Saturday, May 2, 2009

Info on the Upcoming Sci Fi Pulse Podcast/RadioShow

Ian Cullen sent me this about the upcoming radio show next week:

"Your friends [that's YOU!] can listen live and even join the chat room while we're live on air. Only catch to using the chat room is that they all need to have registered an account with BTR, which they can do for free and securely at;

They can listen to the show live while hiding (LOL) or, if they choose to register an ID, they can listen and chat with other fans in the chat room.

Most people choose to listen to the syndicated feed which is on;

So this is the scoop you need to rock and roll with us next Sunday, May 10th!

Go see the new movie before then. It opens Friday, May 8th! We'll probably be discussing the new reel McCoy, Karl Urban, at least a little.

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