Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bad Dreams and JibJab... and More on Buffy

Yesterday I posted some fun "starring you" cartoons from JibJab onto my Facebook page. You'd think that would have been the end of it, but I dreamed about it last night!

I tried a lot of JibJab options before choosing the ones I posted. I pasted my face into a caroling card alongside the faces of Obamas and Joe Biden. (I didn't see Dr. Jill Biden as an option, which is an extreme oversight on JibJab's part.) Decided not to use it because it looked like I was "replacing" Mrs. Biden in a White House Christmas card... and that wouldn't be kosher, even as a joke!

Anyway, I guess the juxtaposition really weighed on me, because last night I had a dream that I was somewhere at a big to-do when the Obamas and Bidens walked in! VP Biden came right over to me with his big grin and said he wanted to introduce me to his wife and the Obamas! I stood there thinking, "How do you know me?!?" but of course I nodded my agreement that I would like to meet them! (Maybe he reads my blog! HA HA HA... I hope not! But if he does, I beg him not to read the next part of this blog entry until he gets to the <<<<<< >>>>>!!!)

Unbelievable... The subconscious mind is a wonder... and at times a terror.

The dream morphed into a nightmare. There was a gunman in the crowd and as the First and Second family (adults only) scrunched together for a photo, I heard shots and lots of people went down. I dived (dove?) to the ground and pretended to be dead... The shots continued.... I didn't know if they were from Secret Service people or the gunman, so I stayed "dead."

Finally, I got up. I wasn't able to see who, if anyone, had been hit, but a young Chinese lady next to me was standing and looking over to see if she could discern who had been hurt. Trouble was, she was holding her upper leg -- she had a serious, deep skin wound that was squirting blood. I took her by the hand and led to where I thought there might be a first aid station. (That was the Warner Bros. emergency training kicking in.)

I found someone to help her just before she was ready to hit the desk from loss of blood, and then realized I should call my sister to let her know I was all right... in case the incident was on television by now and she knew I was attending the event.

In the dream, my cell phone became a giant, wind-it-up-with-a-crank thingy. It also had a combination -- kind of like a lock with a combination -- and I couldn't get it to work. People sitting near me were wondering why I didn't know how to dial my own phone -- they had identical versions and were doing just fine with theirs! (Translation: This entire situation was completely out of hand and I felt helpless!)

I decided I'd better walk home to let Jackie know I was okay, but I took a detour....

and on and on and on...

I prayed for the Obamas and Bidens, thought of their children and prayed harder, thought of our country and prayed even harder...

So my dream of meeting the Obamas and Bidens became a freaking nightmare. It was just awful. I can't say whether they were injured at all. It could be that the gunshots I heard were all Secret Service shots. All I know is that the nightmare left a very unpleasant taste in my mouth.

And I pray to God it's the ONLY incident of the kind that will ever occur in the lives of our nation's leaders. I've been concerned and fretful about assassination since even before Obama-Biden were elected. I guess it comes from being "a child of the 60's" and knowing how quickly a situation can change from smiles and hope to tears and fears.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Let's get off THAT topic and on to something more wonderful... Buffy!

Friday night was my first night at home after getting Buffy on November 24th, so she has slept with me for two nights now. She sleeps either beside me on a pillow near my neck or over the top of my pillow between the pillow and the headboard, so I know she's safe.

Last night she started making whimpering sounds, so I asked her if she had to go potty. Since she doesn't talk, I had to assume she said "yes"when she continued to whimper.

Sure enough, when I set her outside in the grass, she squatted immediately and did her thing, then ran a few more yards and went #2. I praised her to the moon and carried her back to bed.

Whimper, whimper. She wouldn't quiet down, and started licking my mouth. (In case you haven't a clue, this is dog talk for, "I'm hungry. Throw something up for me, will ya, Mom?")

So we got up again, and I got her some dry puppy food, wetted it a little bit, and then sat in a recliner with the kibble on my bathrobed chest while she scarfed down an entire handful of kibble. It took about three minutes.

We went back to bed and she feel asleep immediately.

She woke me at 7:15... whimper, whimper... wagging tail, puppy licks to my cheek.
Yep. She had to go again.

That's my girl.

I need to get some new batteries for my camera today or tomorrow. As soon as I do I'll take a few photos of Buffy (and her sister, Jansy, Jackie's pup) and put them here for you to enjoy...

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