Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Weekend, Busy Day...

Saturday we had a back yard party for Jackie's two bank branches. It was a hoot, a total hoot. We played dodge ball and volleyball (part of the time with a big exercise ball because we couldn't keep the regular ball in the air long enough to count for anything).

I also worked part of Saturday and most of Sunday on an editing project for a client I've written four e-books with. I worked all day today on the same project and will be at it tomorrow and the next day, too... and for days after that, probably.

It's a 250 page book and my name will go on the cover alongside the clinician's/author's. It's going to be a terrific book. I'll tell you more about it when it's ready to announce. If you're a parent -- especially if you're a parent with a difficult child -- you'll want to read it. This parenting method is revolutionary, tried-and-true for over a dozen years with thousands of kids (including kids in challenging classrooms), and very, very effective.

I'm getting irked that the public option may be dropped from the health care bill. The GOP isn't going to support the bill no matter how many concessions are made, so why don't the DEMS just move ahead and do what needs to be done to protect Americans? I don't get it...

It's frustrating as hell to vote people in and then have them bend over backward to reconcile with pols across the aisle whose primary goal is to hand the new Administration its Waterloo. Silly me -- I think we should actually follow the lead of the leaders we elect as long as they're making sense and transparently trying to help us. I'm not afraid of the consequences of passing a formidable health care bill. I would love to see a Medicare-like system in place for everyone who wants to sign on for it, and for those who can't get health coverage any other way. Having the option will get the insurance companies to mend their rapacious ways. We're the only industrialized nation on earth that doesn't take care of all of its citizens when it comes to health care. It's nuts to be so vulnerable. One major illness and a family can lose everything.

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MJR said...

I too am peeved that the public option MAY be dropped...but hold your breath...nothing is a given at this point of time...I remember Hillary's health care plan issues...I just hope this one runs the course and actually has something of it survive..