Monday, August 11, 2008

New Obama Ad To Spotlight McCain's "Celebrity" in Washington DC Circles

When the McCain campaign rolled out their its vacuous, petty "celebrity" attack against Barack Obama, here's one thing they didn't crow about: John McCain spent decades establishing himself as Washington DC's biggest celebrity. Once a media darling for his self-proclaimed "maverick" approach to politics, McCain has, during the present campaign, completely transformed himself to please special interests and the far right wing of his party. Now he's the biggest and most vocal champion of George W. Bush's most disastrous policies!

It's a real shame.

He's smiling, but is he really happy, the way he has had to bend like a pretzel to look like something he's not (or wasn't)? Will he continue to cater in this way to the special interests should he win the White House?

If he'll do whatever it takes now, what will he do if he wins?

Barack is beholden to US, the American people. We've funded his campaign almost exclusively. He has our back. And I've said all along, if he doesn't honor his commitment to us, I'll be among his most vocal opponents in five years when he's running for re-election.

I have immense hope and belief that Barack can turn this country around with his vision. If he disappoints that hope, I'll be on his case big-time, as will a lot of other Americans who need a champion in the White House.

He knows that. He has a big challenge ahead -- to make good on his vision.

It'll take concerted effort, but I believe we can still do it in this nation despite the terrible turn we've taken over the course of the past eight years in Washington D.C.!

It'll take more than the President, too. It'll take Congress and each of us. It's time to get involved in the future of our country and the world again, in a positive, compassionate, helpful way.

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