Sunday, June 8, 2008

Now, Here's a Thought -- From Billie Rae Walker!

Received this thoughtful (and wise, and balanced) email from Billie Rae Walker this afternoon and it gave me a grin...

Wouldn't it be terrific if Dems and GOP'ers worked together THIS closely and got us back together as an "American family" again (but alas...) :


Hi Kris....

I hope you enjoyed the play this afternoon. If I lived next door I'd be right there with you.

I'm also so sorry to hear that your long-time friend is frightened of Senator Obama.

You know, of course, that I've strongly supported Senator McCain since before the New Hampshire vote..... and will continue to do so, as I feel that he can best protect us in this dangerous world [I'll cling to my faith AND my gun thanks..... tho' I don't believe Sen. Obama meant any harm by his reference to folks like me].

I also believe that both Senator Obama and Senator Clinton are people "of integrity" [Senator McCain's words, by the way..... and he knows both of them]. These dedicated public servants, any one of them, would do his/her best to lead our country well and protect our citizens.

My "dream ticket", by the way, would have been President McCain and Vice-President Obama [to become President next, after he had some experience], with Secretary of Health and Human Services Hillary Clinton, and Secretary of State Joe Lieberman. Since that's probably not possible [there are a lot more Independents out there these days, but not enough], I hope Senator Obama asks Senator Clinton to be his Vice-President. If he doesn't, then I'd like Senator McCain to cross the isle again, as he has so often done..... and ask her to be HIS Vice-President!

Senator Clinton's fate has reminded all of us that women in our country historically have to wait at the end of the line [Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton lived to see African American men get the vote, but did NOT live to see women vote..... and women still didn't have the vote when my mother was born]. If they don't want Sen. Clinton [and her husband] on board, there have to be many, many qualified women in BOTH parties who would fill the bill admirably [but they can't call her "sweety"].

Although not a supporter of Senator Clinton [probably because she likely came to live in my state in order to become the Senator from New York ..... a great political springboard, which Senator Robert Kennedy also chose to do - by pushing out a long respected NY Democrat, [Kenneth Keating], she has been a great Senator and is deeply committed to the people I think. [Bobby Kennedy was committed heart and soul, there is no doubt.]

Whichever gentleman now becomes President of the United States, I hope he offers Senator Clinton an active place in his administration, as she would be a terrific asset [tho' what position to offer her husband would be a puzzle].

On a similar note, Senator McCain and Senator Obama could each offer the other's administration a great deal [and they have already worked together in the Senate].

So, like the lifelong Registered Independent/moderate that I am, I will ignore the name-calling on BOTH sides [I do NOT think Senator Obama is a danger / I do NOT think Senator Clinton would let her husband run the White House / I do NOT think that Senator McCain is a clone of President Bush !!! ].....

I will go to their web sites and read their positions, just as you do. Since I lean to the "right" on national defense, gun control, etc. / lean to the "left" on social programs, health care, civil rights, women's rights, gay rights, etc./ and stand in the "middle" on immigration, environmentalism, abortion, stem cell research, etc..... it would be impossible to find a candidate that shares all my views. (The same is true for most voters I think).

I have dear friends (like you) on BOTH the "right" and the "left".... very few in the middle, however. Senator McCain is basically a moderate [which is why his party did not choose him until the voters forced them to], while being VERY strong on national defense, so I strongly support him..... although I certainly respect Senator Obama's belief that diplomatic talks will triumph. I just believe that Teddy Roosevelt was right: "Walk softly but carry a big stick!"

At the end of the day, however, I will just continue to pray (as I know you do) that the Lord will protect our country, guide our leaders, and watch over us all ---

"Our Fathers' God, to Thee.... Author of Liberty.... To Thee we sing; Long may our land be bright..... With freedom's holy light..... Protect us by Thy might...... Great God, Our King".

God Bless....

Luv you,

Billie Rae

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