Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enough Gloom and Doom - Enjoy a Funny!

My Colorado friend, Margot Worthington, just called me, exploding in gales of laughter. She told me she fell asleep early this afternoon, trying to catch some much-needed zzzz's because she has a cold and the work week begins again tomorrow.

She reported that all was well and good -- until she came wide awake to the sight of five firemen, fully-dressed in helmets and regulation yellow, looking down at her from the middle of her bedroom!

I asked her, "Were you dreaming?!"

She laughed and said, "No! They were standing right here, at the foot of my bed! Really!"

I said, "Holy bazoley! So...was your condo on fire?"

She cracked up again. (Okay, I confess: that was a dumb question. I very much doubt she would have been laughing like a madwoman had her condo recently been on fire!)

She explained, "I had put some clothes in the dryer before falling asleep, and because it's so cold outside, my next door neighbor thought the steam from the dryer vent was smoke from a fire, and she called the Fire Department and gave them my address and the code to get into my condo!"

Much relieved, I started laughing, too! "Oh, my God! That's too funny!"

She said, "They were all gorgeous guys, every last one of them. Really buff!"

I cracked up at that and said, "So! Next time you get lonely, you know what to do: Just put clothes into the dryer on a really cold day and dial 9-1-1!"

She laughed even harder and then confessed, "I was so embarrassed. I was sound asleep in my ratty old nightgown..wasn't expecting company, you know! So as soon as I saw them, I pretty much jumped out of bed and started putting on everything I could find, wrapping stuff around me... I must have looked a fright, and pretty frightened, too!"

I was half sick from laughing by this time, and caught my breath and retorted, "That's no way to get a party started!"

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I tell ya -- two middle-aged woman, all alone on the phone, can have an uproarious time when left to our own devices when something like this happens!

The two of us live just too, too far apart. We have more fun when we're together (even on the phone!) than a troop of monkeys.

It doesn't happen often enough!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I may be working for Obama (YES!) 14 hours a day, seven days a week between now and election day... for a wage, even! I applied to be a district "get-out-the-vote" dispatcher today on-line. If I get it, the position starts on Wednesday here in Tacoma.

Now, THAT I would love... (Not the hours... not the low pay.. but the opportunity to help elect our next President in a really substantial way: I would LOVE that!)

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