Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I just stepped outside for a moment and it took my breath away! The thermometer on the BACK side of our house (away from the sun) reads 105 degrees! That has to be a record up here in the Pacific Northwest, and it isn't even the hottest part of the day yet -- that comes just under two hours from now this time of year at 6 p.m.!


I've let every local elderly friend know that we have air conditioning, in case they don't. So far no one has taken us up on the offer to hang out with us, but it's supposed to be even hotter on Thursday, so I anticipate that at some point we'll get some visitors.

This is just awful!

I've had to leave my office a few times today to get to a cooler area of the house because even with the AC set at 72 on Jackie's side, my thermometer reads 74-80 over here (depending on where it is and whether there are lots of windows). I'm okay here, even comfortable in most areas... but it's still mighty darned warm. I have fans running in the rooms I'm in to keep the AC circulating well.

It's just astonishingly HOT! I feel for anyone without air conditioning. And most people DON'T have it up here, because temperatures like these are so rare... or have been, before the past few years. I think global warming is doing its number on us here, for sure! (I knew that when I went to Alaska a few years ago and saw what has happened to the Tracy Arms glacier -- Sawyer Glacier -- and Mendenhall Glacier in just the past 60-100 years.)

We'd better turn this around or our planet will become uninhabitable to everything except tortoises and cockroaches!

I'm making sure our birdbath has water in it. Flocks of several species of birds are hanging around it like it's the only fresh water for miles... and for all I know, it may be!

This is horrendous!


mj said...

Gosh it is horridly hot
I went and got an inroom AC and it is frankly overwhelmed by this Dallas kitties were hiding until just this few minutes ...outside it is 103 and inside it is 86...never expected it in PNW

DeAussie said...

Hey Kris

105 plus is what we get over here around Christmas our summer time.
If it was us Aussies we'd be waiting and praying for a thunderstorm for some relief.
Currently in here it is a pleasant 68 degrees in the shade in the middle of the day.

Stay Coooool

Womanwarrior said...

We're not suffering as much as you are, Kris, down in Southern CA, but the humidity here is YUCKY! (Even my sweat can't sweat!) We're up around 95, but with the humidity it feels (according to the weather folks in their air-conditioned studios) like it's 100+ degrees. Thank God for air-conditioning and 75 degrees of coolness. Otherwise I'd be a pile of tapioca pudding!

mjr said...

south Ca with humidity??? usually it dryer than dead toast!

Womanwarrior said...

Hey MJR...Humidity up the wazoo! Today it's at 40%!