Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hot Hot Hot!

It's freakin' hot again today! Thank God for air conditioning -- that's all I have to say...

Last night I went swimming with the McNivens at the Puyallup High School pool for an hour or more. What a hoot. I think I must've been an otter in another life (hence my instinctive fear of sharks, just about the only animal on the planet I have a truly morbid fear of???).

The outing was a lot of fun. I'll do it again a time or two a week if I can continue to afford it. (It's just $3 each time, but the past two months of too little work have made me either paranoid or major wise; I'm not sure which!)

I walked once early today (32 blocks) and twice (64 blocks) yesterday. It's too hot to go out again this afternoon, so that's not happening! No way. No how. Huh-uh! I don't do well in hot weather. Yesterday I fell asleep on the hammock for about 45 minutes in the sun (with plenty of sunscreen on) and when I awoke, I was dizzy and very unhappy for 15-20 minutes. I dehydrate too quickly, I think. Gettin' old(er)!

This Saturday we'll be having another Writer's Edge meeting at church and Sunday we'll be having a baby shower for a lady who's husband is serving in Iraq. (I think I told you this already.) Next weekend is the garage sale unless it's too freaking hot to survive it. I have a lot of fans I can set up, so it should be okay...

Jackie was out having a play day (I guess) with her company team a couple days ago and fell down while running after someone with a water balloon after having been hit with one. Her hip is really hurting, but this morning she said it's 50% better. That girl. She says she has to remind herself that she isn't 30 anymore. Yup, I agree.

Jackie should play in swimming pools if she wants to get crazy and wet. They're safer... providing you can swim and the water is 5 feet deep. The girls (Casey and Jamie) could've drowned me twice yesterday if I hadn't been in just 5 feet of water. (I'm 5'7" tall.) I need to teach them that water fun requires them to understand that people need to come up for air at least every 15 seconds or so. They don't quite "get" that yet! They will before summer ends... maybe before the end of next week, if I have my way!

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