Friday, August 7, 2009

This is My 970th Post -- 30 to Go to Reach 1K Posts!

A milestone approacheth -- the 1000th blog post! It's just 30 posts away! That's pretty amazing when you consider that I started this in February of 2007. That's more than a post per day by quite a lot!

Today I'll be bathing and grooming a dog for a friend of a friend. They're gonna pay me for it, too. I'm not a professional groomer, but have been a dog bather and brusher before, so it's something I'm very comfortable with. And I groom and bathe my sister's dog. I'm also slated to de-mat another friend's Persian by shaving her, but haven't convinced myself to tackle that one yet. I don't know how the kitty is going to react, and getting bitten and kicked doesn't really appeal to me a whole lot! But the kitty obviously needs some help, so I said I'll try...

The last day of August and first day of September I'm scheduled to house/horse/dog sit again for an Eatonville couple (salt of the earth folks) who are going away for a wedding. I can still work from their home so won't be taking any time off work -- I'll just be doubling up and earning extra income while watching over their place and feeding and caring for their nine critters.

Yesterday I created a 70th birthday party invitation for a friend. She's living with a prototype of the invite (which she wrote: I added George Eliot's musings "Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort...") overnight to be sure it's exactly the way she wants it before I go out and buy the card stock and print off 60 copies of it. It's really an adorable invitation: the first page has a photo of her as a less-than-year old; the second (first inside) page has a current photo of her; the third has the party particulars, and the fourth contains the George Eliot quote. It turned out very nice. I was rather proud of it. I don't consider myself a graphic designer, never having trained in it at all, but I do have a good eye for it... unschooled as it is!

There is a commenter who's Japanese and keeps trying to post to my blogs in the Japanese language. I took several of the offered postings to a translation site and found out the posts are about astrology, so I have been declining them. I WISH THE PERSON DOING THIS WOULD STOP, but I think she (or he) is being paid to post to blogs and is just "doing their job." I wish the person paying this person would CEASE AND DESIST since none of the postings are making it to publication. I have to reject six or seven of them a day, so someone is spending money very foolishly on this blog poster! I have no other way to ask this poster to STOP, so I'm publishing it here so perhaps she or her employer will see it and STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!! I don't think any of my followers reads Japanese anyway, so what's the point?

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