to see what a unifier and peacemaker can do.

One thing is for sure. God is still in control and as long as we continue to love one another, despite our perspectives and political differences, He is going to smile on us.

I love ya ALL!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Barack and the Weatherman -- Much Ado About Nothing

I'm so glad this campaign is almost over and that Barack will be our next President DESPITE McCain's outrageous ramblings, dissemblings and misleading statements about him.

Obama will be such a great President that the type of campaign the Republicans have just run against him will be analyzed and shredded for years, and the Grumpy Old Party won't be believed for another 20 years -- about as long as it will take to dig us out of the hole their policies have put us in over the past decades since "trickle down" (aka "piss on all you middle and lower class folks") came along.


Sanity is about to enter the White House.

It's about time we had a smart, visionary President whose true constituency is the American people again!

Just What We Need from McCain, More Obama Bashing...

Aren't you tired of GOP tactics?

I'm sick of it.

You can trust Obama. Go back to my blog IN DEFENSE OF BARACK OBAMA.

The Republican strategy of fear has pulled the wool over our eyes too many times.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Let's get Barack and Joe into the White House and start cleaning up this mess.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin's a Train Wreck...

Sarah Palin flustered the stuffing out of me tonight. She looked good but didn't answer two of the questions Gwen Ifill asked her, and when she did speak against Obama and/or Biden, she was spouting stuff that either wasn't accurate or that has been heard so many times that it's no longer news or of any lasting importance.

She looked slightly hysterical to me. She wasn't able to speak off script. She looked very scripted. And at one point she accused Biden of being for something before he was against it. He could have come back on her with the Bridge to Nowhere but was too much a gentleman to do that -- and at least he had an explanation for his about-face.

It's funny to see the polls re the debate, though. Fox has her beating Biden by a lot; MSN and CNN have Biden beating her by a lot.

I don't think the debate was a game changer in the least.

I think Biden was terrific -- he had substantive comments and great critiques, all given with "I love the guy, but he's wrong on..." re McCain.

I think we'll be in a real fix should anything happen to the Obama-Biden momemtum and we end up with McCain-Palin. She's not ready for prime time and he's so erratic of late that I'm not sure even he knows where he stands on anything except Iraq -- and there, he stands on the wrong side.

It's disheartening.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Animal Enthusiasts... Palin's Beyond the Pale

This is gruesome to watch, so if you love animals, take my advice and skip it... or watch it anyway so you realize what kind of "animal ethusiast" you'll be voting for as VP if you vote McCain/Palin in November.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Reaction to Palin's speech [pattern] has been highly varied. Some people dislike it, finding it harsh or grating; others regard it as charming or authentic. These are common responses to a distinctive accent. Depending on the context, such an accent can make a person seem stupid or uneducated or, conversely, honest and folksily trustworthy—often at the same time.

Some people exploit this for effect, emphasizing and de-emphasizing dialect features to prompt a particular reaction. Linguists call this code-switching. In this Palin interview with Katie Couric, you can hear her enunciating her -ings and her yous more clearly in responses where she appeared to have a ready answer, and returning to her more natural -in' and ya when she seemed stumped, which suggests that Palin may have been deliberately attempting to minimize her dialect features for that audience.

Thanks to Joan Hall of the Dictionary of American Regional English and Alaska native James Crippen of the University of Hawaii.