Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Evening Post

Sneak Preview of my new Den-To-Be (Before Owners Moved Out)

Tomorrow I get the last of the boxes out of my garage at the condo, and leave the keys, the garage door opener and a nice note welcoming the new owners.


I have loved that little condo with a passion. If ever I were going to create a blueprint for a condo for me, what I had there is the one I'd create. I fell in love with it instantly the moment I walked in back in February, 2004... and it closed on my birthday that year. (My Clybourn condo in CA closed on my birthday in 1996.)

It shouldn't take long to get everything buttoned up tomorrow. Jackie and Phil are going to meet me there and help load. I'll rent a good hand dolly for the task. I have one sub-standard dolly but need a better one for some of the boxes.

Monday is the day my place officially closes. The money from it gets wired the same day or early the next morning to the title company, to immediately fund my part of the down payment on the new place, so it should all fall into place exactly as planned.

This morning Jackie and I went to Sears and got a stackable washer and dryer that we'll both use. Then we went to Weir's and looked at a dishwasher for my part of the abode. These will be delivered on July 3rd or 5th or slightly after that, depending on how soon our contractor can build a platform for the washer and dryer and move the water heater.

I bought a piece of formica for my new bathroom at Lowe's --- got it for a steal and it's just lovely. There was just one piece of it left. Jackie spotted it and we both freaked, it's so terrific-looking.

I'll get cabinets at Lowe's for the kitchen area.

After more than a year of trying to find just the right place, it is finally happening, and we're thrilled. Tired, too! Jackie will get some rest in Maui and I'll get some rest about a week and a half from now... when we'll be in, in, in...

Those of you who have my phone number now -- I'm told it will remain the same, so that's terrific, and Jackie can keep her current number, too. One thing we won't have to learn is new phone numbers! We have the new address memorized... and.. shhhh... I've already ordered address labels for each of us from Colorful Images. (Other than helping her move, this my house-warming present for Jackie.) I got her some "New Address" labels and some "grandchildren spoiled here" (four different styles). She'll love 'em -- especially the last ones.

I also went in half and half and got her a fountain about two feet around and two feet high that she flipped over at a discount/overstock place. She wouldn't have bought it otherwise and she was really taken with it -- as was I. It's of a young boy and girl looking into a large flower sitting between their laps as they sit on the ground. Out of the flower comes the water. It's just precious. It was deeply discounted, but still kinda pricey. Worth every dime, though, for the smiles it gives us to look at it.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I've been walking again all week, four miles at a stretch, now that the weather is decent (dry and warm) again. I was two miles out three days ago, walking at a good clip (what I call "a trek", as opposed to "a stroll"), when my feet became ensnared by a loop of wire that was invisible against the gravel background. Down I went in a flash, HARD, thinking all the way (in the fraction of a second it took me to hit the gravel), "Oh, God, no! Don't break anything!"

I didn't (thank You, Jesus, for answering my 9-1-1 prayer "on the fly" like that -- pun intended!) but I had sore wrists for a couple of days and a slightly scuffed left knee and left palm. I'm not much the worse for the experience, but when I get up first thing every morning I feel a little like I've been hit by a truck until I get moving again... It's quite jarring to "fall down go boom" at age 57, let me tell ya!


michelle said...

that all sounds so fun! We usually order our address labels from they are lil cheaper and ship in 3 days, maybe try them next time

Kristine M Smith said...

Thanks for this comment. I went to the site -- it seems it's just a start-up... there aren't as many options as at Colorful Images, and the prices seem even a bit higher than at CI. I har there's another outfit that's pretty good too -- Vista Print. My writer's group maven, Hope Clark, uses Vista.

So, if you're in the market for stuff like this, go shopping and compare!