Monday, October 13, 2008

Update on Whatsa Happening...

Landed another ebook to write today -- about the basics of animal care, which is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. I'll have it finished in no time (it's 99.9% finished already, in under eight hours). That'll be another $250 in the bank. Ka ching ka ching.

If I could get one of those every day, I would be a happy camper! I didn't have to spend much time researching this one, since I worked for a veterinarian for two years and have successfully raised MOST species of domesticated and pet animals during 52 of the 57 years of life. If I could get more ebooks that didn't require research (due to knowledge I already have crammed into my cranium), I'd be kicking up my heels in high clover in no time!

I applied too late to get the spot on the Obama team, but will be getting a list of people to call to encourage them to mail in their ballots. That's something I can do whenever I'm not busy writing e-books.

I took a homeopathic "calming" pill last night when I couldn't get to sleep by midnight, and had nothing but horrible dreams all night long: of begging my mom and dad to forgive me for something or other (I don't remember what, now); of having a bunch of boxes of my property "delivered" halfway up a flight of eight or ten staircases (with them tumbling downward and the contents spilling out onto lower steps) and then trying to call the delivery guy back and tell him I didn't order them to be delivered there, and to come get them and deliver them to the address I gave him... I wasn't able to find the phone number of the delivery guy, and had to sneak into a Warner Bros. exec's office to use the phone (surreptitiously) to find out the phone number... and on and on it went, until I finally awoke with a racing heart at about 7:30, wondering if I was just about to have a panic attack over a freakin' DREAM!

Musta been something I ate, in addition to the pill, 'cause that has never happened before!


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