Sunday, November 29, 2009

Four Lakewood Police Officers Executed This Morning

This hits too close to home!

Four police officers -- three men and a woman -- were slain, execution-style, in a local coffee shop not more than five miles from here.

Just a few weeks ago, two Seattle officers were targeted, with one executed and the other injured. They apparently got the fellow responsible in that event, but it looks like we have a copycat on our hands.

He's a "scruffy-looking" black man in his late 20's or early thirty's. He was on foot after the shooting, so he probably isn't far away. The entire Tacoma police department is out looking for him.

What is going on?

The four officers were getting ready to start their day. They had their laptops open and were looking at them when the man came in, pulled a handgun, and opened fire. It doesn't sound like the officers even had time to react.

So now do police officers have to post someone on duty when they take "down time" to eat breakfast or lunch?

My heart hurts...

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