Friday, October 31, 2008

Should Obama Share The Names of His Small Donors?

McCain is now saying that Obama should reveal the names of his small donors -- and perhaps he should, in closed session after the elections.

Why wait to reveal them? I can think of one perfectly logical and compelling reason right off the top of my head:

I'm sure there are Obama-Biden donors who don't WANT other people to know who they're supporting: this is, after all, a political decision (and voting is by secret ballot) -- and a lot of people will not divulge their opinion to ANYONE (even relatives), to keep from offending or otherwise alienating their business partners, customers, loved ones, and the like.

I don't think Obama has anything to hide. I just think he should honor the confidentiality of the small donors who have contributed.

Here's a hint: I'm one of them! Interview ME if you want to know why I think Obama has every right to protect his donor list. I have nothing to lose. Many others may.

Barack is not a crook or a liar. I know the Republicans would like to believe he is, but he's a straight arrow.

So go soak your head. None of these last-minute scare tactics are going to work. Every time I did send in a contribution, I had to sign a form saying that I was donating of my own accord, that I sent in my own money, and who I work for, and my profession. The campaign has been careful to be sure they're doing everything correctly.

And study the ACORN controversy. The only people getting screwed by false voter registration are ACORN folks. They paid good money to get real people registered to vote. Fake registrants (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Dunkin Donuts...) -- do you think they will be showing up to vote on Election Day? So I counter that fallacy (voter fraud) with the GOP's very real attempts to kick legitimate voters off the voting rolls, and making it so difficult for some people to vote (mostly minorities) that many people may give up rather than go through the hassle of standing in line for many hours and jumping through hoops to vote.

STICK IT OUT, VOTERS! STAY IN LINE! VOTE AND GET YOUR COUNTRY BACK! And call CNN if you have any trouble and need some reporter back-up and documentation!

Let's get 'er done!

TUESDAY'S COMIN' -- LET'S MAKE WEDNESDAY A CELEBRATION! (Just don't turn over any cars when we win, SPORTS FANS!!!! You seem to have a propensity for doing that, win or lose! RESTRAIN YOURSELVES THIS TIME. THANK YOU!)

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