Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Lisa emailed the following to me:

I was at the Star Trek convention and there are a few 'De' lightful, De-related things to mention:

One of the theatres at this year's convention was called the "DeForest Kelley Theatre." It sported a beautiful banner.

I asked a question of actor Lawrence Luckinbill (Sybok) what he could share with us about his memories of working on the very intense patricide/euthanasia scene with De. He hesitated for a few moments and got very emotional (we both were) and said that De was one of the most wonderful gentlemen actors that he ever had the pleasure of knowing/working with.

He went on to say that De was very ill around the time of the shooting of that scene and he looked at Larry and asked,"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" and Larry said "I sure am" So De said "Let's just do this."

There were quite a few tears in the audience when he answered my question about De.


Chrystabel said...

Thanks for sharing Lisa's e-mail! It makes me want to read more reviews from the convention. I did read a couple on roddenberry.com...sounds like everyone had a good time but that the tickets are overprices. Nothing new there.

mjr said...

I am so glad Lisa chose to let us know about this remembrance///

Womanwarrior said...

It's very satisfying to know that De's remembered not just for McCoy, but for the personal time, energy and care that he offered to his fans. It's all the more poignant knowing how sick he was, and had been for awhile.

Part of me finds it ironic that Shatner and Nimoy are now around the age that Kelley was when he died. I'm glad that both of them are in relatively good health. How I wish that Kelley (and for that matter Mark Lenard) could have lived longer in good health, and been there with the others!