Monday, June 29, 2009

Was Michael Jackson Accidentally Killed By His Attending Physician?

I took first responder training at Warner Bros. One of the first things we learned in that class was how and when to administer CPR to an unresponsive person.

The victim had to be unconscious.
The victim had to have stopped breathing
The victim had to have no pulse.
The victim had to be lying on a hard, flat surface (the floor or a rescue board).

In other words, they have to be, to all intents and purposes, dead.

Yet, the report coming out about Michael Jackson states that his doctor said he was warm and had a pulse when they began CPR on him as he lay, unresponsive, on his bed.

The reason that TV shows and CPR classes can't show actual CPR on an actor or on a living person is because doing CPR on a living, breathing person can stop his or her heart.

So... was Michael Jackson killed by the doctor that was attending him that morning?

What he should have done when he found Jackson in that condition was to call 911 and then POSSIBLY begin rescue breathing for him (mouth-to-mouth resuscitation) if the 911 agent directed him to do so. That's ALL that should have been done for/to Michael at that point.

I wonder why no one else has mentioned this? Are other medical experts protecting this doctor? How many people hearing the Jackson story will now try administering CPR prematurely because that's what was done by a doctor in this instance?

Not that finding out the truth can return Jackson to life, but the doctor should possibly be brought up on charges of malpractice. He may have have killed Michael Jackson through his actions. And since he's a doctor, I very much doubt that Good Samaritan laws would protect him against a lawsuit. Doctors are supposed to know what to do in an emergency, I would think!

This possibility haunts me....


MJ said...

well as a pathologist i urge caution and will not speculate..especially since first reports were that said physician administered demerol IV to a person known to be taking Oxycontin...
My thoughts are to let the coroner do his job...of course there are lots of said"leaks" coming out which are patently false...
The family has enough to handle and our speculations don't help...thank god Carolyn didn't have to handle this type of thing!

Kristine M Smith said...

Amen to that!

Womanwarrior said...

Actually, quite a few of the TV medical experts have mentioned the nonstandard way that CPR was performed. Thank goodness!

I find the doctor's involvement curious. He says he's a cardiologist, but he's not board certified in that specialty. He has been called MJ's attending physician, but he's an insurance company physician who's only been with MJ since May. He performed CPR on a man with a pulse...that's not supposed to happen. He performed the CPR on a bed...that's not supposed to happen either. He apparently waited almost 30 minutes before calling 911. I'm not surprised he already has a lawyer!


Mary jo R said...

well considering all the stuff coming out in the last week...all I can say is every single physician involved in MJ's care is culpable..but in the end the patient himself has set the pattern of his death...
I will be very interested as a pathologist to see that tox report..