Monday, May 25, 2009


I just walked and prayed for our troops (somber, sobering) and gave thanks for our troops in every battle and situation during our entire history who were in harm's way and lost their lives to maintain and/or establish freedom for us and for others.

We remember...

Today or tomorrow Jackie and I are going to plant our very large garden with veggies. Yesterday we planted five or six tomato bushes that she bought more than a month ago. Two of them already have small green tomatoes hanging from their branches, so it's time! It has just been too wet and too cool here at night until now to know, for sure, that we wouldn't be consigning them to an early frost and death... so that's why we waited until now. We were going to plant on Mother's Day weekend, but the weather report was inclement, so we decided to wait.

The spring flowers are up and the bushes and trees are all leafing out. We're supposed to have 70 degree days for more than a week. Woo hoo!

I got the garage sale pretty much set up but won't be opening the doors this weekend or next, as we'll be too busy to run it. But I may throw the doors open a bit during the week and let the neighbors in to see if there's anything they would like. There's some nice stuff in there, and lots of books and CDs that people might like. They won't fetch much per piece, but if they all sold, I would have a nice chunk of change at the end of the day. So we'll see how it goes. I may give up some furniture, too, if a space opens up to display it.

I tried to display everything well, so people can tell I respect them and didn't just throw everything out in a pile. People linger longer when they know they're respected, I think. They'll be able to see everything distinctly and ruminate on the items that pique their interest.

I have lots of clothes to put out too, but need to find a cheap clothes rack at a garage sale so I can display them well. Clothes dumped (or even folded) on a tarp don't get the scrutiny that clothes hanging on a rack do, I've noticed.

Jackie's back from shopping. Time to go planting!

Ciao for now!

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