Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please Visit ...

There's a new website dedicated to squelching baseless rumors about Senator Barack Obama, the presumed Democratic nominee for President. Here's the URL:

If you're an Obama supporter, please visit the site and bone up on the answers so you can respond, within your spheres of influence, to the concerns people may have about Obama.

If you're concerned about Obama's candidacy because of something you have heard about him, please visit the website to get the truth.

If you've heard something else, not yet addressed at the website, please go to and type Barack Obama into the search field. You may well find the matter you're concerned about listed there, and it will be noted as "True" "False" "Undetermined" or "Various" (parts true, parts false). is the premier Urban Legends website, and is not affiliated with any political party.

And of course is also a great place to go to read his stand on all the issues facing us in the years ahead.

Then there's my earlier blog (June 7th entry) titled "In Defense of Barack Obama."

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