Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a WONDERFUL Outing!

Temporary Captain Kris pilots the craft into
uncharted (to her...) territory
Setting out from a Gig Harbor marina...

The REAL Captain of the vessel, Timothy Acker

"Oh, the pirate's life for me!"
Kris and Tim just before "taking" a Chinese grain ship
anchored in Puget Sound (yeah, right...)

Today was one of the most enjoyable days of my entire life.

Remember several weeks ago when we had a Writer's Edge meeting at Point Defiance -- or, I should say, when we planned a meeting for Point Defiance and got rained out and ended up at the Antique Sandwich Shop near Point Defiance?

Well, during that meeting one of our members invited those of us who were in attendance that day to go boating on his yacht at some time in the future, and today was the day we picked. Unfortunately most of the people who were at the Point Defiance meeting had other plans for the day, so just four of us could make it... (There was room for six more.)

What fun we had! We saw seals, jellyfish, lots of other boats of all kinds, and we had a close encounter with an anchored Chinese ship.
We took lots of pictures with my camera. Our host had two Jamaican pirates wigs on his yacht, so we donned those for a few photos as we floated next to the Chinese ship. Pret-ty hysterical!

The day was perfect -- upper 80's. The sky was blue, and we were all in the best of moods. It was more fun than three barrels of monkeys. Oh! And the captain of the boat made me captain for more than a half hour and went below deck while I steered the yacht... so I was in charge of keeping everybody dry and above water all that time. I'm happy to report that I didn't let 'em down and that the real captain got his boat back without a scratch or a dent in it!

I finished three more Elance projects this weekend, and there will be many more this coming week so, God willing and the creeks don't rise, I think I'll be out of the hole financially starting this month again. I have four regulars now, so won't have to worry as much when one of them goes on hiatus in the future as I have others to keep me busy should that happen.

Guess that's all for tonight.

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Carl Rylander said...

You look really cool, with that hat on, Kristine.

I wish I had a hat like that.