Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update.... Moving, Moving... Moving... (ARGHHH!)

I'm all by my lonesome for a week. Sisters Jackie and Laurel and the McNiven clan flew to Maui this morning. I took two SUV loads of boxes and small furniture to the new place today. In between the two drives, I put all my bedroom stuff away, organized the den for when Qwest comes by tomorrow to install a jack and get my phone and Internet up and running, then got the stuff of mine that was stacked in the new garage stored on shelves (my hundreds of journals, De and TREK memorabilia, etc.). It took about five hours at the new place to feel a sense of definite accomplishment. I'll be there all day tomorrow again getting things put away. I'll try to get some of Jackie's stuff squared away, too.

At 1:30 Vernita Porter (Women's Ministry Leader at Church For all Nations) stopped by to see the new digs. Then we went to Shari's Restaurant for lunch and had a good time, a good meal, and even dessert! (As hard as I've been working all week, I knew it wouldn't trip me up too badly.)

I thought that "should" be the end of my day, since I started at 6:30 this morning, but when I turned on the radio I heard that it may reach 90 degrees on Sunday, so I went back to loading Jackie's SUV with everything I can load by myself, no matter how heavy... because no way do I want the movers having to move anything more on Sunday than they absolutely have to, in that kind of heat.

I moved the smallest TV and DVD player, some small cabinets and dressers, a golf bag, coffee maker, toaster... you name it, if it wasn't nailed down or too heavy to lift, it went into the SUV! There's more to do, but seven hours of totin' and fetchin' is my limit for one day -- especially after several days straight of it! I'll start fresh again tomorrow. Slow and steady wins the race...

Got an email card from Billie Rae congratulating me on the new home. Thanks, BR!

Also got an email from a long-time friend, Cathy Strote, saying her dear Zoey (a large breed dog) is approaching the end of her days and will soon be crossing Rainbow Bridge. It's always so hard to lose a critter pal... Cathy is in my prayers and in my heart especially at this difficult time!

And Cleve Kingston in Hollywood lost his dad (on the east coast) two days ago at a ripe old age, but that doesn't make it any easier! Cleve and his family are in my prayers, as well...

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