Friday, August 22, 2008

Waiting to Hear... Times Two!

Top o' the morning!

Like the rest of the country and world, I'm waiting to learn who Obama has chosen to be his running mate. I would love to see him pick Hillary -- but that would make the Democratic convention look like "Back to the Future" -- so much Clinton stuff happening that Obama would perhaps seem overshadowed by comparison. Biden is a good choice, too, as are the other most-frequently-named gentlemen (Bayh, Kaine, Chet Edwards) and lady (Kathleen Sebelius). And a great, wonderful surprise would be Al Gore. But alas, only Senator Obama (and his running mate) know for sure at this moment. I'm signed up to be among his first supporters to know, but so are many news reporters, so I reckon we'll all know at the same moment, anyhow.

McCain's gaffe over not knowing how many homes he and his wife own makes him look even more absent-minded and out of touch than he has in the past. It's becoming a real concern of mine, now. I really do wonder if he's beginning to "lose it," and if he is... since he's been called a hothead when he gets mad... it's a known fact in mental health/dementia circles that hotheads often get even hotter as they begin to realize they're losing their faculties. That's not the kind of person we need leading our nation.

So I'm concerned about that. I don't think he's going to win the Presidency, so I'm not all THAT concerned (except for him and his family), but if he wins, I'll be concerned for all the rest of us. While some people can serve well into their 80's when their minds are unaffected by their ages, it's the rare male individual who can do so. (In fact, it's the rare individual male who makes it very far past 75 or 77, so McCain's VP pick better be exemplary if he wins, because he or she will probably be brought into the mix as President at some point, either due to McCain's passing or for another reason, perhaps mental.)

One of Obama chief assets, in my opinion, is his ability to control his temper (or, to "govern his passions," as Mr. Spock would say), so obviously I find McCain's inability to control his of some concern. (Military-minded hotheads don't inspire my confidence.) Obama seems so even-tempered that, even when he's upset, he doesn't lash out or look unhinged or out of control. That's very De-like (as opposed to "McCoy-like," for those of you unaware of the compassionate, level-headedness of the REAL DeForest Kelley.) I resonate to people who can "respond" (as opposed to "react.)" Responders seem patient, unhurried, able to engage their brain and their humanity and heart before they speak. Reactors are -- well, nuclear! I used to be a reactor; now I'm a responder... and I know the difference and how different the results are between the two.

I didn't expect to get off on politics first thing this morning. Sorry.

I'm a contender for the spot as a copywriter in the Christian humanitarian organization where I interviewed two days ago (and twice in the past in other positions). It's a six month gig that can segue into a permanent position somewhere in the organization, so I'm very hopeful. I won't know anything more for at least a couple of weeks, though, because the position won't be filled until mid-September. So I'm continuing to look at other options, bid on projects at Elance, and accept unemployment.

My unemployment has been extended for an additional 13 weeks. Thank you, Jesus and Congress! Unemployment allows for occasional income, self-employed or otherwise, as long as all of it is reported. That's a true godsend. I'd be in some form of financial and emotional distress right now if it weren't for unemployment. I'm looking forward to finding out which will happen first -- full-time employment as a self-employed copywriter via Elance, or full-time employment as someone else's employee, with weekends and evenings remaining available to be a service provider at Elance. God has a plan; I'm just feeding both avenues and waiting to see what He has decided my future should be!

Jackie and Wendy are taking the kids to Wild Waves today. It's supposed to be close to 80 degrees later on. They'll have a blast.

I mowed the lawn yesterday... by push mower. We have a riding lawnmower, but after I walked an hour carrying two, three-pound hand weights, I was all pumped up to keep moving, so I elected to use the push mower. It was quite the workout! If I could keep up yesterday's brand of "exercise" every day, I'd lose this tummy ring real fast.

Maybe I ought to hire myself out as a lawn ranger...

Yeah, I'm sure. How many people would hire a 57 year old lawn maintenance lady with a low-end Sears push mower?

That's what I thought...

Have a great day!

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