Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Attention Convention Attendees with Videography Ability...

I received rare approval from Creation to videotape my appearance in Las Vegas for personal, private, archival use. Problem is, I don't own a DVD or VHS video camera!

If you’re coming to Vegas and have a DVD or VHS camcorder, please let me know. I would like to make someone I can rely on my “designated videographer.” Please let me know if you are willing and able! I will try to get you a close-to-front-row seat for the hour…

P.S. If you do become the videographer, please bring a tripod, too. 40 minutes of hand-holding a video camera, no matter how small, results in serious shaking, guaranteed!

Thanks much!

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Update: Bummer! Terry Rioux, De's biographer, won't be coming to the convention after all. She says the university and her horses have her tied down that weekend. Crapola! I thought my six year Terry drought was about to come to an end. Guess not! Grumble, grumble... To those of you who were looking forward to meeting her, I'm sorry! She be a professor now and has responsibilities... and a horse mom... which is probably even more hobbling...

It is what it is. Drat and boogers... (I just made up that expletive -- and know I should send it back where it came from, sight unseen, but it expresses my disappointment quite well, somehow...)

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What else?

Nada! Am continuing to listen to the presentation and read along. You would think that, since it's my own story, I shouldn't have to do this... but given just thirty minutes, I have to mold it so that it is sure to follow the 30-year path adequately without throwing anyone for a loop .. that's what makes it dicey. So I keep at it... Besides, I want to know it so well as written that I won't have to refer to anything other than an outline to keep me on-track. That takes time.

So... back I go...

Slept ten hours last night. Working and rehearsing places me into bed early these days!

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Hope you love this as much as I did when you click on it. If so, pass it along to others!


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