Sunday, May 3, 2009

The PR is LIVE Now!

WOO HOO! The press release for my new book, The Enduring Legacy of DeForest Kelley: Actor, Healer Friend has been LIVE since midnight at PRWeb and the book has already received three five-star reviews (highest possible rating) at Payloadz.

Gosh, I love it when a plan comes together!

There have already been 4,700 views of the press release. A significant percentage of viewers have also printed out the press release for follow-up. Perhaps with the new movie coming out this week I have finally released a PR that won't be swallowed up (God forbid!) in the way the PR for the first book was. (DeForest Kelley: A Harvest of Memories came out just weeks after September 11th, 2001 and not even I was interested in thinking about much else in the aftermath of that tragic day.) I'm glad I had the insight to release it this week just before the debut of the newest TREK incarnation and not wait until the actual 10th anniversary of De's passing (June 11th, 2009). That would have been too sad a day to do it, anyway. Why not announce it when the puppies are bouncing over a new TREK movie, so it can do double duty?

I will be going to Facebook and listing an announcement on the De Kelley fans pages there, and on some of the STAR TREK sites as well.

Thanks to all of you who worked like the Energizer bunny to get the word out in advance of the PRWeb release. Because of you, the outlay for the PR ($100) is already halfway paid off! That means that 10 people downloaded the book before the PR even went live at PRWeb.

Keep at it! If you visit a De or Trek website that doesn't have a blurb about the new book, please send them the PR and let them deal with it, if you would be so kind!


Here's a copy of the official PR from PRWeb (you can cut and paste it wherever you like in the TREK/De Kelley realm as long as it, or something about the new e-book, isn't already there:)

New DeForest Kelley Book Debuts During Tenth Anniversary of Star Trek Actor's Passing

Kristine M Smith, author of DeForest Kelley: A Harvest of Memories (2001), celebrates the late actor's enduring legacy in a new e-book

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) May 3, 2009 -- In the first edition of a newly-released 61-page e-book, The Enduring Legacy of DeForest Kelley: Actor, Healer, Friend, DeForest Kelley's former personal assistant Kristine M Smith has compiled the memories and reminiscences of nearly two dozen fans and friends whose lives were blessed and changed forever by the career or kindness of the late actor who portrayed Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the original Star Trek television series and motion pictures.

On the back cover of the new e-book, available via, Smith writes, "I was going to write a book about all the things I had to leave out of my first book about De (in order for readers to be able to lift the blasted thing!), but then got to thinking that enough of my own story has already been told. I don't want anyone getting the impression that I was the only fan that DeForest and Carolyn Kelley took under their wings, because that simply is not true. The Kelleys were emotionally invested in their fans. They loved them, appreciated them, respected them - and it always showed."

The e-book reveals that many of Kelley's fans went on to become doctors, nurses, medical technicians, social workers, and other helping professionals. One even went so far as to become a space nurse for NASA. Still others continue to impact the world as writers, actors and teachers. All have realized the impact that the iconic "Dr. McCoy" has had on their lives. Smith says, "The legacy of the reel McCoy has blessed the world with some very real McCoys who continue to boldly go where few have gone before, making a difference every step of the way."

Smith adds, "One goal of the book is to encourage other Kelley and Star Trek fans to 'go thou and do likewise.' De was always most proud of fans who took their inspiration from the series and elected to use it to help others. Another goal is to present the e-book as a keepsake to new DeForest Kelley fans who are too young to remember when he was among us. I don't want anybody to miss out on his unique and continuing influence."

Author Kristine M Smith's blog is located at Her copywriting service business URL is http://kristinemsmith.elance/com. She can be reached at KRISTINEMSMITH (at) MSN (dot) COM.

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