Monday, October 20, 2008

Here We Go Again.. Smear Tactics Have Sent Another Good Friend Off the Deep End

It has happened again. A good friend sent me one of those "forwarded" emails that supposedly excerpted stuff from Obama's two books to "prove" he's a no-good scoundrel. If you haven't received the same forwarded email as this fellow, count your blessings. If you have, you know the one I'm referring to.

So, once again in this blog, I'll do my best to turn the email on its ear. If any of you are still sitting on the fence re: whether or not to support Obama out of fear, I hope that what I sent to my friend will help you, too. Here it is, verbatim:

Fer gosh sakes, man:

Go to and get the facts on these "quotes" from Obama's Audacity of Hope and Dreams from my Father. Better yet, read the books for yourself. You owe it to yourself BEFORE you vote, and to the country, because you aren't being fair right now. You're listening to and forwarding junk as though it were gospel truth. (That's dangerous for your reputation, you know?)

You're forwarding stuff that is either quoted out of context or 100% pure malarkey! (The last quote -- the one that disturbs you most -- is a total fabrication, as you'll discover.)

You're smearing Obama's reputation and integrity the same way that some people smear Jesus and the Bible -- without bothering to read it and finding out the real words and deeds first. Educate yourself, please.

I'm awfully tired of answering these same emails from folks who haven't done their homework.(Be assured, you aren't the only one emailing me these forwards in an attempt either to get clarity or to dissuade me from voting for Obama.) Y'all come to me with the same old "quotes" and concerns. How worried are you, really, if you haven't even read the books from which these "pearls" supposedly were pulled?

And General Powell just endorsed Obama. Doesn't that help you out, at least a little? If Obama were a socialist, I'd know. (I'm not a Socialist and would never support one.) If he were a "terror sympathizer," we'd all know by now, the way the GOP has been digging for anything, large or small, to nail him with -- and he would be in custody rather than two weeks away from becoming our next President, fer gosh sakes.

Don't you suppose that with a name like Barack Hussein Obama, the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security has been all over his background and leanings with a fine-toothed comb? (If you're really concerned, why not ask Elder _____? He works with Homeland Security!)

Do you suppose Obama would be where he is in the polls, and in his standing with so many of the American people, if ANY of this "robocall" type crap were true?

It astonishes me how intelligent people can still be wondering where Obama stands on things. His life is an open book (two of them by him, four more about him. Have you read ANY of them? I've read four of them, making sure of my choice).

Did you watch the Democratic convention, or just the GOP? I watched both. I didn't see any terrorist tendencies in the platform, in the speeches, in the eyes or hearts or souls of any of the Obamas. I saw lots of love, and joy, and even copious tears in the crowd as Obama accepted the nomination and as people began to truly visualize an America in which black kids and female kids and every other American kid came to understand that they CAN become President in this country (even with a name like Barack Obama, for heaven's sake!).

The walls that for far too long kept the American ideals and dreams from happening are falling down... and it should be heralded and celebrated, not feared and reviled.

So STOP, already (at least with me)! And please please please don't forward stuff like this around until you've read his books, because you're being warned right now (by me) that the intention of the people who created those emails is evil: to frighten people and make them inquire no further, but to vote from fear rather than knowledge. Pardon the French, but it pisses me off. And I haven't been pissed off even once since being born again in 1999! So needless to belabor the point, but: it's really offensive to me!

Once you've read his books, we can talk, but right now I'm talking to someone who hasn't done his homework. While you're at it, read Biden's book, too (Promises to Keep). If you're afraid of these two men right now, something is very, very wrong... (Rove and Schmidt love the fact that you're scared. That's their entire goal and intention!)

Why not bite the bullet and read the Obama-Biden books AND TRUST IN GOD THAT WHAT YOU'LL DISCOVER BY WAY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT CAN SET YOU FREE -- at least to a degree that you aren't so rabidly anti-Obama-Biden once they make it to the White House...

You're allowing yourself to be bent out of shape over absolutely NOTHING worth being bent about. What a tragic waste of angst and energy!

I drove to the stadium to see Biden two hours early, but it was so packed already that the closest parking was more than a mile away, so I drove back home and watched it from start to finish on C-SPAN. Thank God for C-SPAN. It was just terrific.

Biden's Tacoma visit was the largest turnout for a VP candidate YET. So I was glad not to be able to get in -- not enough room to fit all of us!!! (Are we all supporting terrorists, leftists, socialists? C'mon... You know better than that!)

And again I say: Relax, dear brother! It'll be all right. Your Obama-Biden nightmare is just a bad dream, brought on by a real mickey, causing a real Rove/Schmidt bender -- not reality at all!

It's going to be okay. God is in control -- remember that!

Kris P.S.

Feel free to send this to the list of people you forwarded the anti-Obama email to, and let them know there is "another take" on this campaign that perhaps not a lot of people have cared to consider until now. Your vote is vital. Make it in good conscience, not as a result of reading political propaganda and not bothering to look into the matter to see what's true and what's black, ugly, smudgy, awful fairy dust. Thanks!

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