Friday, October 17, 2008

Are the Rumors True About Colin Powell? We'll Find Out Sunday on MEET THE PRESS!

Rumor has it that General Colin Powell is about to endorse Barack Obama for President. I hope so. That should pretty much put the kibosh on any lingering doubts that people may have on whether we can "trust" Obama with the Presidency despite his much ballyhooed (over-hyped and under-earned) "radical ties" and "inexperience."

I sense a landslide this year. It's so funny because just two months ago I had a t-shirt specially-made at Vista Print that reads "Obama-Biden Landslide '08." When I had it made, the very notion seemed almost whimsical. Now it seems very much within the realm of possibility, based on how quickly Republicans and Independents have fled the GOP ticket since McCain took Palin on as his running mate. She's fun and flirty for the base, but the rest of the country -- the people sensing the deep trouble we're in and heading through -- seems to understand that it's going to take more than winks and smiles, and hammering and yammering to get anything fixed as we move forward. From day one of the Palin candidacy, I sensed disaster for McCain. (I guess my blog from the night of the GOP convention verifies that.) I have a sixth sense about people. The moment I saw and heard Palin, I thought, "Oh, my God! He MUST be joking!" As the weeks have passed, my original "take" on her just grows and grows.

I'm going to go see Joe Biden live this Sunday at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma. I saw Barack last February at Key Arena. This year is the first time in my life I've been in any kind of proximity to American President and Vice President candidates. I want to be able to say, "I knew them when" and helped them get where they got!

We need to "own" the process of choosing our representatives. It's really thrilling to be on what seems to be the winning side for the first time in over 30 years. (I didn't vote at all during the Bush/Clinton years.) I'm looking forward to seeing what a Democratic Congress and Democatic administration can do when it's backed by a mandate from the American people.

Landslide, landslide, landslide! I want to be able to say I called it months before it was ever even imagined by anyone else! Maybe Obama-Biden will tap me as their soothsayer!


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