Friday, June 13, 2008

What a Shocker! Tim Russett Has Passed Away

What a shocker to hear about Tim Russert's unexpected passing. I could tell he was a lovely man. Very sad... [Prayers have gone out to his family.]

As a result, I've felt more or less like a deer caught in headlights, all while doing everything possible to tie up loose ends prior to the "Smith sisters" big move:

1) calling all the utility companies and putting in shut off dates and advising of the new address

2) arranging to have my homeowner's insurance dropped from the condo on a certain date

3) emailing the people who send me magazines or newsletters (Moody Bible Institute, Charles Stanley Ministries, Shambala, etc.) to provide my new snail mail address

4) getting stuff consolidated and taped up in the garage for next weekend's move

5) peeling away old caulk and installing new in the areas in the condo that need a fresh, "Welcome To Your New Home!" look.

It has been a very long day, but oh so productive! I'll only have two other places to advise of the move after the fact: Department of Licensing and the Employment Security Department. There's no way at their websites to notify them in advance of a move, or they would be done by now, too. (I'm an inveterate "gun-jumper." I think my whirling dervish dad had a lot to do with instilling this particular dysfunction into my cranium. I'm almost insanely "pre-punctual" in matters having to do with time management. As a result -- and this is a good thing -- I have never felt any pressure regarding stated or pre-determined "deadlines," because I do my stuff waaaayyy ahead of them!)

My condo closes on the 23rd, our new place closes on the 25th -- both are in escrow, and the appraisal on mine came in at $1K above what the buyers offered for it, so they're very happy about that... and word has come down the pike that their loan was approved, which has been the only "wait and see" hurdle to the deal... so WAHOO!

In the next day or so I'll get the MLS listing URL posted here so you can take a "sneak peek" at where we'll be living real soon... our own li'l slice of heaven in the Pacific NorthWet.

Just today a neighbor of Jackie's here in Spanaway put out a perfectly good vanity with a sink in it, along with an added faucet (still in the box), and put a FREE sign on them. Wouldn't you know it? It's EXACTLY the kind of thing we were going to have to buy to adapt my side of the new place -- so Phil and I walked over and brought it here to Jackie's, saving a few hundred dollars at least! God has a way of smiling on things when it's right! I take this as His approval of our new home!

This evening I received word that a client at Elance wants to hire me for copywriting services long-term for what I think will be half a day every day. This is phenomenal news! I suppose it's possible he might even need me more than half a day. So I'm counting my blessings and would be walking on the ceiling tonight if only "grabity" would let me. [Oh, to be a gecko tonight!]

As you can see (by clicking on my photo in the left-hand upper corner, which will take you to my Elance profile and reviews), my fees start at $25/hour at Elance -- ten an hour more than I was making in my last position and five an hour more than I made at Warner Bros in my last position there. Of course, I have to cover my own health insurance and have my own Internet connection and get my own paper and other stuff, but it's still do-able because I can work from home, so I don't have to drive my car, put expensive gasoline into it, or spend time commuting to and fro from hither to yon and back. So, all in all, it's a win-win situation for my Elance clients (they don't have to pay any overhead on me) and me! WHEEE!

Remember: If you need a freelance writer for any reason, think of me! I'll do my level best to impress you! Promise! Within the next twelve months it's on my agenda to be earning a substantial living as a writer...

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Carl Rylander said...


We can get NBC's 'Meet the press' on cable here in the UK.

US politics programs are a lot heavier and more interesting than the UK's. We only have Newsnight!

I remember watching Tim Russet.

Good luck with your writing career!