Thursday, June 12, 2008

DeForest Kelley Remembered at

Thanks so much to for compiling so many great memories of De on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of his passing...

...and in over 100 emailed responses, there is not one negative or derogatory word at all about him -- just love, love, love, respect, fun, and honor.

De's fans are expressing the decency that "knowing" him (whether near for from afar) and loving him gave them... in their own words.

Take a moment and remember. Click on the link and add your own special reflections. I did.

And if you want to buy and read the two books that are out about De, the titles are DeFOREST KELLEY: A HARVEST OF MEMORIES (I wrote this one) and FROM SAWDUST TO STARDUST: The Biography of DeForest Kelley, STAR TREK'S Doctor McCoy, by Terry Lee Rioux. Both should be read to get the full story of the man, his times, and his inestimable legacy.

To save money on my book about De (or any of the other books I've written), click here:

In this way you'll be taken to my book website and from there straight to, the publisher, eliminating the middlemen (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, et al), and you'll get a really great price and lightning-fast delivery! Going through an online bookstore will slow things down and cost you more. (I love to save De's fans money, 'cause I'm on a shoestring budget, too!)


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Anonymous said...

I think that De was one of those people that nobody could say a single bad word about. God rest his Southern soul.