Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama's Naysayers Astound Me...

For months the talk has been that some folks don't believe Obama has sufficient foreign policy experience to be President in a world that's as shaky as it is right now. So, in answer to this (in my opinion, unfounded) perception, he chooses Joe Biden as one means of reassuring folks that he'll have impressive, knowlegeable advisors -- and now all the spin meisters are proclaiming that his choice of Biden is an ADMISSION by Obama that he doesn't have enough experience to be President!

That's Republican spin. And it's disgusting.

I think Obama's choice is exemplary. I think his choice of Biden does reassure many undecided voters who have been fretting about how Obama would handle an international crisis. So instead of spinning the news, it would seem to me that a more even-handed observer would admit and agree that Biden as VP does douse a lot of the "fear factor" in deciding to vote for Obama. But instead of this kind of admission, they trot out old sound bites of Biden saying Barack wasn't ready (a year and a half ago), despite what Biden is saying NOW about Obama as a visionary and game-changer for working class folks... and his ability to inspire the world and redeem America across the globe.

Watch for this kind of thing -- from both parties. You almost have to listen to the candidates and then turn off the TV -- because spinners on both sides have "talking points" they broadcast relentlessly, knowing that if something is repeated often enough, it begins to be perceived as true, when it's actually just one person's opinion or "take" on a candidate or issue. You can see their heart isn't even in it half the time -- they're just parroting a party line. Half the time they look and sound ridiculous and even know they do! Watch their faces and see which ones look almost apologetic as they utter the tripe they spout.

And repeating endlessly that DEMS are the "taxing" party doesn't make it so. Under Clinton, the U.S. had trillions of dollars in surplus; under G.W. Bush, we have the largest deficit in history. And we had a huge deficit when Clinton took office from the Senior Bush; Clinton got us out of it. The GOP loves to scare us with the prospect of "more taxes if you vote DEM," when the fact is that Obama/Biden want to give taxpayers a tax BREAK three times larger than McCain proposes to give.

Your vote is important. Don't let spin meisters sway you. Watch the conventions, hear the candidates, and decide for yourself who you want to see leading the country for the next four to eight years.

If you want more of the same, vote for the fellow who voted with George Bush 95% of the time, John McCain.

If you want something else, give the DEMS a chance -- then vote them out of office if they don't follow through and make you proud.

Accountability works wonders.

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