Friday, August 15, 2008

Corsi-Correction Needed!

The following is going out to my local and regional newspapers today. If you agree, please write something similar and place it in your local and regional newspapers. We need to take action to stop the smears Corsi has made against Obama.

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I've been hearing and reading the bogus, rehashed lies and innuendos, and the so-called "research"made by scoundrel Corsi for a few days now. Anyone at all familiar with the tactics of division and fear can see the slanders against Barack Obama for what they are. Corsi's stated aim is to keep Obama out of the White House. I pray that this type of tactic is not going to work this time. Last time it worked, we got George Bush for President. If it works this time, we'll get John McCain -- an honorable man, but the wrong man to lead our nation out of the quagmire that eight years of Bush's reign has created and nurtured.

It is beyond me to understand why Corsi is being given free rein by the media to spread his garbage as though it were true. What has happened to watchdog journalism? The media has become so controversy-driven that even a trumped up book about Obama gets the same kind of coverage as does John Edwards' affair or the Russia-Georgia confrontation. Allowing Corsi to spread his poison -- even encouraging him, with requests for interviews -- is very dangerous. His book should not be viewed as legitimate news. It should die like all the other quasi-journalism propaganda spread across time.

Corsi is not a serious scholar. His book deceives anyone trying to gauge the legitimacy of Obama's candidacy to become our next President. Just like his other warped-reality manifestos, these already-debunked attacks come from the same man who's tried to convince us that George Bush (certainly no hero of mine) is working to dissolve national borders with Mexico and Canada, that oil is inexhaustible, and that our government caused the Twin Towers to fall!

Corsi is so bigoted that not even fellow right-wingers can tolerate him. He was kicked off the "Unfit For Command" publicity tour because of his history of public religious intolerance and bigotry. Follow the bread crumbs and find the chief crumb's illegitimacy glowing like the sun, thanks to news coverage of his manifesto against Barack.

C'mon, America! I've got Corsi's number. Have you? It's 1 - 800 -- DINGALING!

If you fall for Corsi, you'll fall for anything. But if you continue to stand up for Obama and for change in America that we can be utterly proud of, not just nationally but globally, maybe Corsi and his ilk will crawl back into their holes and die discredited "deaths" in the media.

Some books deserve to be on the best seller list. Corsi's books do not. Smears against the man who may well be our next President are harmful globally.

I'm appalled.

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