Saturday, July 14, 2007

An URGENT Prayer Request for a Dear Friend...

Prayer Request

A dear, dear former co-worker of mine has been diagnosed with Stage 4 leukemia. Her name is Jennifer Cuellar and if you knew her, you would be on your knees right now in intercession for her. She is a delightful, dedicated, hard-working woman, 27 years old, who works at Church For All Nations, where I served Pastor Ken Ecker for a year and a half just nine months ago. Jennifer occupied the cubicle next to me. She is a fantastic woman of God. You can access more information about her and send her prayers at this website URL:

Please, please, please stop what you are doing right now and pray for a bone marrow donor and complete and total remission and healing for her.

So this is urgent... very urgent... let's overwhelm heaven with our prayers morning, noon and night!

Jenn's friend Kate Stinson says the doctors are talking about 16 weeks of chemotherapy treatment... so please continue keep cards, letters or emails coming to her. Notes mean a great deal, even when they are from people Jenn doesn't know. (Imagine what notes and emails from all over the world would do for you if you were the one in her hospital bed.) Be a blessing! Be a friend to a lovely, effervescent friend of mine! PLEASE AND THANK YOU! You can send Jennifer cards to this address:

Jenn Cuellar
c/o Kate Stinson
6320 90th Street Court East
Puyallup WA 98371

or email Jenn c/o Kate at
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