Thursday, July 19, 2007

21 Days -- Marge Duff et al Are Counting!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegads ! ! ! ! !

I'm shipping stuff to Vegas, my publisher is shipping stuff to Vegas, and comrades from afar are emailing to say, "See you soon!" -- so this means only one thing: the Las Vegas convention is --- there is no lingering doubt at all -- "perilously close."

Here's the link to what we're all getting into:

You have to scroll waaaaaaayyyyy down the page to find the blurb about me. This should prove once and for all that I ain't no celebrity. So relax and treat me no differently than you would your best friend in the whole wide world who's scared to death -- pray for me! -- and all will be well! HA HA HA HA HA ! ! ! !

Today at lunch I re-recorded what I plan to say, because there was plenty of time at work between clients to "revise and edit." As mentioned before, I never "finish" a presentation -- I "surrender" it when the time comes. It isn't about perfection, though. It's about wanting to give the attendees the best time possible... and what I consider "the best time possible" changes from day to day and minute to minute!

I've been re-reading my book and noting things that haven't been brought out before at a convention. And it's worthy, but it won't "fit" the road map that will work in a 30 minute time frame. Since Creation can't tell me yet whether I'll have 30 minutes or 60, I'm planning for 30, expecting questions for 10 or 15, and hoping I come up with enough good responses and reminiscences (keyed by fans' questions) that the entire hour will fly by before anyone notices. That's my plan.

I did notice that some of my best stuff from earlier appearances isn't in this one. But those moments happened as a result of fans' questions -- they weren't in my presentations, they were brought to it by the hearts and questions of fans. It's the interaction that elicits the best stuff, so I want to allow plenty of time for that. That's somewhat risky, but it's also the best way to truly interface with De's fans. He did it. I want to kind of stick to the same format he used: Talk a little, read a little, then open it up for questions, comments, sharing of memories...

21 DAYS... by Marge's count. (I think she's flying in a day earlier.) My appearance is Saturday the 11th -- don't know the time yet... That's 23 days, the way I count (this being Thursday night).

23 days... Eeeeeeeeegaaaaaaaaddddddddddssssssssssssssss.

Plenty of time to tinker with the blueprint and figure out what needs saying and what can be left for fans to discover in the books (Terry's bio of De and mine)...

"Oh, joy..."

The Trek-motif On-Hold Concepts ( post cards look terrific! I got a thousand of them, so will see if all my buddies will hold a handful during my appearance so that when I mention them from the stage, any business owner in the audience who wants one won't have to go far to get one...

Wait'll you see them. They are SO COOL! (blush) I wrote and designed them... so I shouldn't be bragging, BUT I AM!!!

Have a great evening. Emails are coming in here by the bucket load tonight --- (ding, ding, ding)


so I need to respond to them...

More tomorrow!

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