Friday, August 29, 2008

OMG! What a Mistake! Sarah Palin?!!

Now I really wonder if McCain is losing his mind. NOW he's pandering shamelessly.

He looked so nervous and unstrung, standing beside his running mate this morning... and the crossed arms in the McCain-friendly audience probably didn't do a whole lot to inspire his confidence.

And he has been talking non-stop about Obama not being ready to lead! How can he justify selecting this lady as his running mate? Because she's female?!

He won't steal many women voters this way, I don't think.

I was expecting a tight race. Not anymore.

Gosh, maybe he wants to lose?

No offense intended against Sarah Palin. I'm sure she's a dedicated, lovely lady with a heart for service. My judgment is against McCain. On the one hand, he castigates Obama for inexperience and then chooses an even less-experienced person as his running mate. And at his age, we may actually end up with her as President! She looked too amateurish and cowed in front of cameras and a small crowd to look confident addressing the concerns of our nation and the world. Her voice trembles, she's not a great communicator, so she comes across as even younger and less experienced than she probably is.

Too, too scary.

I'll learn more about her as time goes on, but my first reaction is, "This will be a rout in November. Obama will win by a landslide."

Good news for Obama supporters; not so good for Republicans...

How can a man like McCain shoot himself in the foot like this?

I feel very good about Obama's chances now. It never was about choosing a woman (or a black) -- it was about choosing the RIGHT woman (or African-American) to lead our nation forward.

Bad, bad choice. Too, too sad.

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