Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obama's Hawaiian Vacation -- Elitist? Oh, C'Mon!

I'm with Andrew Romano of NEWSWEEK on this one. (Big surprise, huh?)


Obama grew up in Hawaii for a lot of years and is visiting his 85-year old grandmother there during his vacation, someone he hasn't seen in two years.

I hope people are watching the Olympics and ignoring the punditry being broadcast by Obama-bashers. It's just because they have nothing else that they can bring against him that they're pitching bitches about his vacation, his trim physique (calling him too skinny to be President!), his celebrity, and the like. They can't find a handhold on him that makes sense, so they're careening off him with everything they can think of, hoping some of it will stick.

Good luck, folks. The guy is like Teflon. It doesn't matter what you hit him with, he'll still be exactly what he is: good to go, ready to be an amazing leader...

GO, BARACK, GO! REST UP IN HAWAII!!! YOU HAVE A LONG EIGHT YEARS AHEAD OF YOU -- and the Democratic National Convention is right around the corner, beginning August 25th.

Wish I could be in Denver for that. ARGHHH!!! It's killing me not to be...

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