Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All Righty, Then!

Gadzooks, maybe all I needed to do was proclaim publicly, "Though He slay me, yet will I believe!"

The floodgates opened this morning. I got three new projects today, and two of them are long-term and will also spawn additional types of writing from the ones I originally was doing for the clients. WOO HOO!

A fellow I'm writing blogs for now is interested in having me possibly create an e-book or a white paper for him; another wants me to rewrite/enhance his entire current website and several other websites that he has going, plus he wants blogs, too, and PR's, and other things.

The newest client is thrilled, says I'm the first writer he's had that he doesn't have to correct or ride herd on. (He's a busy professional and shouldn't have to be riding herd on service providers. I wonder what's wrong with the other writers he has working for him? That would make me crazy!)

Yesterday something I helped write/finesse ended up being touted all hour long across the bottom of the screen during AC360 on CNN, so that thrilled me to no end. (Sorry, I can't divulge which one it was; I'm ghostwriting, so it's a secret.)

I was up at 5:30 this morning because I wanted to see if anything came in for me to write, or to see if I had received any feedback on things I wrote yesterday. It has been a long day already, as a result, but a very positive, good day. I didn't get out for a walk today; that's the only bad thing. I was only out of this chair long enough to move the water sprinklers, eat lunch, and put the dog out for her twice daily run in the grass (so she'd unleash anything out there instead of in here).

Also, a reader of this blog (she goes by the alias Chrystabel, don't ask me why!) has suggested that I try to get a part-time job at a communty college teaching writing and has offered her classroom as the lab for it. I'm trying to get more information about that. She thinks I'd be really great at it. Hey, maybe I would... (I haven't taught writing yet at my church -- I've just critiqued there. Maybe I ought to try it out on my own "guinea pigs" at church before I foist it off on anyone else, huh?) It might be kinda fun.

Of course, Chrystabel is also an actor as well as a teacher so I'm just SURE she doesn't have the shyness issues I have. The first time she ever saw me was at a TREK convention when I was all alone on stage talking about De, so she probably has no idea how shy I am or how terrified I was, because I'm a helluvan actor myself when I have to be!

So yes, I could teach some genres of writing (journaling, memoirs, articles, PRs, sales copy, etc.) ... but I would have to find a way to quickly get out of my own way and just let the information flow.

Maybe Chrystabel could give me some lessons...

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