Thursday, October 16, 2008

Intriguing Viewpoint!

"If you love Jesus, Vote for Obama"

Here's an excerpt:

After more than 20 years during which the Religious Right has been the dominant ethical and moral voice in the public square, the reputation of American Christians is at an all time low, especially among young people. As the political ambitions of the most right wing Christians have soared, the influence of Christian teachings on popular culture has plummeted.

As long as men who get power and money from making American Christianity seem extremist, bigoted, rigid and mean-spirited can stoke the culture wars and increase their sway by distorting Christianity, they'll keep doing it.

A victory for Obama will kick them out of the spotlight.

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Read the book GOD'S POLITICS by Jim Wallis, too. Christians, let's get together and help America SHINE again!

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