Monday, August 10, 2009

Dr. Mary Jo Robinson Weighs In on the Health Care Bill


My view is that they are doing a good job of trying to inform the populace, while the Republicans, insurance companies and other interests are doing their best to steamroll it under, which is what happened with Hillary Clinton's attempt back in the late 80's.

Yes, we need health care reform...but it won't all be addressed at once...

A major stumbling block is how will reimbursement of care provided by physicians be handled? In countries with socialized medicine (Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, etc.) primary care physicians cannot make a living wage; some have to work at other jobs in order to make a living.

Of course this is already an issue in our country where a family practice doctor may not be able to pull in enough money to pay his/her staff, pay rent on the office, pay himself and also pay off his/her medical school debt. I see some of my students having to declare bankruptcy after only a few years in practice.

That is the major issue I see as a physician in practice. I have posted this question onto the gov website. The question has been asked by other physicians in sessions with Obama, and has yet to be properly addressed.


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