Monday, November 30, 2009

Here I Sit, Bleary-Eyed...

For a person with a relatively high IQ, I can't figure out why I don't go back to bed.
I got up at 3:30 and let Buffy, Jansy and Kiki outside to take a leak/poo, setting off the two labrador retrievers next door, which set off their owners: "Bob, that's enough! Quiet down!"


It would have been fine if I had just set them down and, in silence, waited for them to finish their lawn duty. But no, I'm in the habit of congratulating the puppies when they go out to potty. And it was Buffy asking me to go out that got me up in the first place.

Praising the puppies sets Bob off. He wants to be praised, too, and comes running to the fence, barking and wagging... to the displeasure of his sleeping owners.


So I have to curtail my early-morning congratulations and just stand there and remain mute while the kids score a touchdown -- in doggy terms.

I didn't go back to bed after the dogs came back in. That was a mistake. I responded to Elance clients -- both of whom were very happy with what I'd written for them -- and took a bath, and fed the cats, and ate breakfast...

Now it's 7:45 and I feel like I've been clobbered by Mr. Sandman. My eyelids are heavy, my mind feels dull and feeble. The only things working are my heart, other autonomic anatomical functions, and my fingers.

I should really, really, really go back to sleep for a while. No one needs me right now... and later today I'll be bathing and clipping my ex-brother-in-law's dog Kokomo and going out to the store for a few items. I avoided shopping this past four-day weekend because I like to get through check-out lines in under 10 minutes whenever possible, and I very much doubt that would have been possible this past weekend.

Oh, drat... just remembered. The comforter for my bed is still in the dryer, so even if I decided to crash for a while, I couldn't... without freezing... unless I find a spot in the dog bed next to the upside-down, snoring puppies. Alas, I wouldn't fit...

Oh, well. At least you got a blog out of it! Such as it is.

I promise: I'm getting camera batteries TODAY so I can post puppy pictures for you to see. I know you're dying to see them... or you should be, dagnab it! It's your duty! Puppies are precious! Dogs are 'dorable. Cats are contagious. Fish are fantastic. Guinea pigs are guilty pleasures. Horses are... okay, that's enough alliteration for one paragraph. I'm afraid I'd have to call horses something R-rated in order to complete the thought as an alliteration, and this is a G-rated blog!

So I'll rest my case, instead of my bones, and see what other kind of mischief I can get into while my comforter dries...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bad Dreams and JibJab... and More on Buffy

Yesterday I posted some fun "starring you" cartoons from JibJab onto my Facebook page. You'd think that would have been the end of it, but I dreamed about it last night!

I tried a lot of JibJab options before choosing the ones I posted. I pasted my face into a caroling card alongside the faces of Obamas and Joe Biden. (I didn't see Dr. Jill Biden as an option, which is an extreme oversight on JibJab's part.) Decided not to use it because it looked like I was "replacing" Mrs. Biden in a White House Christmas card... and that wouldn't be kosher, even as a joke!

Anyway, I guess the juxtaposition really weighed on me, because last night I had a dream that I was somewhere at a big to-do when the Obamas and Bidens walked in! VP Biden came right over to me with his big grin and said he wanted to introduce me to his wife and the Obamas! I stood there thinking, "How do you know me?!?" but of course I nodded my agreement that I would like to meet them! (Maybe he reads my blog! HA HA HA... I hope not! But if he does, I beg him not to read the next part of this blog entry until he gets to the <<<<<< >>>>>!!!)

Unbelievable... The subconscious mind is a wonder... and at times a terror.

The dream morphed into a nightmare. There was a gunman in the crowd and as the First and Second family (adults only) scrunched together for a photo, I heard shots and lots of people went down. I dived (dove?) to the ground and pretended to be dead... The shots continued.... I didn't know if they were from Secret Service people or the gunman, so I stayed "dead."

Finally, I got up. I wasn't able to see who, if anyone, had been hit, but a young Chinese lady next to me was standing and looking over to see if she could discern who had been hurt. Trouble was, she was holding her upper leg -- she had a serious, deep skin wound that was squirting blood. I took her by the hand and led to where I thought there might be a first aid station. (That was the Warner Bros. emergency training kicking in.)

I found someone to help her just before she was ready to hit the desk from loss of blood, and then realized I should call my sister to let her know I was all right... in case the incident was on television by now and she knew I was attending the event.

In the dream, my cell phone became a giant, wind-it-up-with-a-crank thingy. It also had a combination -- kind of like a lock with a combination -- and I couldn't get it to work. People sitting near me were wondering why I didn't know how to dial my own phone -- they had identical versions and were doing just fine with theirs! (Translation: This entire situation was completely out of hand and I felt helpless!)

I decided I'd better walk home to let Jackie know I was okay, but I took a detour....

and on and on and on...

I prayed for the Obamas and Bidens, thought of their children and prayed harder, thought of our country and prayed even harder...

So my dream of meeting the Obamas and Bidens became a freaking nightmare. It was just awful. I can't say whether they were injured at all. It could be that the gunshots I heard were all Secret Service shots. All I know is that the nightmare left a very unpleasant taste in my mouth.

And I pray to God it's the ONLY incident of the kind that will ever occur in the lives of our nation's leaders. I've been concerned and fretful about assassination since even before Obama-Biden were elected. I guess it comes from being "a child of the 60's" and knowing how quickly a situation can change from smiles and hope to tears and fears.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Let's get off THAT topic and on to something more wonderful... Buffy!

Friday night was my first night at home after getting Buffy on November 24th, so she has slept with me for two nights now. She sleeps either beside me on a pillow near my neck or over the top of my pillow between the pillow and the headboard, so I know she's safe.

Last night she started making whimpering sounds, so I asked her if she had to go potty. Since she doesn't talk, I had to assume she said "yes"when she continued to whimper.

Sure enough, when I set her outside in the grass, she squatted immediately and did her thing, then ran a few more yards and went #2. I praised her to the moon and carried her back to bed.

Whimper, whimper. She wouldn't quiet down, and started licking my mouth. (In case you haven't a clue, this is dog talk for, "I'm hungry. Throw something up for me, will ya, Mom?")

So we got up again, and I got her some dry puppy food, wetted it a little bit, and then sat in a recliner with the kibble on my bathrobed chest while she scarfed down an entire handful of kibble. It took about three minutes.

We went back to bed and she feel asleep immediately.

She woke me at 7:15... whimper, whimper... wagging tail, puppy licks to my cheek.
Yep. She had to go again.

That's my girl.

I need to get some new batteries for my camera today or tomorrow. As soon as I do I'll take a few photos of Buffy (and her sister, Jansy, Jackie's pup) and put them here for you to enjoy...

Four Lakewood Police Officers Executed This Morning

This hits too close to home!

Four police officers -- three men and a woman -- were slain, execution-style, in a local coffee shop not more than five miles from here.

Just a few weeks ago, two Seattle officers were targeted, with one executed and the other injured. They apparently got the fellow responsible in that event, but it looks like we have a copycat on our hands.

He's a "scruffy-looking" black man in his late 20's or early thirty's. He was on foot after the shooting, so he probably isn't far away. The entire Tacoma police department is out looking for him.

What is going on?

The four officers were getting ready to start their day. They had their laptops open and were looking at them when the man came in, pulled a handgun, and opened fire. It doesn't sound like the officers even had time to react.

So now do police officers have to post someone on duty when they take "down time" to eat breakfast or lunch?

My heart hurts...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh! I Promised to Post Casey's Photo. Here T'is!

What can I say about being NINE?
Nine is awesome and mighty fine!
And what can I say about my dear niece,
You are fun. You can get crazy.
(Sometimes you even get a little bit spacey!)
But one thing I'll say for super sure:
You're a delight and your heart is pure.
Watching you grow is a beautiful thing.
Hearing you laugh makes every day Spring!
Love you without limit, sweetie!
-- Auntie Kris --


With deep, steep and wide dedication I've managed to get every one of my current Elance projects "put to bed" (at least for tomorrow). It has taken days and nights of work, but by golly, I've made almost a thousand dollars in the past five days. They've been great projects, too. If I could repeatedly make $1K every five days I would be one happy camper. Alas, opportunities like these are not all that frequent. It's kinda feast or famine, a writer's life is... but what better life is there, in all the world? I can't imagine a single one -- at least for me.

Perhaps the best/most fun news is that I was given an adorable new puppy. I've named her Buffy. She's 12 weeks old, a tri-color (at this point) miniature mutt; Peke, teacup poodle and shih tzu. Yes, she's the sister (litter mate) to my sister's new puppy. They look a lot alike but mine is slightly darker. Kiki (Jackie's other dog, age 3) is their auntie. *sigh* I haven't had a dog in eight years. It's going to be a blast...

Tonight and tomorrow night I'll be dog-sitting again for a neighbor's two dogs. I was there last night from 4 pm to 7:00 am this morning. It'll be the same tonight and tomorrow night. As I leave to dog sit, Jackie arrives. As she leaves in the morning for her workplace, I arrive from dog-sitting, so the new puppies have someone to take them outside to potty, and they're catching on fast. Hallelujah!

Tomorrow we'll both be here during the daytime, because Jackie has four days off.

I had every intention of working from where I'm dog-sitting, but my laptop connection with the Internet keeps warning me that if I open to the Internet, my laptop will be infected... so I'm not going to be working from there! It's okay. I usually don't work past 4 or so anyway, because I usually start around 6 a.m. Pacific Time.

Every year Jackie and Phil are among the gazillions of people who turn out at oh dark thirty to get the best Black Friday deals. If I wasn't dog-sitting, I'd be among them this year, but only fleetingly. Jo Ann Fabrics is selling the first version of the Cricut for $74. I just about wet my pants when I saw that. I've been eyeing them for years. But alas... by the time I get to JoAnn's, they'll probably be all gone.

It just means that God wants me to be doing something else with that $75.00. I'll live.


I love making homemade cards and a Cricut would make it so much more fun.

But there's a new model out, so the prices will probably keep coming down on the first model...

We'll see!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I got up in the middle of the night thinking I'd write a poem and put it into a card to celebrate Casey's birthday. I found a particularly great photo of her (one I took last year that I don't think anyone else has seen yet) and put it on the front and back covers, with some additional words on the cover. It turned out REALLY GREAT! I can't wait to watch her unveil it this evening before or after dinner.

After she has, I'll post the photo here (just her photo, not the whole card). I just don't want to give it away ahead of time. Casey's mom and dad occasionally visit this blog. I want to stretch out the suspense a little...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Got back from Eatonville yesterday but have been "on call" all day just in case I needed to go back out there. I stepped away at 2:30 to get my hair cut; had to delay the earlier date (Thursday) because of the Eatonville stay...

I got a $500 project last night that has to be finished by Wednesday. I think it's about a third of the way done: I'm waiting to hear back from the buyer with his reaction to what I've created so far to be sure I've mirrored the style he wants. I also need to find out what style he wants for his auto-responder emails...

I landed another quick $50 project today, too (writing an inspirational message of 10-20 words for a t-shirt seller's tag), in addition to another project I'm also working on: four scripts for 60-second ads for a mortgage broker. I've completed the $50 project but the buyer liked what I came up with so much that he wants me to do more of it, so I'll initiate a REPEAT PROJECT or add on to the existing one and keep going on that till he calls a halt...

Yesterday I submitted the first draft of the 60-second ads to the buyer but he hasn't responded yet. It's the weekend -- he's probably pretty rushed weekends, in the business he's in, so I probably won't hear back from him before Monday. That's okay.

On the $500 project, I was surprised to learn that the buyer received three reputable bids... and mine was the highest... but he and his partner decided to go with me anyway because he liked my feedback at Elance and he LOVED my new website (

That was my first official notification that my website actually landed me the job -- and it has only been up for three days. That's very gratifying. The Elance profile is truncated because of space parameters, so it has to be very "quick and dirty." With my own website, I have the space to really capture an idea and showcase it (as I did on the home page.) It makes a difference! That's good to know, because I set it up on a trial (30-day FREE) basis. It has already paid for itself for 3 1/2 years (at $9.00/month)! Guess I'll keep it when the trial period runs out, eh wot?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update... All is Well...

My friend is out of surgery and did just fine. Thanks for all the prayers. Now please keep his wife in your prayers: I thinks she's battling the signature signs of swine flu! I'm keeping my distance and washing my hands a lot, but I could use your prayers, too, because I have a critter-sitting job most of next week and cannot afford to be laid up!

She's asleep right now, sitting up in a recliner because lying down stuffs her up too much. She's in the front room; I'm in the couple's den.

I've been following up on my Elance duties since getting back from the hospital a couple hours ago. There isn't much new to bid on today, but I have a lot of bids out there already and know that some of them will fall to me. (I've already been told that.)

I'm getting 22% of the sales and marketing projects I bid on, 12% of the Writing & Translation ones. Those are good averages. Of course, I bid on a lot more W&T projects than I do Sales & Marketing. In fact, the vast majority of the Sales & Marketing projects are "mis-filed" (in my opinion) and should be listed in W&T because they're landing pages, sales pages, PRs and other things that require exemplary writing.

The folks I'm staying with right now have a new dog -- an itinerant yellow lab who dropped in two weeks ago and hasn't dropped out again. My friends have an ad in the paper to see if anyone is looking for it, but so far no one has called. It's a young lab -- perhaps just over a year old, sweet as pie, as most labs are. A lovely dog. I wish I had the capacity to keep him (or her) if they don't find his/her owners, but I don't. I'm trying to remember that I'm nearing 60 and need to curtail critter-owning against the day when I'll be too stiff and/or fragile to care for them properly. Cats and dogs live up to 18 years -- some live longer. I may be in assisted living (or dead!) by the time a youngster pup or kitty gets old, if I adopted one now. But I've never been without a pet, so keeping my hands to myself in a pet store or where wee ones are sold or given away isn't easy. I satisfy myself with the pups Jackie seems to get like clockwork every few years...

Monday Jackie and I are going to lunch with our older sis, Laurel. We hardly ever see her. She's an attorney in a small town south of Olympia and keeps very busy. Self-employed people are like that -- yeah, they are! (I'm one of them these days, so I know!) It has been many months since we were together last, and it will likely be many months hence before we get together again. It stinks, but them's the berries!

Casey's ninth birthday is Sunday. Hey, I haven't heard a word about a party for her, so don't know what's going on there. Very odd. Perhaps it'll happen on Thanksgiving Day.

What else? Can't think of much else for now, so will close and see if I can catch a nap before dinner. Sleeping in a strange bed is not terribly restful. I did okay, but not quite as well as I do in my own.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Plans for the Day...

I'll be taking in a webinar at 11, then driving out to Eatonville (much later this afternoon, after Jackie gets home) to stay the night with a friend whose husband is having surgery tomorrow morning here in town. I'll bring her into Tacoma for the surgery vigil and probably come home during that time (or on the way back out to Eatonville, depending on how long the surgery takes and how in need of companionship she is) to let Jackie's dogs out (more on this in a moment) to poop and pee. After the surgery, I'll be back out to Eatonville overnight (Jackie will be back home for the critters by then) in case my friend gets a late night emergency call from the hospital. She's nearly blind and can't get herself to and fro, and the surgery will be a little dicey because of her husband's underlying health issues...

Please keep them in your prayers. It isn't normally a risky surgery, and is relatively easy these days (he's scheduled to come home Friday), so pray for the optimal outcome, please.

This is the same couple whose critters (three horses, three big dogs and three small ones) and home/property I oversee when they take a trip or a vacation. I'll probably be there again close to Christmas for a few days... but can work from there, so won't miss any work.

Oh, "the dogs." Yes, Jackie got another puppy! She hasn't named her yet because she's having a contest at work for a name, but the puppy is just a handful in size; ten weeks old, a combo of Peke, shih-tzu, poodle and ??? Jackie's other dog (full-grown, under 3 pounds, same mixed breed) is this puppy's "auntie." Auntie is black; the new one is tri-color right now but will probably be mostly blond by the time she's grown. I'm taking both of them outside about every 2-3 hours to show the new pup that her opportunities to play and pee/poop outside are plentiful, so she learns to wait for outdoor opportunities to relieve herself. She has been here three days and has only had a minor accident (a "wee" one), so she's on the right track. And she's cuter'n a button, with a personality to match!

Next week for several days I'll be staying nights at another friend's home watching her two knee-high dogs while she and her husband take a few days off to spend Thanksgiving Day at his parents' home in Spokane. I'll be home in plenty of time every morning for the day's Elance projects, and I'll be available for Thanksgiving dinner, too. I just have to be there first thing in the morning, evenings and overnight to be sure their critters have a human companion who feeds and loves on them frequently. (They've never been alone at night before.) So I'll even be here to resume my "puppy runs" outside by the time Jackie goes off to work every morning. The home I'll be pet-sitting at is less than four miles away.

This seems to be "critter season" for me, after a long, dry spell (except for Jackie's and my own). I love taking care of critters. For some strange reason, I had a dream about a four- or five-foot long iguana this past week. I was supposed to be taking care of it, but it didn't look any too pleased with the prospect. (Iguanas never do seem any too pleased, even when they may be... they're inscrutable-looking.) I've never taken care of one, except for the time I helped a vet at UC Davis move one and give it a shot. I was there because that was the week Deaken's (my serval "son") rear leg had to be amputated. It happened on a long weekend when the students were all out of town, so when I stopped by to fetch Deaken, the vet was enormously busy doing everything himself. Since I had worked for a vet for two years in the past, I offered to give him a hand which he gladly accepted. He was Davis's exotic pet/zoo vet. So I helped with an owl, another raptor, a coyote pup or two, and this iguana. It was pretty cool. I loved it.

I failed to put this story into my book LET NO DAY DAWN THAT THE ANIMALS CANNOT SHARE, but there are other great stories in there, as well...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WHEW! Just Missed Getting "Iced," Hailed or Whatever!

When I left on my four mile walk an hour and fifteen minutes ago, the skies above me were blue with only billowy white clouds overhead. By the time I got halfway out/halfway home (as far away from home as I could be before beginning the return trip), I noticed some dark, liquid-laden clouds wafting (er, being shuttled by winds) my way. "Uh-oh..."

I picked up my pace and got to the last six blocks before a light rain began to hit. That was okay.

Within two minutes, the wind picked up, the rain picked up, and then tiny hailstones the size of sea salt began to fall. Not two minutes later, the ominous black clouds were directly above, the wind was whipping steadily, and the hail was getting bigger and began to HURT as it hit me.

Thank God I was practically outside my front door when that happened.

By the time I got inside, my coat, hat and jeans were drenched.

Winter in the Northwest is a gift God wraps in... fickle weather!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

And While You're at It... about registering officially as one of my followers if you haven't already? I know more people follow this blog than are listed below, because I hear from you quite often.

You can sign up as Anonymous if you want so no one knows you're a closet "whatever" (Kelley, Obama, Jesus, Kris, cats, fish, fun, etc.) fan...

No one has to know. I just like to know how many followers I really have here!


BRRR! The Frost is on My Punkin' Head!

Wouldn't you know it? The moment it started to get teeth-chattering cold, Casey had two final soccer games to play -- one as dusk fell on Wednesday and one not long after dawn broke on Saturday.

I bundled well the first time, except for socks and shoes, and just about froze to death anyway because of the oversight. Yesterday I bundled well and wore two pairs of socks, but some of the other attendees (Casey's cousin among them) wasn't dressed quite warmly enough so I ended up "rescuing" her by giving her my warm headpiece (because I also had a hoodie on) and showing her how to pull her arms into her jacket and against her body to keep her freezing hands warm. So I've had my share of cold for a day or so.

It isn't so bad when I walk four miles because I'm moving fast. It's just standing still gawking that gets to me. But it was worth it. The girls are getting so much better. The games really are exciting. Casey's team won.

On Friday I took Marian, a former pew mate, 85 years old, to lunch at Red Lobster. We had a blast. She had gall bladder surgery a couple months ago and this was her first outing since then. She was like a kid in a candy store -- animated, cheery, full of fun. She embarrassed herself by "offering" me some of her fruit smoothie by accidentally flinging it on its side onto the middle of the table. I just shook my head and laughed.

When the server, Shawana, came over to rescue us from the spreading mess, Marian somehow also managed to fling her fork at her as she finished cleaning up the mess. Shanawa feinted right and got away safely, then stepped away momentarily because another customer flagged her down. Marian and I started laughing again. I said "Woman, you're DANGEROUS!" She looked around and couldn't see Shawana, so she asked, "Where did she go?" and I joked, "She got out of harm's way until you settle down!" Marian asked for a bib after all this -- and got one! I howled! (And of course it remained pristine.)

It was a hoot, every single moment. We have to do it more often. Who needs to drink alcohol to get nuts? NOT US! We're higher than a kite on LIFE!

This coming week I'll be working from Eatonville for a couple days -- possibly three -- because the people I usually critter-sit for need me to ferry the missus to St Joe's Hospital to see her husband. He'll be having gall bladder surgery there and she doesn't drive. So I'll be her house guest in case an emergency arises at the hospital in the middle of the night and she has to get there. It'll be a chance for me to get to know her better, too.

Marian gave me a 2 gallon betta tank with all the trimmings, so naturally I had to go out and get a betta. I got a boy yesterday and a girl today, plus some fake plants so they can hide and go seek till they get to know each other better and until the plant pods I dropped in start to grow so they have REAL plants to hide in a couple of weeks from now. I read up on bettas and know males fight but males and females sometimes get along. (DUH! Otherwise there wouldn't be any bettas in the world!) I learned that it's the male betta who tends the bubble-nest after the female lays the eggs. I've had lots of fish before (mostly tropical fish) but never bettas. It's going to be an education.. or a disaster. I'll keep you posted!

What else? Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Edward Smith again -- you remember... the Papa Lion of Yelm, Auroara the lion's human "dad." He borrowed some of my TREK magazines last time he was here and wants to return them. Good. I can't tell you how many I've lost because I loaned them out and then forgot who I loaned them to! And these are the magazines that I was IN, talking about De, so they're precious to me. So if you're one of the scoundrels that has some of my magazines, bring 'em back, okay? Thank you! 'Cause I can't remember who I loaned them to and can't come after you with candy, cake or a machete to retrieve them. You're on the honor system. (Dr. Phil: "How's that workin' for ya?" Don't ask.)

Oh, well. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. I'll survive. T'aint the end of the world...


How refreshing is a brief breakout of emotion. I'm all better now!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gorgeous De Before We Even Knew Him --

Prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor!

Photos courtesy of Terry Lee Rioux and Carolyn Kelley

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Am I Almost Always So Freaking Happy?

It comes with the territory... and I have PROOF!

We Washingtonians (the state, not the Capitol) are among the happiest people in the country... and for many good reasons...

Monday, November 9, 2009

One of My Elance Clients is on the Cover of RISEN! Magazine!

Check it out!


The Berlin Wall Came Down 20 Years Ago...

Wow! Has it been 20 years already? I'm flabbergasted.

I'm also thrilled. If it hadn't come down, I never would have met Kirsten Dartsch and other De Kelley fans from (formerly) East Germany. (That story is in my first book aboout De.)

It was a great day for the entire world.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Here Come the Holidays!

Several clients have had me write up holiday pieces for them recently, so that put me into "holiday spirit" mode a lot sooner than I would otherwise be. One had me talk about holiday threats to life and limb (an emergency services website); the other asked me to edit and copy-enhance a holiday email greeting and a several-page list of ways to keep stress levels down during holiday preparations and celebrations.

Whenever I think "Christmas," I think of Currier and Ives greetings cards... caroling... sleigh rides... and of course the real reason for the season: the birth of Christ in a little town called Bethlehem just over two centuries ago.

I also think of people who have lost loved ones either this year or last, and of those who have lost a loved one on, or close to, Thanksgiving or Christmas. It's hard to muster through the holiday season without the people they used to share it with. These folks need our prayers and our ministrations. Visit them, call them, send them a card and a letter.

This is also a season that depresses a lot of people:

* Some suffer from SADS (seasonally affective disorder syndrome). There is special lighting therapy that can help those whose SADS is so pervasive that they feel hopeless, unerringly unhappy or depressed, or suicidal. It's expensive, but so is feeling lousy for four or five months every year.

* Some don't have the wherewithal to buy presents in this economy -- they've lost their jobs or work several jobs and still don't have enough extra to buy gifts for people they adore. Not long ago I wrote an eHow article on how to give gifts without spending a cent. You can visit it here:

* Some are just Scrooges for no particular reason, and only visits from the ghosts of past, present and future will blast them out of their self-imposed exiles. (In other words, don't hold your breath!)

If you know an older person or a shut in, be sure to invite them over for a holiday meal. If they decline, visit them at least once during the holiday season and take them a small gift... even if it's just your time and attention. It will mean the world to them.

Take extra time this time of year to count your blessings. You're blessed dozens of times every day. Every breath you take, every smile you receive, every step you take, every hug you share, every drive you take that ends safely, every meal you enjoy... the list goes on and on.

Take extra time to let those who bless you know that they do. I hate to break it to you, but you may never get another chance... so don't assume you will. (Yeah, I know it's a real drag to think about that, especially this time of year, but think about it once in a while and verbalize your thanksgiving for other folks. And don't reserve it for just this time of year, either.)

Because I've just launched my own business the past two years, I don't have any discretionary income this year: it all has to go somewhere other than to gift-giving. That won't always be the case but it is right now, and everybody is okay with that. That's because they know I love them. I don't remember the stuff I got last year. Do you? I just remember the love... and that is quite enough!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lazy Day

Nothing's happening here at "work" today (no Elance projects underway), so guess I'd better catch you up on my doings!

I wrote my holiday newsletter earlier this morning. It's weird -- but holiday newsletters are all about "me." They're the news of my life since last year at this time, and it has all been good, so this year the letter seems kind of "braggy." That's not good! But I've been so inundated with blessings this year!!!

*My writing career has taken off; I'm a Premier Provider in two categories at Elance


* I did three radio interviews

* I've taught at Writer's Edge twice and two of the eight PRs the class wrote actually went out and did a lot of good (the rest weren't real PR's, just exercises)


See? Hey, when I put the accomplishments into bullet points, they don't seem as braggy... but if I do that in the newsletter, it'll be a really short newsletter!

Doing that would allow extra room for religion and politics, though... and then I'd have extra room to tick off a lot of friends who aren't progressive Democrats or Christians! hee hee hee

OK, that would not be nice... so guess I'll leave well enough alone...

Gotta go pick up Jackie's dog. I took her in for dental cleaning this morning.

Later, alligator! Caio for now!