Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update... All is Well...

My friend is out of surgery and did just fine. Thanks for all the prayers. Now please keep his wife in your prayers: I thinks she's battling the signature signs of swine flu! I'm keeping my distance and washing my hands a lot, but I could use your prayers, too, because I have a critter-sitting job most of next week and cannot afford to be laid up!

She's asleep right now, sitting up in a recliner because lying down stuffs her up too much. She's in the front room; I'm in the couple's den.

I've been following up on my Elance duties since getting back from the hospital a couple hours ago. There isn't much new to bid on today, but I have a lot of bids out there already and know that some of them will fall to me. (I've already been told that.)

I'm getting 22% of the sales and marketing projects I bid on, 12% of the Writing & Translation ones. Those are good averages. Of course, I bid on a lot more W&T projects than I do Sales & Marketing. In fact, the vast majority of the Sales & Marketing projects are "mis-filed" (in my opinion) and should be listed in W&T because they're landing pages, sales pages, PRs and other things that require exemplary writing.

The folks I'm staying with right now have a new dog -- an itinerant yellow lab who dropped in two weeks ago and hasn't dropped out again. My friends have an ad in the paper to see if anyone is looking for it, but so far no one has called. It's a young lab -- perhaps just over a year old, sweet as pie, as most labs are. A lovely dog. I wish I had the capacity to keep him (or her) if they don't find his/her owners, but I don't. I'm trying to remember that I'm nearing 60 and need to curtail critter-owning against the day when I'll be too stiff and/or fragile to care for them properly. Cats and dogs live up to 18 years -- some live longer. I may be in assisted living (or dead!) by the time a youngster pup or kitty gets old, if I adopted one now. But I've never been without a pet, so keeping my hands to myself in a pet store or where wee ones are sold or given away isn't easy. I satisfy myself with the pups Jackie seems to get like clockwork every few years...

Monday Jackie and I are going to lunch with our older sis, Laurel. We hardly ever see her. She's an attorney in a small town south of Olympia and keeps very busy. Self-employed people are like that -- yeah, they are! (I'm one of them these days, so I know!) It has been many months since we were together last, and it will likely be many months hence before we get together again. It stinks, but them's the berries!

Casey's ninth birthday is Sunday. Hey, I haven't heard a word about a party for her, so don't know what's going on there. Very odd. Perhaps it'll happen on Thanksgiving Day.

What else? Can't think of much else for now, so will close and see if I can catch a nap before dinner. Sleeping in a strange bed is not terribly restful. I did okay, but not quite as well as I do in my own.


mrobin7403 said...

Glad your friens are doing Ok sure hopethe wife does NOT have H1N1 but a common variety cold...the older generation is less likely to get this flu as they have been exposed to a similar strain when they were younger and most have at least some immunity

Kristine M Smith said...

She seems to be coming back nicely from whatever she had... so I don't think it was H1N1.