Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday-Saturday Blessings and Busy-ness...

What an amazing, positive-energy day it was yesterday at work!! It's quite nice nearly all the time at On-Hold Concepts (, but yesterday it seemed everyone on staff pulled out all the stops and went on a "blessing campaign." The ambiance was AMAZING -- truly like heaven on earth! I don’t know what caused it, but may it live long and prosper! It was just GREAT! I wonder if Chuck put something into the water or the ventilation system!

No. Just kidding. That wasn't it. I think the Holy Spirit just moved in and took over for the day!

Holy Spirit: Hello!? Calling all Christians! I'm supposed to be wherever you are every day! See what happens when you give Me free rein?"

Me: WAHOO!!!!

Holy Spirit: Ain't it GREAT!?!

Me: Amazing!

Holy Spirit and Me (in unison) Amazing grace... how sweet the sound...

When “shalom” (peace as only God can provide peace by His presence, power and blessing) moves in, all of the lesser-vibration emotions (anything this side of agape love) move out! It’s an amazing feeling. Truly. Like heaven on earth!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I can now spill a few beans. Bobbie tells me that what she and Joel sent me need not be kept a secret from Alison, because she didn't receive the same thing. In fact, I think Alison's is a humorous item, based on something she wrote in her blog. (I have no clue! I'm not privy to what it is.)

Therefore I shall now shout it from the rooftops: I am wearing a dove necklace from the Bobsteins! I just came home from Target with a gold chain for it. It will be on display around my neck at the convention! I LOVE IT!

It's a gold dove -- with small die-cut "holes" in it; the filigree look(?) (if I'm using that term properly; my dictionary is in a box in the garage until I sell the condo and move into a duplex) . But within those die cut spaces lie a wonderful surprise: When the dove is tipped slightly, the word "shalom," in Hebrew, can be read!

I'm going to wear it just above my cross necklace (which is on another gold chain) to church and to the convention and everywhere else I go. I'm not big on wearing jewelry -- considering myself pretty much a Plain Jane -- but these are now my two favorite pieces of jewelry and I am going to show them off!

THANK YOU AGAIN, JOEL AND BOBBIE! You really know how to reach me where I live!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Two weeks from now at this time, God willing, I will be at the Hilton and my "trial by fire" -- er, excuse me, I mean, my wonderful opportunity to share De with his fans -- will be over and I will be visiting non-stop with several friends I haven't seen in years and with a few friends I haven't even properly met yet -- as in, being in the same room with them: Alison, Billie Rae, Marge Duff. Marge and I were in the same auditorium at Valley Forge watching De, and I took her photo on stage with him and surprised her with it afterward via mail... but we will meet for the first time in Vegas. She sent me a recent picture and is all grown up -- and very lovely, to boot!

Gadzooks… I’m excited… and believing that my brain will “work on all thrusters” from the time I arrive to the time I speak and all weekend as I interface with “the gang” – Trek fans from EVERYWHERE!

Helen Schofield from New Zealand is sending me a stuffed kiwi. She says New Zealand natives are called kiwis and for her it’s appropriate right now… as she is “another flightless bird” who wishes she could make it to the convention! awwww… that is so sweet, and so sad … I will send her a videotape if I get one… or an earlier one, if I don’t.

We really need an angel to step up and offer to videotape my appearance. I will ask Phil to use his camera, but hate to do that. Billie Rae says she’ll run it for me but then she won’t be able to really relax and enjoy the hour.. she’ll be “working”… I don’t want to do that to her. But if I sit still on a stool on stage we could use a tripod and leave it running in one place…

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This morning at 8 a.m. I drove to Maple Creek to clean Aunt Tod's room while she was downstairs at breakfast. She doesn't have the energy right now (in addition to being underweight and on dialysis, she is battling a painful urinary tract infection) so I offered to come over and spruce up her room, vacuum, and file away a stack of documents she has received (or brought with her from Oregon) since arriving here three months ago. It was a great pleasure to transform her cluttered habitat into a clean, ordered environment.

Then I ran to Wal-Mart and Safeway for her (she didn't feel like going along) and will transport her to dialysis and back this afternoon and evening because I can tell she's too compromised to have to sit and wait downstairs up to 45 minutes for the shuttle to arrive. (The shuttle rules dictate that passengers be waiting up to 45 minutes so the shuttle driver doesn't have to wait for anyone. That's hard enough to do when a person is middle-aged and healthy; for a 94 year old, underweight, dialysis-dependent woman, it's very difficult.) I told her to sleep until 2:45 and I will call and pick her up at 3:00 to deliver her across the street for dialysis for her 3:15 appointment. Then I'll go get her at 6:15 and have her home in time for a late dinner before she goes upstairs...

She is very appreciative, the way De was. It's always such a blessing to bless others, but when they bless you right back with such sweet verbal appreciation, it feels almost self-serving to help them! Believe me, there have been others who, no matter how much you do for them, it's never acknowledged, never enough and always lacking somehow. I pray for and honor home health care and other personal care assistants who do this day in and day out with all kinds of people, because it is a very difficult road to hoe when the people you serve are angry, critical, or just plain mean-spirited. Not all oldsters are sweet grannies and grampies, you know. Some are sour apples and grumpies! I am fortunate to have only had to serve ONE of the crab apples to date... The staff at Maple Creek loves my aunt and treats her very well. They treat everyone very well, or we wouldn't have placed her there, but AGAIN, I realize how tremendously difficult it can be to treat mean-spirited, angry people the way God would have us treat them... Caregivers don't make much money, so it truly has to be a calling for those who elect to stay with it. They are earth angels, for sure...

Please keep my friend from Vegas, Betty Mosher, in your prayers. She is a breast cancer survivor for many years now. Recently the doctor found a small, new cancer spot in her cecum (a part of her colon) and will be going after that soon. She also has gall stones or some other blockage (doctor doesn't think that one is cancer) making her uncomfortable, so she is hoping they can go after both culprits at the same time during one surgery. Let's pray. God knows what and where the issues are and He definitely wants her healthy. Let's pray that she will realize that her future (now and eternally) is in His Hands and that He wants to heal her...


My sister is in Cle Elum this weekend for her 35th class reunion! OUCH! That means my 40th is just two years away. Where does the time go?

Ciao for now!

That's all for now!

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