Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WHEW! Just Missed Getting "Iced," Hailed or Whatever!

When I left on my four mile walk an hour and fifteen minutes ago, the skies above me were blue with only billowy white clouds overhead. By the time I got halfway out/halfway home (as far away from home as I could be before beginning the return trip), I noticed some dark, liquid-laden clouds wafting (er, being shuttled by winds) my way. "Uh-oh..."

I picked up my pace and got to the last six blocks before a light rain began to hit. That was okay.

Within two minutes, the wind picked up, the rain picked up, and then tiny hailstones the size of sea salt began to fall. Not two minutes later, the ominous black clouds were directly above, the wind was whipping steadily, and the hail was getting bigger and began to HURT as it hit me.

Thank God I was practically outside my front door when that happened.

By the time I got inside, my coat, hat and jeans were drenched.

Winter in the Northwest is a gift God wraps in... fickle weather!


mrobin7403 said...

yeah truly!
and besides..I went and got the new ST Bluray disc...sat down in rapture to enjoy it and then nothing..disc said it was incompatible with the components..what the hey!
reset the player..uploaded new firmware ...disc player kept acting wonkier and wonkier..
finally tried other BR discs that used to work...they didnt...
sigh...this new technology is a bunch of crap....will have to take the thing in to exchange for another player that hopefully will work!

Kristine M Smith said...

That stinks!

I haven't bought it in any format
-- yet. May or may not. I've seen it twice...

Kristine M Smith said...

Update: Sis Jackie just brought it home -- she and Phil loved the movie, too -- so there's a copy next door should I ever fall into a "Karl Urban as McCoy" frenzy...