Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ye Gods! We Lost Power Here for 90 Minutes Tonight!

A large part of Tacoma lost power at about 5:30 this evening. Jackie and I were worried that the power grid had gone down and that we'd be without A/C for hours or days. I was already making evacuation plans to the beach for tomorrow, as there's no way I'd survive in 99 degree heat without A/C.

But the power is back on, the A/C is running again, and thunderclouds are looming overhead, so we may get some very unwelcome lightning strikes around the area (in tinder dry conditions).

All kinds of unusual "fun"!

Keep us in your prayers. We 're usually in the safest area of the country, so this stuff is all new to us!

Jackie and I are okay where we are but a lot of our neighbors are surrounded by very dry forests and woodlands, so lightning strikes right now can potentially be very deadly...

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MJR said...

we did not lose power at all....thank goodness but my poor little ac unit was overwhelmed...I woke up at 4 and opened a window to blessed cool breeze...
tonite is so much cooler..turned off ac and have all the windows open..kitties are going bonkers running from window to window