Wednesday, November 25, 2009


With deep, steep and wide dedication I've managed to get every one of my current Elance projects "put to bed" (at least for tomorrow). It has taken days and nights of work, but by golly, I've made almost a thousand dollars in the past five days. They've been great projects, too. If I could repeatedly make $1K every five days I would be one happy camper. Alas, opportunities like these are not all that frequent. It's kinda feast or famine, a writer's life is... but what better life is there, in all the world? I can't imagine a single one -- at least for me.

Perhaps the best/most fun news is that I was given an adorable new puppy. I've named her Buffy. She's 12 weeks old, a tri-color (at this point) miniature mutt; Peke, teacup poodle and shih tzu. Yes, she's the sister (litter mate) to my sister's new puppy. They look a lot alike but mine is slightly darker. Kiki (Jackie's other dog, age 3) is their auntie. *sigh* I haven't had a dog in eight years. It's going to be a blast...

Tonight and tomorrow night I'll be dog-sitting again for a neighbor's two dogs. I was there last night from 4 pm to 7:00 am this morning. It'll be the same tonight and tomorrow night. As I leave to dog sit, Jackie arrives. As she leaves in the morning for her workplace, I arrive from dog-sitting, so the new puppies have someone to take them outside to potty, and they're catching on fast. Hallelujah!

Tomorrow we'll both be here during the daytime, because Jackie has four days off.

I had every intention of working from where I'm dog-sitting, but my laptop connection with the Internet keeps warning me that if I open to the Internet, my laptop will be infected... so I'm not going to be working from there! It's okay. I usually don't work past 4 or so anyway, because I usually start around 6 a.m. Pacific Time.

Every year Jackie and Phil are among the gazillions of people who turn out at oh dark thirty to get the best Black Friday deals. If I wasn't dog-sitting, I'd be among them this year, but only fleetingly. Jo Ann Fabrics is selling the first version of the Cricut for $74. I just about wet my pants when I saw that. I've been eyeing them for years. But alas... by the time I get to JoAnn's, they'll probably be all gone.

It just means that God wants me to be doing something else with that $75.00. I'll live.


I love making homemade cards and a Cricut would make it so much more fun.

But there's a new model out, so the prices will probably keep coming down on the first model...

We'll see!


mrobin7403 said...

I feel your pain about the Black friday deal....I have never ever been able to partake in Black friday. My staffs at my past jobs all had that Friday off and would ask me if I wanted to go..but being a Doctor meant..I had to be in the hospital and read my specimens..sigh...So you ended up with a puppy after all...well you know with the arcturial expectations of female life expectancyyou should have plenty of years left to enjoy your puppy...So next time I come out i will expect to be inundated by puppy love!

Kristine M Smith said...

Come on over, MJ!!! Buffy is ready to meet you!