Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama Health Care Plan EXPOSED!

Don't you just love the dramatic flare of today's blog title?

I figure if I write a scandalous title, someone will search on exactly that string of words and discover the TRUTH for once! How's that for a strategy?!

I "attended" (virtually) President Obama's Organizing For America grassroots meeting today from 11:30 to 1:00. Fabulous. Just fabulous! I don't think anyone who sees it (here's a link will have any remaining doubts or worries about the health care plan.

Of course, those who refuse even to watch it after I've posted it because of their particular political viewpoint are doing themselves and everyone else they talk to a disservice, because they won't be armed with the facts and will continue to spout all the false rumors about the plan. (I expect that, people being people and all.)

But for those who really want to know exactly what the health plan is all about, this meeting today was a FABULOUS thing to see. I feel confident now that I can talk about the plan and have all the facts about it, so I can de-fang the worries and offset the lies that are so rampant right now.

I was mighty miffed that Obama seemed (a few days ago) to be backing down on the idea of a public option, but that's not his plan at all. In an attempt, I think, to be a gentleman and appear open-minded and thoughtful, I think he misled the reporters (or they misinterpreted what he meant) into thinking he'd feel fine about dropping the public option. That isn't what he said at all -- he's just leaving the door open to see if anyone can up with something different that would work as well as or better than the public option. So far, it doesn't sound like he's heard anything better.

At any rate, I'm back on board wholeheartedly. Obama is still offering change I can believe in. I don't know anyone who does it better, or who offers more hope to millions of people who have been without it for so long.

A new day is dawning and I want to be a part of "making it so" so I'll have something to brag about when I'm older and greyer! This is a cause we have to win -- for everyone -- even those who are scared spitless right now. They're scared because they've been fed lies by powerful interests who want to keep the status quo because it works best for them.

It has been so many years since Americans have lived under an administration that was truly for their wellbeing that it's hard to believe it's happening now.

Good news! It is happening now! These people are in this fight FOR US! AMAZING BUT TRUE!!!

And I'm smiling again.

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