Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Going to see STAR TREK Today

This morning I'm taking in a matinee of the new STAR TREK film. I'm looking forward to it because I've heard so much about how well Karl Urban did at "resurrecting" the reel McCoy. I'm also taking a hanky, because I understand that Nimoy cried when he screened the movie and saw how well Urban did with De's character.

The reason I'm seeing it this soon (I wasn't planning to see it opening weekend) is because on Sunday, as you know, I'm being interviewed by Ian Cullen of Sci Fi Pulse on blog radio and he's going to ask me what I think of Karl Urban's take on the "reel" McCoy, so I can't just take other people's word for it; I have to see it for myself before I offer an opinion. I'm just glad to know that my opinion will probably be a good one. It would be just awful to have to tell Karl Urban and his fans that I think he blew it! I don't anticipate that happening. It sounds like he got closer to the original McCoy than the other two actors did with Spock and Kirk. But the new Spock looks so much like the original that I'm having a hard time believing it until I see it.

I think they've all probably done a marvelous job with the roles and I fervently pray that they will have as much fun -- and as much success and longevity -- as the original cast did. It's time for a new generation of fans to catch the bug and boldly go!

And yes, yes, yes... I will blog about it when I get home. So stay tuned. You'll probably be able to read my "review" in less than six hours from now.

Beam me up,
JJ Abrams!

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