Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pray for Everyone's Safety During The Upcoming Conventions

Let's be sure and pray for the safety of all the candidates during the upcoming political conventions and the duration of the campaign season -- and for the victors after that. It's a crazy world and the Secret Service has had its hands full with their detail to the Olympics and then, immediately, to both conventions.

Here's an article on what the Secret Service is up against:

It's pretty sobering.

"Father God,

Four of your servants (two Presidential candidates and two Vice Presidential candidates) are under a cloud of protection by the Secret Service. Grant the agents clarity of thought, sight, action, and Holy Spirit-led intuition so that they don't miss a thing. Keep them safe as they work in a very dangerous profession. And
grant the candidates, their families, and the attendees at the upcoming conventions safety, security and the joy that comes with their undertakings.

We pray similar protection for all political candidates who are being considered for leadership roles across the country during this election cycle. You know the threats, you know how to be sure the threats are thwarted. Our nation wants a "clean" election cycle, one without violence.

To this end, may Your will be done. And as your will for us is love for one another, please also keep each of us humble and compassionate should our candidate win, and be with those whose candidates do not prevail this time around. Amen."

My prayer for America and the world is that, whoever wins, we will begin to recover from the selfish deeds of our past political mistakes and will pull out of the tailspin we've been in for quite some time.

In the words of that old song,

"What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some, but for everyone."

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