Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wit' a Little Bit O' Luck... and Continuing Prayers!

God is moving in my life -- in three ways. At some point I'm going to become very, very busy as a result, it looks like!

I'm thisclose (spacing of these two words intended) to getting three more Elance projects, each of which pays between $1000 and $2400 each -- and am putting the final touches on three smaller jobs today (worth a total of $500). If this weren't "happy days are here again" news enough, a well-known international relief agency that has interviewed me four times for a copywriter position is considering me again, in another department requiring a top-flight copywriter. My terrific recruiter at Volt Technical Services, Sherman Brown, keeps bringing me back into the mix, certain that I just need to find the right niche to be given the nod at the agency! (When a gung-ho professional recruiter has your back, you're in good hands!) If I get that position, I'll still be able to fit lots of Elance work into evenings and weekends -- so by this time next year, I may actually be making what I prayed about making just a little over a year ago. A very, very big number (Keep reading!)

Now mind you, in prayer I only ask for blessings (when, on rare occasions, I do ask for anything for myself) that I absolutely KNOW I cannot accomplish on my own. I pray for the "impossible for me" stuff because God knows that I know I can't possibly attain them in my own strength, and He knows He'll be getting all the glory every time! I look at it this way: He gives me every breath I take and every beat my heart puts out; I have very little to do with keeping my innards working to His rhythms! Ergo, since He can keep me perking along in this huge way so reliably, a great-paying job must certainly be mere "child's play" to Him -- and I'm his child, completely in love with juggling with and stringing together all the words He gives me every time I sit down at a keyboard or place a pen in my hand (or even in the middle of the night during the hours I'm asleep)!

So here I am, on the threshold of opportunities that could earn me $75K as a writer over the course of the next year. And that was EXACTLY my "impossible" prayer! $75K!

Coincidence? Only to the skeptic, the agnostic and the atheist!

Our God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond anything we can ask or seek.

And consider it from this strange vantage point: At the moment, I'm unemployed... er, semi-employed (through, earning 100% approval ratings/reviews all along the way). I've had 15 projects awarded to me to date and have earned almost $2,000 all year long. Not a lot, but I'm just starting out, so not that many company owners who are seeking good writers even know about me yet! "Do not despise the day of small beginnings."

The third leg of this blessing is this one: The brand-new Christian writing ministry At Church For All Nations (, Writer's Edge -- which Yvonne Olson has envisioned for more than a year and now leads -- has God-given supernatural potential to impact the globe for Christ. I'm Yvonne's sidekick and chief copy editor/critique maven in the ministry and can't imagine anything I'd rather be volunteering for than encouraging and empowering the writers (published and unpublished) in our church to step out in faith and "go for it."

God blesses us to be a blessing. My offering to Him (above the tithe and other financial offerings) is the time I'll be investing with His other "writer kids."

There's a Christian song out right now that goes something like this in its chorus:

"If you're living, if you're breathing
You got something to say!"

Indeed you do!

I'm here to tell you, step out in faith and watch what happens! Until you EXERCISE your faith in a bold way, it's fat and flabby. Take it out every day and exercise it in some way, large or small (why not BOTH?), and watch it take on such robust buff-ness that you'll want to show it off as though it were six-pack abs!!!

"Let your light so shine before men" that others will recognize and praise the Giver of all the warmth and illumination you cannot help reflecting!

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