Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin's a Train Wreck...

Sarah Palin flustered the stuffing out of me tonight. She looked good but didn't answer two of the questions Gwen Ifill asked her, and when she did speak against Obama and/or Biden, she was spouting stuff that either wasn't accurate or that has been heard so many times that it's no longer news or of any lasting importance.

She looked slightly hysterical to me. She wasn't able to speak off script. She looked very scripted. And at one point she accused Biden of being for something before he was against it. He could have come back on her with the Bridge to Nowhere but was too much a gentleman to do that -- and at least he had an explanation for his about-face.

It's funny to see the polls re the debate, though. Fox has her beating Biden by a lot; MSN and CNN have Biden beating her by a lot.

I don't think the debate was a game changer in the least.

I think Biden was terrific -- he had substantive comments and great critiques, all given with "I love the guy, but he's wrong on..." re McCain.

I think we'll be in a real fix should anything happen to the Obama-Biden momemtum and we end up with McCain-Palin. She's not ready for prime time and he's so erratic of late that I'm not sure even he knows where he stands on anything except Iraq -- and there, he stands on the wrong side.

It's disheartening.

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